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  1. Some Britons Are Learning To Love Football — The American Kind

    Sunday's Jaguars vs. Colts game drew 84,000 fans to Wembley Stadium, and they spent as much as $600 apiece for tickets. How did an American sport find such devoted fans in the U.K.?
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  2. Pence Sticks With Trump, Praises Running Mate In Post-Debate TV Appearances

    Mike Pence is defending Donald Trump --and joining attacks on Bill Clinton — after a weekend where he criticized his running mate, and there was speculation that he might leave the Republican ticket.
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  3. Americans Unconvinced Of Potential Good Of Self-Driving Cars, Study Finds

    Most Americans say they should always have the option to drive themselves. That's despite the fact the average driver is excited by driverless technology.
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  4. Neville Marriner, Who Recorded The Beloved Soundtrack to 'Amadeus,' Has Died

    The conductor and violinist who became something of entrepreneurial emperor — making hundreds of recordings with his orchestra, including the soundtrack to the film Amadeus — died Sunday at age 92.
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  5. CDC Issues Travel Warning After Explosion Of Dangerous Zika Virus

    U.S. health officials have warned pregnant women against traveling to Latin American and Caribbean countries with outbreaks of the tropical illness which may be causing microcephaly in newborns.
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  6. Shoppers This Year May Need The Nudge Of Cold Air And Gift Cards

    It's been warmer than usual around the country and hardly feels like gift-giving season. Some economists say December sales will be fine after Christmas when consumers shop for sales with gift cards.
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  7. Drought Risk Low For Most Of Colorado

    But Boulder and Larimer counties, as well as parts of southwest Colorado, are abnormally dry.
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  8. A Local Sheriff's Race Is Drawing National Attention And A Hefty Price Tag

    One of the country's most expensive races for local office is in Arizona's Maricopa County where Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a noted opponent of illegal immigration, has the toughest challenge of his career.
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  9. President Obama Really Wants People To Live On Mars

    In an op-ed for CNN, the president wrote that he hopes to one day look at the night sky with his grandchildren and tell them that humans are living on Mars.
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  10. Turkey Still On Edge After Attempted Coup

    The Turkish prime minister said at least 265 people died in an attempted military coup on Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who appears back in control and has promised to punish coup plotters.
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