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  1. Bergdahl Swap Was 'Extraordinary Situation,' Hagel Says

    The defense secretary told skeptical lawmakers that a "unique set of dynamics" prevented the White House from telling Congress about the deal to swap Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for Taliban prisoners.
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  2. Tilting Delaware Bridge Stays Closed, Disrupting Interstate Travel

    The I-495 bridge in Wilmington, Del., usually carries 90,000 vehicles per day. But it's empty now, as engineers try to discover what's causing eight support pillars to lean.
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  3. Student, Shooter Dead In Oregon High School

    There's still no word of any other injuries and police are still working their way through Reynolds High School room by room.
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  4. Former Charlotte Mayor Will Plead Guilty To Fraud

    Patrick Cannon is accused of having accepted $50,000 in bribes. He will plead guilty to fraud on Tuesday. Cannon stepped down as mayor in March, less than four months after he was sworn in.
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  5. Western Countries Issue Warnings; Kenyan Tourism Gets Pummeled

    Kenya is heavily reliant on tourism, but advisories by the U.S., Britain and others have contributed to fewer visitors and job losses. Kenyans say the West is punishing them as much as the terrorists.
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  6. What Syria's President Seeks From A Not-So-Democratic Election

    Bashar Assad is certain to cruise to victory Tuesday in a vote that's been widely condemned. But the point is not the voting. Rather, it's an attempt to show he still controls parts of the country.
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  7. Veto possible for transportation contracts bill

    Governor John Hickenlooper says he agrees with the overall goal of the bill, but the devil's in the details.
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  8. The Thai Protest That's Straight From 'The Hunger Games'

    The silent, three-finger salute from the smash movie and book series has been catching fire among demonstrators in a country where the military has banned most every form of protest.
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  9. Interview: Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, 10 years rolling strong

    The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls kick off their tenth year of roller derby this Sunday at the Fillmore Auditorium. Blocker/jammer for the Red Ridin' Hoods, She Who Cannot Be Named, joins Alisha Sweeney to talk about ten years on skates and how seeing roller derby at the Fillmore is a lot like seeing a concert!
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  10. Eric Cantor Defeated By Tea Party Candidate In Virginia Primary

    The House majority leader has been upset in a stunning defeat that will rewrite the GOP leadership in the chamber.
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