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  1. Community, officials weigh in on progress of Denver jail reforms

    The report highlights disagreement between the Sheriff's Department and the community about reform priorities.
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  2. No Mere Merry-Go-Round: Ohio Carousel Maker Carves From Scratch

    Wooden carousels, with hand-carved and painted horses, seem like a relic of the past. But Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio, is one of a few companies still making them to order.
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  3. Co-Pilot Killed In SpaceShipTwo Crash Was Experienced And Steady

    Mike Alsbury, 39, died when Virgin Galactic's prototype reusable space plane apparently broke apart in midair over the Mojave Desert during a test flight on Friday.
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  4. Malaysia Airlines Cuts A Third Of Its Workforce After Steep Losses

    The disappearance of MH370 and the shooting down of MH17 in recent months have compounded the hit to the carrier's already shaky bottom line.
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  5. Obama Cites 'A Moment For Reflection' In Election Results

    Speaking one day after his party lost control of the Senate to the Republican Party, President Obama says he's not "mopey" over the trouncing Democrats endured but rather energized.
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  6. Harvard Secretly Photographed Classrooms To Monitor Attendance

    Some students and faculty are upset about the surveillance, but lots of colleges do this kind of thing all the time.
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  7. Despite Truce, Heavy Shelling Resumes In Donetsk

    In the fiercest fighting in weeks, pro-Russian separatists appear to have renewed a push to seize the city's airport.
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  8. How Millennials Are Reshaping Charity And Online Giving

    The generation now coming of age is spending — and giving — differently. New York-based Charity: Water gets it, and it's been a boon to its cause.
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  9. If Literature's Great Characters Could Text, They'd Charm Your Pantalets Off

    Texts from Jane Eyre imagines a Mr. Rochester who worries over his "attic wife" and a super flirty Scarlett O'Hara: "did you know that pantalets are out this year[?] that's why I'm not wearing any :)"
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  10. New England Electricity Prices Spike As Gas Pipelines Lag

    Consumers in the region are in for a shock this winter. Electricity rates there are set to jump as much as 50 percent for some customers as New England awaits the construction of more gas pipelines.
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