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  1. Syrian Army Declares 48-Hour Truce After Intense Fighting In Aleppo

    The U.S. has said it is working with Russia to restore cessation of hostilities in the city. This comes after days of intense fighting in the area.
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  2. 5 Big Ideas In Education That Don't Work

    Some of the most popular ideas in education aren't necessarily the best fixes.
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  3. Ancient Suds Are Tapped By A Modern Scholar

    University of Colorado professor Travis Rupp is studying, and writing about, beer archaeology.
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  4. 4 Charged With Hate Crimes Over Beating Live-Streamed On Facebook

    Video posted on social media showed a man tied up, hit and cut with a knife. Four people were taken in custody in Chicago and charged with kidnapping and committing a hate crime, among other things.
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  5. Being Mom To A Middle Schooler Can Be The Toughest Gig Of All

    Everyone knows about postpartum depression, but depression is actually most common among moms of middle schoolers, a study finds. Think surly kids, hormonal changes and skimpy support networks.
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  6. D.C. National Guard Commander Told To Step Down On Inauguration Day

    Maj. Gen. Errol Schwartz says he has been ordered to step down from his command at noon — the minute Donald Trump is scheduled to be sworn in. The move is unusual in the recent history of the force.
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  7. Obama Administration Ends Refugee Policy That Favored Cubans

    The so-called wet-foot, dry-foot policy let Cuban migrants stay if they arrived on U.S. shores but not if they were intercepted at sea. Now they face the same rules as people from other countries.
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  8. The Hawkeye Is The Adhesive, Eye-Tracking Phone The Internet Asked For

    Winners of a ZTE crowdsource challenge proposed a phone that responds to eye movements and can be attached to surfaces for hands-free use. But picking a name posed an unexpected challenge.
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  9. Carson, Trump's Pick For Housing Agency, Won't Rule Out Grants To Trump Properties

    The former Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon has no experience with housing, but he said he wants to help "develop our fellow human beings."
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  10. China Investigates Search Engine Baidu After Student Dies Of Cancer

    A college student accused China's largest search engine, Baidu, of misleading him to a fraudulent cancer treatment. He died in April.
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