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  1. Who's In Charge Of Boko Haram? Split Emerges As 2 Men Claim Leadership

    Cracks are forming at the highest levels of the Nigeria-based extremist group. The Islamic State has named a new leader and a new strategy for the group, but the old leader says he's still in charge.
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  2. 2015 Could Be Record Year For New Car Sales

    This year's new car registrations could surpass 200,000 for the first time since 2001.
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  3. NPR Battleground Map: Hillary Clinton Solidifies Lead Against Donald Trump

    Since the conventions, Donald Trump has stumbled badly. That has moved voters in the direction of Hillary Clinton, giving her a sizable lead in the key states.
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  4. U.S. Rugby Team Defends Its Gold — From 1924

    The American rugby squad was mostly made up of football players and were big underdogs against the French. But the Americans took gold in 1924, and have been the reigning Olympic champions ever since.
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  5. White House, Congress Nearing 2-Year Budget Deal

    The deal, if approved, would largely eliminate the threat of government shutdown or a debt default until after the presidential election.
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  6. Democrats' Gun Vote Filibuster And Sit-In Draws Eyerolls In Rural Colorado

    In Fort Morgan on the Eastern Plains, the Orlando nightclub shooting seems to have done little to change conversation over gun rights.
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  7. An Israeli-Palestinian Battle With Roots In Lingerie

    A brief — and camisole — history behind the conflict over labeling products that are made in the West Bank.
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  8. Hospital Units Tailored To Older Patients Can Help Prevent Decline

    Elderly hospital patients often arrive sick and leave worse off. But some hospitals are preventing these sharp declines by treating the elderly in units that minimize bedrest and spur mobility.
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  9. To Prevent Sexual Assault, Schools And Parents Start Lessons Early

    While most college students go through courses aimed at preventing campus sexual assault, advocates say it's too little, too late. Some are pushing for similar efforts as early as elementary school.
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  10. Trump Proposes New, Ideological Test For Some Visitors And Immigrants

    In a foreign policy address, Donald Trump also proposed several steps to fight ISIS that are part of existing White House strategy.
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