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  1. What $62 Billion In Cash Could Buy You: Monsanto

    German chemical company Bayer makes a strong offer to buy the giant U.S. agricultural firm.
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  2. Doctor Yearns For Return To Time When Physicians Were 'Artisans'

    Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, author of a book examining the drive toward standardized quality measures and checklists, says he fears medicine is becoming just another job and not the calling it should be.
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  3. Do Democrats Want What Bernie Wants, Or Just What Bernie Has?

    The "Nevada fracas" has created a media meme and a conversational focus for the conflict roiling the Democratic Party. This is because it encapsulates the grievances felt on both sides.
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  4. Baltimore Police Officer Found Not Guilty In Freddie Gray Case

    Officer Edward Nero had faced multiple misdemeanors in connection with the arrest and subsequent death of Gray in April 2015.
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  5. The Judgment Of Paris: The Blind Taste Test That Decanted The Wine World

    Forty years ago, the top names in French food and wine judged a blind tasting pitting the finest French wines against unknown California bottles. The results revolutionized the wine industry.
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  6. When Time Behind Bars Cuts Addiction Treatment Short

    Most inmates lose access to medication-assisted treatment for addiction once they're incarcerated. Among prisons and jails that do offer such treatment, it's often restricted to pregnant women.
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  7. Colorado Music Festival In Boulder Rolls Out 2016 Season Schedule

    Who's playing at Chautauqua Auditorium this summer?
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  8. WWII Paratrooper Is Reunited With His Wife, Then Dies Shortly Afterward

    Elmer Melchi was initially denied permission to move into the same nursing home as his wife, June Melchi, who has dementia.
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  9. Can A 32-Year-Old Doctor Cure Baltimore's Ills?

    Leana Wen, Baltimore's new health commissioner, is trying to apply public health approaches to ameliorate the city's deep-seated problems with poverty, violence and disease.
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  10. Secret Service Shoots Armed Man Near White House

    After ignoring orders to drop his gun, the man was shot by a Secret Service agent outside a White House checkpoint on Friday afternoon. No other people were injured, according to the Secret Service.
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