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  1. Ford Brothers Lose Toronto Mayor Race, Hold On To Council Seat

    Unofficial results show John Tory beat Doug Ford 40-34 for mayor, a race Rob Ford abandoned after his cancer diagnosis. The latter Ford did keep the Ward 2 council seat his family has held since 2000.
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  2. Interview: Shaprece on SXSW and Seattle's eclectic music scene

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  3. Paralyzed By Doubt? Here's A Guide For The Worrier In Us All

    You might think that anxiety disorder is no laughing matter, but illustrator Gemma Correll respectfully disagrees. She sees the humor in the mental condition that she deals with every day.
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  4. How Denver's Mayor Got to the U.S.

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  5. Jeb Bush visits presidential battleground Colorado

    Bush is traveling in the state Tuesday for his Right to Rise political action committees, which he's using to make contributions to Republican Party leaders in presidential battlegrounds.
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  6. A Surprising Tie That Binds Hong Kong's Protest Leaders: Faith

    Many older activists were educated at missionary schools, which informs their sense of social and political justice. It's sure to be noticed by Beijing, which sees religion as a threat to its rule.
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  7. Athletes Help Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Defy Bullies

    Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader at Lincoln Middle School in Wisconsin. She has Down syndrome — and as some hecklers learned last year, she also has the support of her school's basketball team.
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  8. Coup Leaders Arrested In Burundi As Uprising Is Quashed

    The alleged mastermind of the failed putsch, Gen. Godefroid Niyombare, is reportedly still at large as President Pierre Nkurunziza reasserts his authority after returning from neighboring Tanzania.
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  9. Getting 'Physical' And Emotional In Virtual Reality

    Digital life isn't just stimulating your eyes and ears. Silicon Valley is racing to peel another layer, and simulate the sense of touch. Getting "physical" online can feel very real.
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  10. States That Expand Medicaid Detect More Cases Of Diabetes

    Researchers say their study suggests that more diabetes is being detected in particular states because, thanks to Medicaid, more poor people have access to screening and care.
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