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  1. Another Man Jumps White House Fence, But Is Stopped On The Lawn

    A month after a man armed with a knife leapt the White House fence and got deep into the first floor of the building, another man made a run across the North Lawn Wednesday night.
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  2. Obamacare's First Year: How'd It Go?

    It has been a year since Obamacare launched with a difficult start. Now, supporters are confident about the program's future. But critics say it's too early to gauge its success.
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  3. Canada's Parliament Gives Sergeant-At-Arms Standing Ovation

    Kevin Vickers, 58, is being hailed as a hero for reportedly firing the shots that took down the gunman in Ottawa.
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  4. The Place Where Rutherford B. Hayes Is A Really Big Deal

    The 19th U.S. president didn't leave much of a legacy at home. But in Paraguay, he's a hero, credited with helping save the nation after a disastrous war with its South American neighbors.
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  5. Iranian Entrepreneurs Make Pitches That Are Just Practice, For Now

    Young Iranians are brimming with ideas for tech startups. But extensive financial sanctions facing their country prevent them from entering the global marketplace.
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  6. A New Orleans Charter School Marches To Its Own Tune

    As part of our series on the education revolution underway in the Crescent City, we profile a new, independent arts-centered charter that's struggling to put down roots.
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  7. Interview: Pianist Orli Shaham plays Brahms with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic

    The musician talks about presenting classical music to children, the power of Brahms and the joy of working multiple jobs.
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  8. Nurse In Maine Breaches Quarantine With Bike Ride

    Kaci Hickox openly defies the state's governor, who has threatened to get a court order to compel her isolation, by setting off on a morning ride with her boyfriend.
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  9. Immigrant Advocates Challenge The Way Mothers Are Detained

    Ten plaintiffs are suing the government over policies and practices at a residential center in New Mexico, where 648 women and children are being held while awaiting the outcome of their asylum cases.
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  10. Lot monsters and pop-out scares: Acting animates Colorado's haunted houses

    What possesses a 30-something with a wife, a toddler, and a day job to coat himself in vivid face-paint and spend his nights scaring teenage girls?
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