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  1. Blue Shield Of California Loses Its Exemption From State Taxes

    The state's third largest insurer reportedly has $4.2 billion in financial reserves. The firm's former public policy director says the insurer is "unwilling or incapable" of serving the public good.
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  2. Kill The Messenger: NASA Orbiter Set To Crash Into Mercury

    Messenger was launched from Earth in 2004. After 4,104 orbits of Mercury and billions of miles of space travel, the orbiter will end its mission with a quiet bang Thursday.
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  3. How Franz Liszt changed concert performances forever

    'Lisztomania' continues to influence classical music today.
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  4. Life After Ice Buckets: ALS Group Faces $94 Million Challenge

    The ALS Association has raised more than $94 million in recent weeks via its online ice bucket challenge — compared with $2.7 million this time last year. Now what?
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  5. Colorado lawmakers advance red-light camera ban

    The proposal on Friday cleared the House Appropriations Committee, where it had been stuck for several weeks.
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  6. State House adds money for film incentive program

    During a debate over the state budget, House lawmakers added $1 million to the Colorado film incentive program.
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  7. Life After Ebola: What It Takes For A Village To Be Resilient

    Some think of resilience as a solo act. But the villagers of Barkedu are helping each other move forward in the wake of tragedy. Psychologist Jack Saul shares insights into "community resilience."
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  8. USGS links wastewater, fracking to rise of earthquakes across the country

    The earliest incidents in the state date back to the 1960s at Rocky Mountain Arsenal and as recently as last year in Greeley.
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  9. Pressure To Act Unethically Looms Over Wall Street, Survey Finds

    About half of the financial professionals surveyed say their competitors have behaved unethically or illegally to gain an advantage. And many say compensation and bonuses can create bad incentives.
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  10. How A Bigger Lunch Table At Work Can Boost Productivity

    Some firms use motion sensors and wireless tags to find out how people actually work. That can yield useful data — like which free snacks tend to attract people to break rooms more than others.
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