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  1. Amid Kim Jong Nam Furor, South Korea Hikes Reward For North Korean Defectors

    For the first time in 20 years, South Korea is hiking its reward money for defectors who can provide intelligence. The move follows the apparent poisoning of Kim Jong Un's half-brother in Malaysia.
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  2. Diversity Wins The Night As 'Moonlight' Takes Best Picture At 2017 Oscars

    In a startling end-of-night gaffe, "Moonlight" won Best Picture after an incorrect announcement The 89th Academy Awards airs Sunday.
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  3. A Medicine That Blunts The Buzz Of Alcohol Can Help Drinkers Cut Back

    Naltrexone was approved to treat alcohol disorders more than 20 years ago. But many doctors still don't know that when combined with counseling it can help people resist the urge to drink too much.
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  4. Malaysia And North Korea Are Heading Toward A Complete Diplomatic Breakdown

    Over the weekend, the two countries expelled each other's ambassadors over the airport murder of Kim Jong Nam. Now, they have both imposed exit bans, in apparent violation of international agreements
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  5. Sessions Defends His Testimony About Russian Contacts

    Sessions said he was clarifying the testimony he gave at his Senate confirmation hearing, and said there wasn't a "continuing exchange of information" between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.
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  6. In NYC, 'Sweeney Todd' Baker Serves Up Some Bloody Good Pies

    The off-Broadway musical, in which a barber's clients become filling for meat pies, may make you lose your appetite. But former White House pastry chef Bill Yosses bakes a tempting pre-theater treat.
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  7. White House Says Medicare Should Leverage Its Buying Power To Pull Down Drug Prices

    A spokesman said Tuesday that President Trump does want Medicare to be able to directly negotiate prescription drug prices with drugmakers. Analysts disagree about how much difference that would make.
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  8. A Citizens' Petition Calls For A New French President: Barack Obama

    He's got "the best resume in the world for the job," according to the "Obama 2017" campaign. They even have a slogan: "Oui on peut!" (That's French for "Yes we can"). Some 27,000 people are on board.
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  9. Under Trump, What’s The Future Of Marijuana In Colorado?

    Advocates and local government leaders say they’ll keep a close eye on any announcements out of Washington, D.C. that may offer clues about the future of Colorado’s marijuana industry.
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  10. 4 Challenges Trump And Republicans Face When It Comes To Health Care

    The long-awaited GOP health care plan is out. President Trump and Republicans might have an easier time passing it than Obama eight years ago, but health care is complicated and not an easy sell.
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