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  1. How The Trump Campaign Weakened The Republican Platform On Aid To Ukraine

    The changes to the GOP platform also highlight a rare instance where Trump agrees with President Obama's policy.
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  2. #NPRWormWeek: The Scientist Who's Waging A War On Worms

    Scientist Peter Hotez has spent nearly 40 years trying to treat and eliminate the diseases that worms can cause. And he won't let the "ick" factor stop him.
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  3. White House, Congress Nearing 2-Year Budget Deal

    The deal, if approved, would largely eliminate the threat of government shutdown or a debt default until after the presidential election.
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  4. #NPRreads: Shake Things Up This Weekend With These Three Stories

    Correspondents, editors and producers from our newsroom share the pieces that have kept them reading, using the #NPRreads hashtag. Each weekend, we highlight some of the best stories.
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  5. Homeless College Kids Now Have Easier Time Getting In-State Tuition

    Up until now, homeless students had to use their parents’ address as proof of their residency in Colorado. That created a lot of problems.
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  6. A Basket Older Than God...Well, Jesus

    The Eagle Rock Shelter at the north end of the Gunnison Gorge is the oldest site of human occupation in Colorado and holds artifacts left by its residents.
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  7. Rio Round-Up: Michelle Carter Makes Shot Put History; USA Men's Basketball Vs. Serbia

    Carter outthrew favorite Valerie Adams of New Zealand, joining her father as a decorated U.S. Olympian. Men's basketball clinched a narrow win against Serbia in a second game of sloppy defense.
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  8. WATCH: Muslim Father Of Fallen Soldier Tells Trump 'You Have Sacrificed Nothing'

    Khizr Khan told Democrats to honor his son's sacrifice by voting for Hillary Clinton.
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  9. How And Why Conservatives Are Trying To Bring Colorado Latinos Into Their Fold

    Libre knocks on doors, provides English and GED training, and does holiday giveaways to build long-term relationships with Latino voters.
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  10. Establishment Topples Tea Party With Ouster Of Kansas Republican

    Buoyed by agriculture interest groups, obstetrician Roger Marshall easily ousted Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a conservative member of the rabble-rousing Freedom Caucus.
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