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  1. #MemeOfTheWeek: Harriet Tubman And The Evolution Of Internet Phenomena

    Over the course of just one day, Harriet Tubman and her new place on our money came to represent the eternal timeline of Internet phenomena.
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  2. Map: Panthers Twitter Chatter Drowns Out Broncos

    Face it, Broncos fans. Your team just isn't that interesting to the rest of the country.
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  3. Remains Of Korean War Soldier Reunite A Family

    Sixty-five years of not knowing what happened to Sgt. Robert Dakin — who was declared missing in action in 1950 — took a toll on generations of his family.
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  4. Trump Reset? Sober Foreign Policy Address Gives Peek Into 'Trump Doctrine'

    The New York billionaire's speech was short on specifics, but was more subdued and serious than often seen on the campaign trail, a sign of Trump's attempt to project a presidential tone.
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  5. Colorado Republican fights party for birth control program

    Rep. Don Coram has been forced to fight against Republicans who believe that IUDs induce abortions.
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  6. The State That Pulled The Plug On Computer Testing

    It's back to paper and pencils after Tennessee decided to shut down computer testing statewide for the year.
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  7. Students Rally To Save Program That Produces Primary Care Doctors

    An unusual medical education program at the University of California, Berkeley is known for producing primary care doctors, unlike other schools. But it could be axed due to budget shortfalls.
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  8. If We Could #BringBackOurGirls, They Might Not Be Welcomed With Open Arms

    Some of the girls and women abducted by Boko Haram have escaped or been rescued. But freedom does not mean an end to their ordeal.
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  9. Current High School Juniors Will Take ACT, State Says

    Protests from parents and superintendents caused officials to rethink their decision to switch to the SAT test as the college entrance exam for current 11th graders.
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  10. Harvard Poll: Millennials Yearn For Bernie, But Prefer Clinton To Trump

    Poll finds just 17 percent of millennials view GOP presidential candidate Donald positively. While Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a positive net favorable rating.
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