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  1. Australian Refugee Detention Center Is Declared Illegal By Papua New Guinea Court

    In their order, the judges said Australia and Papua New Guinea must "take all steps necessary" to stop the "unconstitutional and illegal detention of the asylum seekers."
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  2. An Atypical Political Spouse, Melania Trump Steps Into The Campaign Spotlight

    She's not a typical political spouse, spending most of her time at home caring for the couple's 10-year-old son.
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  3. Campaign Mystery: Why Don't Bernie Sanders' Big Rallies Lead To Big Wins?

    Bernie Sanders is drawing large, energetic crowds, but that hasn't translated into wins in large states. It turns out there is often a disconnect between big rallies and winning elections.
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  4. 50 Years Ago, Bob Dylan Electrified A Decade With One Concert

    It's been 50 years since Bob Dylan strolled on stage at the Newport Folk Festival, plugged in an electric guitar, and infuriated his flock. Historian Elijah Wald says there's much more to the story.
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  5. Heavy Metals Found In Animas River After Gold King Mine Spill

    Researchers say they found patches of discolored sludge containing elevated levels of iron, copper, zinc, arsenic and lead.
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  6. After A Divorce, What Happens To A Couple's Frozen Embryos?

    Former spouses who disagree over whether their embryos can be destroyed have taken their case to court. In the process, one thing has become clear: how far the law lags behind reproductive technology.
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  7. Voice Of Lucky Charms Leprechaun, Arthur Anderson, Dies At 93

    Besides making a living voicing the breakfast cereal leprechaun, he appeared in a radio show and on Broadway and was in TV shows including episodes of Car 54, Where Are You? and Law & Order.
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  8. Songs That Heal: Preserving A Thousand-Year-Old Tradition

    There are only six people left in the world who know the healing songs of the Wachiperi, an ancient group in the Andes. One of them flew 3,000 miles to share his skills — and cure headaches.
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  9. Plateau But No Decline: Child Obesity Rates Hold Steady

    A new study finds 33 percent of American children between 2 and 19 are overweight, and 17 percent are obese. But researchers say they hope the findings don't overshadow the success stories out there.
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  10. 1 Person Dead, 6 Injured At Motorcycle Expo Shooting, Police Say

    The Colorado Motorcycle Expo is being held this weekend at the complex.
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