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  1. Early 20th Century Earthquakes May Have Been Caused By Calif. Oil Boom

    A new study suggests a handful of earthquakes in the 1920s and 1930s were associated with increasingly deep and frequent drilling for oil near Los Angeles. Since then, drilling practices have changed.
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  2. Denver Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber On 'Finding God In All The Wrong People'

    Read an excerpt from "Accidental Saints," the latest book by the tattooed Lutheran pastor who says she swears like a truck driver. It's out in paperback.
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  3. Student Petition Supports Teacher Who Resigned After Racy Photos Emerged

    "Leigh Anne Arthur is the victim of a blatant attack of her privacy," states the petition started by students after the teacher in South Carolina was dismissed. It's been signed more than 3,000 times.
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  4. Chinese Mogul Buys Dick Clark Productions, His Latest U.S. Purchase

    Wang Jianlin, one of China's richest men, has been pursuing U.S. entertainment properties in recent years. Will he succeed where other foreign investors have struggled in the past.
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  5. Alibaba Says It Smashed Sales Records On China's 'Singles Day'

    The online retail giant reports that it sold more than $17 billion in goods on Friday — the site's holiday encouraging people to buy presents for themselves. Not everyone trusts the numbers, though.
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  6. Jurors Award $3 Million In Damages In Defamation Suit Against Rolling Stone

    Last week, the jury found that a story about an alleged gang rape on campus defamed an administrator of the University of Virginia. When claims in the piece were challenged, the magazine retracted it.
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  7. Spin To Survive: How 'Saturn On Steroids' Keeps From Self-Destructing

    A distant planet has rings so large it makes Saturn look like a child's toy. But, until now, scientists have been baffled about how the enormous rings keep from self-destructing. The answer: spin.
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  8. Is Donald Trump's Sun 'Cliché' Rising Or Setting On His New Website?

    A photo of the sun on Trump's transition website looks as if it "could've been stolen from the Reagan campaign of 1984, how 'It's Morning in America again,'" said one brand expert.
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  9. Denver Public Schools To Cut Hundreds Of Staff Next Year

    District officials say the move is driven by falling state aid due to declining enrollment.
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  10. Study: After wildfires, only 25 percent of burnt structures are rebuilt

    Researchers also noted wildfires are likely to increase in frequency and intensity due to climate change.
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