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  1. A Fraying Promise: Exploring Race And Inequality In Havana

    One of the revolution's core promises was an egalitarian society. But as Cuba opens up, one of the unintended consequences may be more inequality.
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  2. German Prosecutor: Germanwings Co-Pilot Concealed Medical Condition

    The Duesseldorf prosecutor also said torn-up sick notes for the day of the crash supported that "preliminary assessment." He did not say what the illness was. Tuesday's crash killed 150 people.
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  3. What Causes Breast Cancer? These Families Want To Help Find Out

    Many things raise the risk for cancer, including exposure to various toxins and radiation. But our knowledge about the range of chemicals and compounds that can trigger cancer is limited.
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  4. Violinist Anne Akiko Meyers: Barber's Violin Concerto is still a thrill

    She's played the piece more than 1,000 times and performs it with the Colorado Symphony this weekend. Here's why she still loves it.
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  5. Kentucky Falls Short Of Perfect: Wisconsin To Face Duke At Championship

    The Badgers bested the Wildcats in a 71-64 Final Four victory Saturday, ending Kentucky's unbeaten season. Wisconsin advances to meet the Duke Blue Devils in Monday's final game.
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  6. Bitter herbs and collard greens: An African-American Seder

    The roasted lamb bone becomes a chicken leg. Horseradish becomes a spicy red pepper. And the charoset is made of pecans and molasses.
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  7. Obama Administration Emissions Rules Face Supreme Court Test

    The rules are aimed at limiting the amount of hazardous pollutants coming from coal and oil-fired utility plants. They're being challenged by industry groups and more than 20 states.
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  8. How Singapore Became One Of The Richest Places On Earth

    The founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, used both free-market principles and strong central planning to transform the tiny former British colony into an economic powerhouse.
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  9. Sailor, Missing For 66 Days, Rescued Off Cape Hatteras By Passing Ship

    Louis Jordan, who sailed out of a small marina in South Carolina in late January, had not been heard from until Thursday. That's when he was spotted on the upturned hull of his sailboat.
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  10. Straight Out Of Brooklyn: 'Encyclofoodia' Pokes Fun At Foodies

    Comics posing as chefs have written a book with sensational recipes and explanations of essential tools like the "spankler." It's designed to "spank the food if it does anything wrong."
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