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  1. Nigeria Investigating What Caused Church Collapse That Killed Scores Of Worshippers

    Worshippers were celebrating the ordination of a bishop on Saturday when, witnesses say, metal girders in the hastily constructed church buckled and crashed onto them. The roof then caved in.
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  2. One-Fifth Of Days This Year Have Triggered Air Advisories In Colorado

    It's not just recent wildfire smoke that's caused dozens of air pollutant advisories so far this year.
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  3. Curiosity Rover Encounters Technical Difficulties On Martian Mountain

    NASA engineers are trying to figure out why a part of the rover's robotic arm keeps stalling just as it's about to drill into Martian rock.
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  4. PHOTOS: Dutch Court Decides Crimean Treasures Must Go To Ukraine

    When Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, many of the region's most precious artifacts were on loan to a Dutch museum. A court has now ruled that the objects must go to Ukraine, not Crimea.
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  5. How Just 8 Flavors Have Defined American Cuisine

    In her new book, Sarah Lohman says that even though America is culturally and ethnically diverse, its food is united by a handful of tastes that have permeated the nation's cuisine for centuries.
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  6. Post-Election Solidarity: A Woman Cooks For Her LGBTQ Community

    When people feel isolated, a home-cooked meal can be a reminder they're not alone. So one New Yorker offered to cook and deliver meals for free to LGBTQ people in her area. The idea quickly caught on.
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  7. Denver Council To Take Up Affordable Housing Measure

    City officials say the proposal would fund the building or preservation of 6,000 affordable housing units over a decade.
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  8. An Obama-Backed Change At Voice Of America Has Trump Critics Worried

    Leadership of the federal government's foreign news service is shifting from a bipartisan governing board to a CEO. Some worry that could leave the broadcaster subject to White House pressure.
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  9. New Mexico Water Officials Have Their Eyes On A Pipeline To A Colorado Lake

    Lake Nighthorse in southern Colorado is managed by the Bureau of Reclamation. The man-made lake is fed by the Animas River.
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  10. What Exactly Is The 'President's Daily Brief' And Why Is It Important?

    President-elect Trump doesn't like the daily intelligence briefings. He's passing them off to the vice president-elect, but they have a long history and presidents have found them invaluable.
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