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  1. Working With A Therapist Can Help When Sleeping Pills Don't

    There's a treatment for insomnia that's safe, effective and pill-free. The Veterans Administration is embracing it to help returning soldiers with PTSD. There's even an app. But many people don't know that cognitive behavioral therapy is an option for insomnia. Proponents are trying to change that.
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  2. MisterWives at OpenAir

    Late last year, alternative pop outfit MisterWives dropped into the CPR Performance Studio to play a few upbeat tracks from their debut EP, "Reflections."
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  3. Doctors Court Controversy In Ad For Surgical Robot

    The former head of a prestigious Boston hospital found it unsettling when the surgical staff of an Illinois academic medical center endorsed a medical device in a national newspaper advertisement. After he started asking questions, the hospital asked that the ad, paid for by the device maker, be suspended.
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  4. Less Sleep, More Time Online Amp Up Teen Depression Risk

    Lack of sleep contributes to depression in teenagers, two studies find. Lack of exercise and lots of time online don't help, either. The solution, researchers say, is for parents to make sure their children are getting a good nine to 10 hours of sleep a night, even in high school.
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  5. Shaun White Falls Just Short Of Three-Peat Quest In Half-Pipe

    The top five finishers all pulled off their best runs in the second half of the competition – none more so than White, who stood in 11th place after the first run with a score of 35.
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  6. New York City's Bloomberg Leaves Mixed Results On Health

    Bloomberg reduced smoking in New York City but failed to match that much copied success with other campaigns, such as one to lower obesity rates by regulating the size of sodas sold in city fast-food restaurants.
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  7. GOP Struggles To Sell Message In Big Cities

    Democrats currently control city hall in 90 percent of the nation's largest cities. But not too many years ago, Republicans had a pretty good chance of winning big-city mayoral races.
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  8. 'Time Is Short' On Debt Ceiling, Treasury Secretary Says

    Jacob Lew says the limit on borrowing needs to be raised before the end of the month. Otherwise, he warns, the federal government risks defaulting on its debts — and Lew says that could cause serious damage to the economy.
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  9. Apple Steps Up The Pressure On 'Conflict Minerals'

    The maker of the iPhone has announced that its suppliers are no longer using the mineral tantalum sourced from conflict regions. Apple says it is listing all of its smelters and refiners and the status of the minerals they use.
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  10. 'Harried Mom' Becomes Dynamic Woman In These Stock Images

    Getty's new "Lean In" collection steers clear of familiar stereotypes, such as women in stilettos stepping on men. Because women are the primary users of social media, the company's visual trends director says, it's time for a different kind of representation in media and advertising.
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