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  1. Following Abuses, Medicare Tightens Reins On Its Drug Program

    Medicare gives itself the power to ban doctors if they prescribe medications in abusive ways. The action follows a ProPublica series that found inappropriate prescribing, waste and fraud.
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  2. Ukraine Promises To Crush Insurgency; Chechnya Denies Sending Troops

    Chechnya's leader says the country hasn't sent fighters to join rebels in eastern Ukraine, denying a charge that gained substance when Chechens were reportedly found after recent fighting.
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  3. Simone Dinnerstein makes Bach’s 'Inventions and Sinfonias' look easy

    In each piece on her new disc, the pianist seamlessly blends two or three melodies.
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  4. The Vegetables Most Americans Eat Are Drowning In Salt And Fat

    Potatoes and tomatoes are nutritious and delicious. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture finds that Americans tend to consume way too many of them in unhealthy ways, like french fries and pizza.
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  5. Snowden Says He Was 'Trained As A Spy' In NBC Interview

    Targeting what he calls "misleading" statements about his work for the U.S., former NSA contractor Edward Snowden tells NBC's Brian Williams he "was trained as a spy" and lived under a false name.
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  6. Ark Life returns to OpenAir

    Ready to preview some new songs off their upcoming record "The Dream of You & Me," Ark Life returned to our studio this week.
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  7. Russian Attack Jet Repeatedly Overflies U.S. Warship In Black Sea

    The Pentagon calls the action "provocative and unprofessional." The Russian jet's low-level passes come amid ever increasing tensions over Ukraine.
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  8. Bill Murray Offers Bachelor Party Advice On Love And Life

    At a South Carolina steakhouse over Memorial Day weekend, the comic actor told friends of a groom that if they find love themselves, they should test it by going on a trip around the world.
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  9. The Future Of Online Ed Isn't Heading Where You Expect

    A workforce-based initiative on a twin island nation shows the true potential of free online education.
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  10. Apple Buys Dr. Dre's Beats Electronics For $3 Billion

    Apple's acquisition of the audio equipment and subscription streaming music service co-founded by Dre and record-producer Jimmy Iovine is the computer-maker's largest-ever such purchase.
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