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  1. Cognitive Decline May Move Faster In People With Low Vitamin D

    Older people with low levels of vitamin D are likely to lose memory and executive function more quickly, a study finds. But it didn't look into whether taking supplements could help.
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  2. Wilderness therapy appears to help vets; VA has yet to be persuaded

    The Veterans Affairs administration will likely want more hard data before implementing large-scale programs, reports High Country News.
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  3. Speaking To Evangelicals, Bernie Sanders Seeks Common Ground

    The Jewish Democratic senator acknowledged having differences with his conservative Christian audience at Liberty University, but called for civil discourse on issues of social justice and morality.
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  4. The Spotlight On Darfur Is Gone, But Not The Abuses

    The U.S. and others said more than a decade ago that Sudan was committing genocide in Darfur. Despite a U.N. peacekeeping mission and genocide charges against Sudan's president, little has changed.
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  5. Farmers Stage Massive Tractor Protest In Paris

    Over 4,000 French farmers took to the streets over falling food prices. The protests are a fallout of EU's agricultural struggle to stay competitive globally.
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  6. Why Are Migrants Surging Into Europe Now?

    The steady stream of migrants in past years has turned into a torrent this year. Here's a primer on the main forces at work.
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  7. Who Fixes Detroit? Young Black Detroiters Want To Resurrect A Lost Neighborhood

    Black Bottom was once a vibrant black oasis in Detroit, till it was demolished for a freeway. Now, young black visionaries in Detroit are experimenting with a new Black Bottom for the 21st century.
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  8. Leftist Jeremy Corbyn Wins Leadership Of Britain's Labour Party

    Corbyn's selection to lead the party once headed by centrist Tony Blair is viewed as part of a trend toward more liberal leanings in Europe.
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  9. As More Adults Pedal, Their Biking Injuries And Deaths Spike, Too

    Hospital admissions caused by bike injuries have more than doubled in the past 15 years across the country. One doctor thinks the "Lance Armstrong effect" could be a reason for the jump.
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  10. Iran Deal Looks Like A Done Deal, So Here Are The Next Crises For Congress

    President Obama may have secured enough votes to keep his Iran deal in tact, but potential problems loom for Congress on the debt ceiling, highway funding and a possible government shutdown.
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