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  1. Phife Dawg, A Founding Member of A Tribe Called Quest, Dies At 45

    His family said in a statement that Malik I. Taylor's death was the result of complications from diabetes.
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  2. Colo. Official Who Clashed With EPA Over Gold King Mine Resigns

    Mike King's resignation was announced Thursday. The executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources had led the agency since 2010.
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  3. An Iraq War Opera Finds A Vein Of Empathy

    Fallujah is based on the experiences of a real Marine, who lost friends and more as a gunner in Iraq. The show's libretto was written by an Iraqi-American.
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  4. Atlantic City Faces Financial Collapse, Cringes At State Takeover

    The mayor says his town, known for its boardwalk casinos, will run out of money soon. State lawmakers have a plan to get the city's finances under control, but city leaders say it's a bad deal.
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  5. Achievement Unlocked: Google AlphaGo A.I. Wins Go Series, 4-1

    A top world Go champ lost the last of five games against Google's AlphaGo. But both sides are going home from the match with a lot more to learn.
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  6. Banning Campus Bloggers, Sculpting An Iceman, DeBeque's Weed Windfall, Author Colleen Oakes Goes Hollywood

    Should Colorado's public universities be allowed to ban whoever they want from campus? The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado doesn't think so. Then, Gary Stabb usually sculpts prehistoric beasts like dinosaurs, but he finally got access to an elusive stone age mummy for a project for Denver's Museum of Nature and Science. Also, taxes on marijuana sales in tiny DeBeque brought a windfall -- more money than the town sees in overall sales tax and energy impact fees combined. Now, how to spend it? And, Hollywood has taken interest in Broomfield author Colleen Oakes' trilogy "Queen of Hearts," which explores how the queen in "Alice in Wonderland" became a villain.
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  7. Frisco Dispensary Forced To Close Over Racketeering Lawsuit

    Some legal experts say the anti-marijuana group would have a tough time winning had the case made it to court.
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  8. Chechnya's Strongman Praises Putin, Threatens 'Traitors'

    Ramzan Kadyrov is an aggressive supporter of Vladimir Putin, vilifying opponents of the Russian president as traitors and "Satans" who should be eliminated. But his bluster may provoke a backlash.
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  9. Divided Court Seems To Hint At 4-4 Decision In Obamacare Case

    Justice Anthony Kennedy, the crucial swing vote on the court, gave mixed signals during a hearing about the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate.
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  10. Author Mark Obmascik

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