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  1. Watch soprano Diana Damrau's wild encore with the Vienna Philharmonic

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  2. How A Divorce Can Boost Health Insurance Subsidies

    If a couple divorces, each person's eligibility for insurance-related tax credits will generally be based on his or her own annual income. The former spouse's income won't be counted, even if the couple filed taxes jointly the previous year.
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  3. Who's The Best In College Basketball? Let's Look At The Numbers

    "Nobody really compares" to Alan Williams number-wise, a statistician says. But the starting center for University of California, Santa Barbara, isn't widely expected to be named Player of the Year.
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  4. Sen. Udall calls for CIA Director to go

    Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall is calling for a new CIA Director after reports have surfaced that the agency spied on senators.
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  5. Girl Scout Sells Record 18,107 Boxes, Says She Can Move Samoa

    Katie Francis, a sixth-grader in Oklahoma City, had some sweet success and the old record apparently crumbled. One of her secrets: "Ask everybody that I see" to buy a box.
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  6. Report: Obama Plans To End NSA Sweeps Of Phone Calls

    The National Security Agency may be getting out of the business of sweeping up and storing vast amounts of data on people's phone calls.
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  7. Does Beaver Tush Flavor Your Strawberry Shortcake? We Go Myth Busting

    Heard the rumor that strawberry syrups contain flavoring from a beaver's tush? The potion was once a common food flavoring. But settle down! The time of beaver-spiked ice pops and pastries has ended.
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  8. Preserving Audio For The Future Is A Race Against Time

    Old records are breaking, cassette tapes are warping, even digital recordings can become obsolete. The Library of Congress is working to save millions of the nation's recordings before they're lost.
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  9. Retiring Univ. of Colorado medical school dean reflects on his 24 years in office

    Richard Krugman is the longest-serving medical school dean in the country.
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  10. Chicago Commuter Train Derails, Injuring Dozens

    The Blue Line train jumped the tracks at O'Hare International Airport around 2:50 a.m. local time on Monday. Officials say none of the injuries are life-threatening.
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