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  1. Birth Control At The Supreme Court: Does Free Coverage Violate Religious Freedom?

    Religious schools and other non-profits like the Littler Sisters of the Poor say the government's workaround for birth control still imposes a burden on their freedom.
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  2. Weekend catch-up: Restarting life after prison, and more stories you may have missed

    Other stories we brought you: a lost city in Honduras, a five-year-old that had one intense visit to the dentist's office, and more.
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  3. New Vatican Rules Will Put More Spreadsheets Into The Saint-Making Process

    Canonization is pricey: One journalist estimates half a million dollars is spent per candidate. Until now, it was spent with little oversight or documentation. Pope Francis is pushing to change that.
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  4. Golden State Warriors Bring Home Their First NBA Title In 40 Years

    As in the previous two games, the thin-benched Cleveland Cavaliers are able to keep things close early before running out of gas, letting Stephen Curry and the Warriors cruise to the title.
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  5. For Adults, Lifelong Learning Happens The Old Fashioned Way

    Even after high school or college, Americans keep on learning. While online tools make this easier than ever, a new study finds the vast majority of adults prefer taking classes in physical places.
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  6. California Insurance Marketplace Aims To Kick Out Poor-Performing Hospitals

    Doctors, hospitals and insurers are balking at a Covered California proposal to eject providers of care that have inordinately high costs and low quality from its networks.
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  7. Discounts And Fear Drive Near-Record Black Friday Gun Sales

    For some retailers, the AR-15 assault rifle was one of the biggest sellers the day after Thanksgiving.
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  8. Possible Flooding And Blizzards In North Texas After Weekend Tornadoes

    Oklahoma's panhandle could also see blizzard conditions Monday, and winter storms are expected from Texas through the Midwest and Great Lakes.
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  9. ISIS Supporter Moved To Jail After Box Cutter Found In His Halfway House Room

    Abdullahi Yusuf, 19, had pleaded guilty to charges he tried to leave Minnesota and aid the self-proclaimed Islamic State. He says through his lawyer that the box cutter is not his.
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  10. Jelani Cobb On His Epic 'New Yorker' Piece On Black Lives Matter

    NPR's Kelly McEvers spoke with Jelani Cobb, who has charted the genesis and evolution of the Black Lives Matter movement.
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