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  1. Chicago Commuter Train Derails, Injuring Dozens

    The Blue Line train jumped the tracks at O'Hare International Airport around 2:50 a.m. local time on Monday. Officials say none of the injuries are life-threatening.
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  2. Colorado legislators consider delaying teacher evaluation changes

    The second half of the legislative session is proving to be a busy one for the education committee, including what one writer calls the most intense education debate in several years.
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  3. Newman Center 2014-15 season: Roomful of Teeth, Alarm Will Sound and more

    A bold and eclectic lineup will visit the Newman Center at the University of Denver next season.
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  4. Retiring Univ. of Colorado medical school dean reflects on his 24 years in office

    Richard Krugman is the longest-serving medical school dean in the country.
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  5. To Save Endangered Tortoises, Conservationists Deface Their Shells

    The ploughshare tortoise's ornate golden shell makes it a popular black market pet. In California, the Turtle Conservancy is trying to give the threatened species a second chance.
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  6. Kansas Legislature Scolds Itself Over Slew Of Contentious Bills

    From spanking children to denying service to gay couples, legislation in Kansas has been stirring up controversy. Some lawmakers argue their colleagues are drifting from the important issues.
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  7. What Are The Rules For Changing A Country's Borders?

    Drawing borders feels like an anachronism that was the domain of 19th-century diplomats, but Crimea shows that national boundaries still aren't considered fixed in many parts of the world.
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  8. A Tragic Disappearance (Mostly) Solved In 'Savage Harvest'

    In a new book, journalist Carl Hoffman lays out the case that when Michael Rockefeller disappeared on an art-collecting trip to New Guinea in 1961, he was likely killed by the local Asmat people.
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  9. Weekend Arts Roundup: Sound sculptures, electric violin and more

    CPR Arts Editor Chloe Veltman discusses some of the most interesting cultural happenings around Colorado this weekend, March 27-30.
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  10. U.S. Beats Russia To Win Sled Hockey Gold At Sochi Paralympics

    In the sport many call "murder ball on ice," the U.S. team becomes the first to repeat at consecutive Paralympics. The game was broadcast live on NBC.
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