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  1. China Protests Emergency Landing Of U.S. Warplanes In Taiwan

    Two Navy F-18s landed at an airbase on the island, which Beijing considers part of its sovereign territory.
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  2. Retired Oakland Police Officer Recruits Locals To Police Their Own City

    Police departments around the county are under pressure to diversify. In Oakland, Calif., officials say police-community relations also might improve by increasing the number of cops who live there.
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  3. With a poetry map, a new way to navigate Denver

    Aaron Angello first noticed the powerful relation between poetry and place while working on his doctorate in English literature.
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  4. Inner Oceans, '8 Cousins'

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  5. U.N. Report: 25,000 Foreign Fighters Joining Islamist Militant Groups

    Thousands have left their homes en route to Iraq and Syria, which the U.N. report calls an "international finishing school" for extremists.
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  6. Mile High Noon: On the Road with Kyle James Hauser

    Mile High Noon: On the Road finds Alisha meeting up with local artist Kyle James Hauser for banjo lessons.
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  7. States That Expand Medicaid Detect More Cases Of Diabetes

    Researchers say their study suggests that more diabetes is being detected in particular states because, thanks to Medicaid, more poor people have access to screening and care.
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  8. Snubs And Successes: 6 Lessons Learned From This Year's Emmy Nominations

    HBO's Game of Thrones emerged as the most-nominated series with 19 nods for the Primetime Emmy Awards, but new series such as FX's Fargo and HBO's True Detective scored, too.
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  9. Retrofit: Leaves

    Turn over a new leaf this week on Retrofit, 5 p.m. Saturday and noon Sunday!
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  10. The Kids Brainwashed By Boko Haram Were Silent For Good Reason

    That's how children cope with a fearful situation. We learn more about the 84 boys rescued from a school reportedly influenced by the terrorist group, which is notorious for kidnapping youngsters.
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