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  1. 'Reshoring' Trend Has Little Impact On U.S. Economy, Study Finds

    "Reshoring," or bringing U.S. jobs back from overseas, is not as prevalent as has been reported, a consulting firm's research finds. The study found a total of 300 cases from 2013.
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  2. Amid Threats By Hackers, Sony Allows Theaters To Drop 'The Interview'

    Sony is withdrawing James Franco and Seth Rogen from upcoming promotional appearances for The Interview and will let theaters to cancel showings of the film, following threats of attacks.
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  3. The Guy Who Delivers HIV Medicine On His Bicycle

    A South African teenager got tired of waiting in the clinic for his grandparents' HIV meds. So he came up with a solution. All it took was a bicycle.
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  4. Happy Thanksgiving 2014, from the hosts of CPR Classical

    Check out these audio greetings from your friends at CPR Classical.
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  5. 'People Are Going To Rebel': Slow Pace Of Rebuilding Frustrates Gazans

    Three months after the war between Israel and Hamas ended, reconstruction has barely started. Many people still live in half-bombed houses. But there are a few bright spots and a bit of innovation.
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  6. In California, Fire Plus Drought Plus Rain Add Up To Mud

    Heavy rains are hitting drought-stricken California. But instead of sinking into the earth, the water is rushing away in areas burned by wildfire, raising the danger of mudslides.
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  7. Judge Rules Fewer Political Groups Can Keep Their Donors Secret

    The ruling targets the funders of campaign issue ads that encourage viewers to choose a specific candidate. The FEC now must decide whether it will appeal the ruling or require more disclosure.
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  8. Five Questions: Clyfford Still Museum curator David Anfam on 'The War Begins'

    The curator of the museum’s current exhibition explains what it says about an important turning point in Still’s career.
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  9. Photos: Refugees who land in Colo. share their stories through pictures

    Images from photographic storytelling program's latest project are currently on display at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.
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  10. Congress Says Goodbye To Its Last World War II Vets

    When the next session of Congress begins in January, it will be the first in more than 60 years without a veteran of World War II. It's a generation that dominated the House and Senate for decades.
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