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  1. Airbnb To Start Charging Hotel Taxes In A Handful Of Cities

    Airbnb and other rental websites have made billions marketing existing housing to tourists, without hotel tax. Soon, Airbnb will start collecting tax in New York City, San Francisco and Portland, Ore.
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  2. Unlikely Partnerships Spring From California Water Crisis

    Farmers in the parched Central Valley are joining forces with farmworkers and a broad cross section of politicians to pressure the federal government to offer relief.
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  3. Q&A: Classical guitarist Rupert Boyd plays Denver recital featuring Bach, Piazzolla

    The Australian native on why he calls the U.S. home and why the guitar works nicely in any genre.
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  4. Flight 370 Vanished A Month Ago. What Happens Now?

    An international search effort has spent weeks combing the Indian Ocean for signs of the missing Boeing 777. Here's a summary of where we are with the hunt for the jetliner.
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  5. Lots of questions for Rockies before home opener

    The team could finish second or fifth in the National League West, depending on who you ask.
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  6. Judge Suspends Sentencing Of Would-Be Bomber After NSA Revelations

    The sentencing of a Somali-American man convicted of trying to bomb a holiday tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore., in 2010 is in limbo. The hold comes days after the Justice Department notified his lawyers that part of the case against him had been "derived from" secret NSA electronic surveillance.
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  7. As marijuana edibles grow in popularity, caution is urged

    Cookies, candies, sodas: the universe of edible marijuana treats has exploded in recent years. But concern is growing that inexperienced users could be biting off more than they can chew.
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  8. Weekend Arts Roundup: Shakespeare in Paris, gladiators and more

    CPR Arts Editor Chloe Veltman discusses the Kirkland Museum's latest Colorado art history exhibition, a documentary about the politics of mixed races in Japan and other goings on April 18 - 21, 2014.
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  9. Dozens Of Haitian Migrants Reported Dead After Boat Capsizes

    U.S. Coast Guard crews scrambled to work with Bahamian forces to rescue more than 100 survivors Tuesday. The Coast Guard says the craft ran aground in the Exuma Cays.
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  10. Pot Smoke And Mirrors: Vaporizer Pens Hide Marijuana Use

    Odorless and discreet, vaporizer pens for pot are growing in popularity. But the devices are a nightmare for parents because they make it hard to know if kids are using marijuana.
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