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  1. Woman's Accused Kidnapper In S.C. Confesses To Multiple Murders

    Todd Kohlhepp, 45, was arrested Thursday after sheriff's deputies found Kala Brown on his wooded property, "chained like a dog" and living in a metal container.
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  2. One Arizona Group Goes To Court For The Disabled — More Than 1,500 Times

    An advocacy group in Arizona is creating controversy by tackling enforcement of the law on its own. But the growing number of lawsuits recently led Arizona's attorney general to intervene.
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  3. Beyond The Pail: NPR Unpacks The History Of The Lunch Box

    From re-purposed lard pails to bento boxes, the way students carry lunch to school has changed almost as much as the classrooms they learn in.
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  4. Suspect In 'Ambush-Style' Killings Of 2 Iowa Police Officers Is In Custody

    Police say both officers were sitting in their squad cars in the Des Moines area when they were shot in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A suspect was taken into custody hours later.
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  5. Trump Has A Chance To Pull U.S. Out Of Climate Accord

    During the campaign, the president-elect said climate change is not real, and he rejected last year's international agreement to cut greenhouse gases.
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  6. Debate: Coloradans Will Vote On Medically Assisted Death Proposal (Transcript)

    A proposal on the upcoming ballot would allow people who are terminally ill to seek a prescription for drugs and end their own lives.
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  7. Obama Isn't Expected To Push Congress On Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

    Republicans already have said they won't consider it in the lame-duck session. The pact would eliminate many tariffs and support tough protections for things like copyrights and intellectual property.
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  8. Colorado Has Highest Voter Registration Rate, Report Says

    Almost 87 percent of eligible adults in Colorado were registered to vote for the midterm election two years ago, Pew says.
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  9. Influential Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen Dies At 82

    The Canadian-born artist is remembered for his influence on other musicians, as much as for his own creations. His latest album came out less than a month ago.
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  10. China Reports Slowest Economic Growth In 25 Years

    Not since the fallout from the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre has China's economy grown at such a slow pace: at just below 7 percent last year.
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