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  1. The Long, Slow Trek To Get Americans To Eat Camel Meat

    In Somalia, camels are prized for their nutritious milk and meat. In Australia, they're environmental pests. So more Somali-American chefs are offering meat sourced from the outback on their menus.
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  2. 6 Dead In Shooting At Quebec City Mosque

    Quebec City police have arrested two suspects following the shooting at a mosque, which left six people dead and eight wounded. Canadian officials say the shooting was an act of terrorism.
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  3. Is Sessions, Trump's Attorney General Pick, Trying to Paper Over His Record?

    Senate Republicans want to speed the confirmation process for their colleague, Alabama's Jeff Sessions, to become Attorney General. Democrats and civil-rights groups are trying to pump the brakes.
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  4. Soldier Speaks Up A Decade After Pat Tillman's Friendly-Fire Death

    Steven Elliott, one of the Rangers who mistakenly fired on Tillman's position, says he believed there were no "friendlies" in the area when he pulled the trigger.
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  5. Conversations We Can't Forget From 2016 On Colorado Matters

    You told us via email, social media and phone calls which stories you valued most. We took that, added a few of our own, and came up with this list.
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  6. The Extraordinary Courage Of Acid Attack Survivors

    The attacker is usually an ex-boyfriend. The road to recovery, physical and mental, is long and rocky.
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  7. With Meals Made Of Gold, Chefs Certainly Know How To Feed The Ego

    Gold is tasteless, odorless and has zero nutritional value, but it's appearing in everything from hamburgers to $1,000 sundaes. Much of it amounts to publicity stunts, though sometimes it's pure art.
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  8. Israel Starts Evacuating Illegal Outpost; Approves 3,000 New West Bank Units

    There's been a clear uptick in the rate of settlement approval since Donald Trump was sworn into office on Jan. 20 — and the U.S. president is expected to be supportive of settlement expansion.
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  9. N.C. Court Blocks Attempt By State Lawmakers To Limit Incoming Governor's Power

    Judges delayed a law signed by the outgoing governor of North Carolina, who was defeated in November's election, requiring his successor's nominees to be approved by the Republican-controlled Senate.
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  10. Hundreds Of Hateful Incidents Reported After Trump's Victory

    Students in Michigan chant "build a wall" at classmates; in Los Angeles they taunt a child about deportation. Reports of hostile behavior toward minorities and women have surfaced since the election.
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