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  1. The Audacious Korean-American Chef Who Mastered 'Mission Chinese Food'

    Born in Korea, raised in Oklahoma, Danny Bowien was an adult when he taught himself to make Chinese food. That DIY vibe to his cooking has made him a rising star. Now he's written a cookbook.
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  2. Mom wants independent autopsy after Denver police killed daughter

    Laura Sonya Rosales Hernandez said Wednesday that she doesn't trust the police investigation into the Monday shooting of Jessica Hernandez.
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  3. Denver Writer Harry MacLean Explores 'The Joy Of Killing' In New Novel

    After writing several gruesome and true accounts of small town murders, the writer turns to fiction, but sticks with violence.
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  4. Mine Wastewater Floods Countryside In Brazil After 2 Dams Fail

    The flooding overwhelmed houses, leaving a coating of mud — and in one case, setting a car atop a structure's walls. Rescue crews are still looking for survivors. At least one person has died.
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  5. Garfield County To Launch Free Mobile Lunches For Children

    The mobile program is the most recent attempt to provide meals to children in struggling families in a region where food security is a continual problem.
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  6. Download NPR's 2016 Iowa Briefing Book

    In honor of the Iowa caucuses, NPR Politics has a gift for you: everything you need to know about the caucuses and this election season in one handy PDF download.
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  7. Egypt's Former President Morsi Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

    Less than two years after he was removed from office by the military, Mohammed Morsi was sentenced by an Egyptian court for the arrest and torture of protesters.
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  8. In California, A Treasure Hunt For Gold Rush-Era Fruit And Nut Trees

    The search is on for heirloom varieties planted at homesteads and coach stops in the late 1800s. The resilient trees, still productive despite long neglect, could prove valuable at a time of drought.
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  9. Start Small: How 'Blocks Of Hope' Thinks They Can Improve Student Success

    "Blocks of Hope" focuses on one elementary school, and a 2.5 square mile area. The idea is to "flood" the area with resources to help students succeed.
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  10. Amid Illness Woes, Chipotle Says 'Food With Integrity' Is Possible

    The Denver-based company’s been hit by foodborne illnesses across the country, from E. coli in Kansas, to norovirus in Boston, to Salmonella in Minnesota.
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