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  1. Facing Threats From ISIS And Iran, Gulf States Set To Join Forces

    The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council is expected to form an unprecedented, NATO-inspired joint military command. The growing strength of ISIS and Iran's influence has made cooperation more urgent.
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  2. If Everybody Had An Ocean, Could We Surf Our Way To Mental Health?

    The teenager's dad was beating his mom. So the kid fell into a funk. His grades plummeted, he joined a gang, he got into fights. Then he discovered surfing therapy.
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  3. Kids' Drawings Speak Volumes About Home

    A first-grader's quick doodle can tell researchers plenty about what's happening — or not happening — at home.
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  4. Bay Area Protests Turn Violent For Second Night In A Row

    Demonstrators vandalized businesses and blocked traffic on a freeway. The protests came in the wake of police killings in Missouri and New York.
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  5. Denver students tackle a tough assignment: 'I'm not racist, am I?'

    A provocative new documentary on race prompted a rich and provocative discussion among students in an English class at Colorado Academy.
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  6. Slideshow: Doctors restore vision to patients in South Sudan

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  7. Ex-Teacher At Center Of Rape Sentencing Controversy Gets 10 Years In Jail

    Stacey Dean Rambold, 55, had been sentenced to 30 days for having sex with one of his students. The Montana Supreme Court overturned that sentence and a new judge handed down a 10-year sentence.
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  8. Despite Decline, Elective Early Births Remain A Medicaid Problem

    The rate for early elective delivery for women covered by Medicaid has fallen since 2007. Still, the early births remain common and are a potential source of health trouble for mothers and babies.
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  9. When It Comes To Day Care, Parents Want All Children Vaccinated

    Parents have strong opinions about vaccination, a poll of parents done by the University of Michigan finds. Most want day care centers to require that children are up to date on their shots.
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  10. Hey, College Kids: You Really Can Minor In Craft Beer Studies

    Paul Smith's College, in upstate New York, is among a handful of higher ed institutions offering coursework in craft beer. Be forewarned: The classes are heavier on the science than the partying.
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