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  1. The Improvisational Surgeon: Cardboard Casts, No Power, Patients Galore

    A new report says 5 billion people lack access to even the most basic surgical care. Why is surgery ignored in the global health landscape?
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  2. 'Jungle Book' Love: Why I Identify With The 'Flower In Underpants'

    Growing up in India, she was a fan of the dubbed-in-Hindi TV series. As a globetrotting adult, she is touched by the Disney movie version.
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  3. 5 Years Later, Legacy Of Financial Overhaul Still Being Weighed

    Republicans are pushing to roll back Dodd-Frank because they say it over-regulates the financial industry and hurts growth. Supporters say it has made banks stronger and the financial system safer.
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  4. The State That Pulled The Plug On Computer Testing

    It's back to paper and pencils after Tennessee decided to shut down computer testing statewide for the year.
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  5. Kentucky's Unprecedented Success In School Funding Is On The Line

    In 1990, Kentucky did something no other state had ever done: It completely changed the way its public schools were governed and funded. Despite big gains, poor districts still struggle to catch up.
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  6. In Baltimore, Hopes Of Turning Abandoned Properties Into Affordable Homes

    The city has long suffered a dearth of decent housing. The recent collapse of vacant buildings — which in one case killed a man — has increased the urgency of finding a solution.
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  7. Remains Of Korean War Soldier Reunite A Family

    Sixty-five years of not knowing what happened to Sgt. Robert Dakin — who was declared missing in action in 1950 — took a toll on generations of his family.
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  8. 50 Years Ago, Bob Dylan Electrified A Decade With One Concert

    It's been 50 years since Bob Dylan strolled on stage at the Newport Folk Festival, plugged in an electric guitar, and infuriated his flock. Historian Elijah Wald says there's much more to the story.
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  9. If You Think She Looks Like An Avon Lady, You're Half Right

    She's a Living Goods agent. The company styles its door-to-door health care deliveries after American businesses like Avon, Amway and Tupperware.
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  10. #MemeOfTheWeek: Harriet Tubman And The Evolution Of Internet Phenomena

    Over the course of just one day, Harriet Tubman and her new place on our money came to represent the eternal timeline of Internet phenomena.
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