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  1. Brazil's Senate Votes To Impeach Dilma Rousseff

    The suspended president testified for 14 hours straight on Monday, and 66 senators gave speeches in a marathon session that stretched through the night. Then they approved the impeachment, 61 to 20.
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  2. Russia Begins Airstrikes In Syria After Assad's Request

    The U.S. military says a Russian official informed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad about the missions; Syria says it invited Russia's air force to help fight terrorism.
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  3. Denver Set To Officially Recognize Short-Term Rentals

    A proposal up for a final vote would legally recognize the popular alternative to hotels -- and would effectively ban many of them.
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  4. Boulder Turnpike Construction All But Done, CDOT Says

    Drivers will still see a little more construction along the highway, but most of the work is done.
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  5. You Asked, So Here's What We Learned About Some Colorado Public Art

    CPR News asked you to send us photos of public art that’s caught your attention. We’ve selected three pieces. Tell us which one we should look into.
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  6. Shell Plans To Cut 2,800 Jobs After It Takes Over BG Group

    Oil and natural gas prices are still low so companies are looking to save money. The 2,800 represent about 3 percent of the combined workforce.
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  7. Pot Gummy Bears Outlawed In Colorado

    Sponsors say that gummy bears, gummy worms and chewy candies shaped like fruits are too attractive to children.
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  8. Police union demands Denver's top cop resign after vandals hit memorial

    Officers were ordered not to directly confront protesters who poured red paint on the memorial to fallen officers.
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  9. 'Easy' Writer: Walter Mosley's Passion For Bringing Black L.A. Stories To Life

    In Charcoal Joe, Walter Mosley brings his iconic private eye Easy Rawlins into the haze of the late 60s, extending a literary odyssey through the transformation of black Los Angeles.
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  10. Coloradan Was Among Dozens Of Americans Fighting For Foreign Militias In Syria

    Last week Kurdish forces announced that Levi Shirley died while fighting with them in Syria. More than 100 Americans have volunteered to fight ISIS outside the U.S. military.
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