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  1. A Single Gene May Decide Why Some People Get So Sick With The Flu

    A single genetic mutation might decide who ends up in bed with the sniffles and who heads to the hospital, because it shuts down immune system molecules called interferons.
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  2. Kids Music Week: Sonic youth milestones

    Mike Flanagan continues Kids Music Week on OpenAir with a sampling of ages and the events that affected some great musical artists.
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  3. Indiana's governor stands by 'Religious Freedom' law while also promises a fix

    "We'll fix this and we'll move forward," Gov. Mike Pence says, adding that he was "taken aback" by criticism of a law that's seen as allowing businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians.
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  4. Vanilla, Nutmeg Spice And Everything Nice On A Zanzibar Farm

    Three spices that grow on the island of Zanzibar are so common they might be flavoring your morning cup of coffee. But vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg have very different origins.
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  5. Brief Eclipse Dazzles Skywatchers

    The third in a set of four lunar eclipses that began a year ago and will finish in late September could be seen from the U.S. East Coast to Asia.
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  6. 5 Things To Know About Ted Cruz

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced his presidential bid Monday on Twitter. If the early campaign trail is any indication of how 2016 will go, the staunch conservative will be exactly who he's always been.
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  7. The time a cartoonist was told to 'lighten up' a character

    Artist Ronald Wimberly uses a cartoon essay to tell us this story: He was drawing a Marvel character who's Mexican and African-American, so he drew her brown. But his editor had different ideas.
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  8. Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell gets 2 years in prison

    McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were convicted in September on several charges of corruption while he was in office. McDonnell must report to prison next month.
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  9. Nigeria's President Hopes To Push Back Boko Haram In A Month

    Facing reelection in a week, Goodluck Jonathan says he thinks that all the territory seized by the extremist group can be retaken.
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  10. Germanwings Co-Pilot Accelerated Toward Crash, Officials Say

    France's aviation safety agency says co-pilot Andreas Lubitz "changed the automatic pilot settings to increase the speed of the airplane in its descent" before last week's deadly crash.
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