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  1. After eight years of filming, documentary charts classical pianist's coming of age

    'I Am Not a Rock Star' subject Marika Bournaki visits Denver for screening, performance
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  2. Health Organizations Call For A Ban On E-Cigarettes Indoors

    Both the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association say vapors from electronic cigarettes pose a health threat to bystanders, and that the devices should be regulated like tobacco.
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  3. Teens And Mall Culture: The Fading Love Affair?

    Teens used to be all over malls, working the registers and wandering the walkways. But now fewer of them have retail jobs and it appears they prefer tech goodies at home to going to the mall.
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  4. WikiLeaks' Assange Says He'll Leave Embassy In London

    Citing health concerns, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he'll leave Ecuador's embassy, where he has lived for more than two years. He faces potential criminal charges in Sweden and the U.S.
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  5. Caring For The American Ebola Patients: Inside Emory's Isolation Unit

    The "patient biocontainment unit" at Emory University Hospital is one of four facilities in the U.S. specially equipped to handle the most serious infectious diseases.
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  6. There's A Big Leak In America's Water Tower

    Peaks around Glacier National Park store water that irrigates a large section of North America. But a warming climate is shrinking that snowpack, with ominous consequences for wildlife and people.
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  7. American Reportedly Fighting Alongside Extremists In Syria Dies

    The White House says it was aware that Douglas McAuthur McCain was in Syria, though it did not confirm he was fighting with the Islamic State. The terrorist group claims McCain died in battle.
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  8. Colorado unemployment rate drops to 5.3 pct.

    July was the 33rd straight month of job gains in the state.
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  9. Former Vermont Sen. Jeffords, Who Once Tipped Senate Scale, Dies

    James Jeffords' decision to leave the GOP and become an independent handed power to Democrats for 18 months. In his career of more than 30 years, Jeffords focused on education and the environment.
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  10. Report Finds No Proof That Delays In Care Caused Veterans' Deaths

    But the report from the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Veterans Affairs did find other systemwide problems that the department said it will fix.
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