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  1. Biker Club Involved In Deadly Brawl Won't Be At Other Shows

    An event promoter has asked a motorcycle club made up largely of law enforcement to stay away from future biker events.
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  2. Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Bill That Makes Performing An Abortion A Felony

    The sweeping, first-of-its-kind bill will now be sent to Oklahoma's governor, who has not indicated whether she plans to sign it. If she does, an abortion rights group plans to sue.
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  3. Looking Up: Amusement Parks On Track For A Record-Breaking Year

    Some 260 million people spend about $10 billion annually at regional theme parks, and attendance is soaring. To attract more thrill-seekers, the parks have been adding bigger, faster rides.
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  4. All Songs +1: A Conversation With Paul Simon

    Paul Simon talks about his upcoming album, Stranger To Stranger, and why it may be his last, at least for a while. He also shares the new song, "The Werewolf."
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  5. China Ramps Up U.S. Investments, From Straws To Semiconductors

    Chinese investors are on a buying spree in the U.S., moving their operations here or snapping up American companies. Investment is on track to hit $30 billion this year, doubling last year's record.
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  6. Sanders Campaign Now Embraces Superdelegates As Key To Nomination

    In a sharp contrast to earlier in the campaign, the Sanders team now hopes superdelegates will see him as the better Democratic candidate and support him ahead of the convention.
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  7. On Mother's Day, Mourning The Mom My Baby Will Never Know

    I watched my mother disappear bit by bit as cancer destroyed her brain. I don't know if she heard me when I said I was pregnant. But I still feel her love. I think our baby will, too.
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  8. Top Stories: Doctors Without Borders Hospital Hit; Sanders Campaign Layoffs

    Also: Another North Korean missile test has failed; a House panel approves a measure requiring women to register for the military draft; and SpaceX aims to launch a Dragon capsule to Mars by 2018.
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  9. U.S. Economy Could Be Poised For Stronger Growth

    From retail sales to manufacturing and housing, several key indicators are picking up. An accelerating economy would be a big deal in this election year.
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  10. Do The Words 'Race Riot' Belong On A Historic Marker In Memphis?

    On May 1, 1866, Memphis was home to a massacre that killed 46 African-Americans and injured many others. Now a historical marker shows an ongoing rift between white historians and black activists.
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