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  1. How Well Do Tech Companies Protect Your Data From Snooping?

    We looked at 15 top companies and services that handle your email or store your data every day to see what steps they take to keep it from prying eyes. See how they stack up.
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  2. Illinois Lawmaker Found Guilty Of Accepting $7,000 Payoff

    The jury didn't buy state Rep. Derrick Smith's argument that the repeated efforts to get him to accept the money amounted to entrapment.
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  3. Hacking The Brain With Electricity: Don't Try This At Home

    Small jolts of electricity to the brain can treat diseases like epilepsy and Parkinson's. But some healthy people are trying electrical stimulation to make the brain sharper. And it may not be safe.
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  4. Wondering what to do with the kids this summer?

    From interactive games at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to summer dance camps with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, CPR’s Arts Bureau recommends family-friendly cultural events for June and July.
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  5. After Six Decades As A Staple, 'Jet Mag' Ends Its Print Run

    It's the end of an era, as the Johnson Publishing Corp. announced plans to cease printing Jet Magazine. The magazine, which started some 63 years ago, was long a staple for many African-American communities.
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  6. Facebook Ad Targeting Will Use Even More Of Your Data

    It will start drawing on Web browsing data to determine what ads users see, while allowing them to edit their own data profiles. Privacy advocates say the changes put too much burden on consumers.
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  7. Has The FDA Brought On A Cheese Apocalypse? Probably Not

    An FDA official warned that wooden boards used to age cheese could harbor harmful bacteria. But cheesemakers say they've long had safety measures in place to prevent any contamination from the boards.
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  8. Cantor's Loss In Va. Is Immigration Issue's Death Knell. Or Not.

    Immigration was a key issue in Tuesday's primary. Rep. Eric Cantor's defeat may discourage others from promoting policy changes. But some advocates say the outlook for overhaul isn't so bleak.
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  9. Fate Of Comet ISON Unclear Hours After Its Encounter With Sun

    Most of ISON, a huge comet formed at the birth of the solar system, apparently did not survive Thursday's encounter with the sun, NASA said. Scientists detected the comet last year and had hoped to continue studying it for information to be mined from its "primordial ices."
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  10. 50 Years After Assassination, Kennedy Books Offer New Analysis

    Publishers have flooded the market with books — both new and reprinted — about JFK this fall. Some hazard conspiracy theories or point out the failings of the Warren Commission. Others avoid the subject of the assassination, focusing on JFK's character and legacy. And one includes all 486 frames of the famous Zapruder film, published in their entirety for the first time.
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