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  1. Minority Groups Knock Redistricting Ballot Measure

    The ballot language as proposed would prohibit mapping districts to boost minority voting strength.
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  2. Turmoil Behind The Scenes At A Nationally Lauded High School

    The early college model known as P-TECH, a six-year program combining high school and an associate degree, has been copied all over the country but is still a hotly contested work in progress.
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  3. Merrick Garland Is Named As President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

    A former prosecutor, federal judge Merrick Garland will visit Capitol Hill on Thursday to begin meeting with legislators, Obama said.
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  4. Silverton And Superfund, Amazon And Taxes, Typewriters And Video Stores

    Silverton is a town that resisted Superfund designation for years, now appears to be courting it after the Gold King Mine Spill. We speak with the editor of the Silverton Standard, who says a designation would address a whole cluster of leaky mines. Then, if you buy stuff on Amazon to skirt sales taxes your tax-free holiday is coming to an end. But why now, after all this time? We get your feedback in Loud and Clear. And then, Colorado businesses that deal in aging technology: A shop that fixes typewriters finds new interest in them. And one of Denver's last video rental stores seeks help in the non-profit world.
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  5. Father Of Drowned 3-Year-Old Syrian Delivers Christmas Message

    The father of toddler Aylan Kurdi calls for "the whole world to open its doors to Syrians" fleeing the country's bloody civil war.
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  6. For Colorado parolee, life after decades of prison begins with survival

    In the second of a five-part series, we look at Colorado's parole system through the eyes of parolee Kevin Monteiro. He was released this past June.
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  7. Coachella Announces Music Lineup For 2016 Festival

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  8. Syrian President Says He Would Pursue 'Terrorists,' Even With A Truce

    Bashar Assad claims more than 80 countries are supporting extremists in his country. He says he would welcome a pause in the fighting, but would still attack groups like ISIS.
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  9. What Did You Expect? The Question That Women Are Sick Of Hearing

    The murder of two young Argentines and the sexual harassment of a journalist in Mexico City have gone viral — and drawn attention to violence against women in Latin America.
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  10. Chicago Cubs Cuddle Actual Cubs At Training Camp

    The baseball team enjoyed a visit from two tiny bear cubs on Friday, and it was as adorable as it sounds.
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