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  1. Why Ebola Patients Are Getting Treatment In Nebraska

    The Nebraska Medical Center is the largest of four high-level biocontainment patient care units in the U.S.
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  2. Hungary Shuts Off Re-Export Of Natural Gas To Ukraine

    Hungary's national gas operator says the "indefinite" cut off is over domestic supply concerns, but the move comes just days after the CEO of Russia's Gazprom monopoly visited Budapest.
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  3. Soldier Speaks Up A Decade After Pat Tillman's Friendly-Fire Death

    Steven Elliott, one of the Rangers who mistakenly fired on Tillman's position, says he believed there were no "friendlies" in the area when he pulled the trigger.
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  4. Hong Kong Police Can 'Take All Actions Necessary,' City Leader Says

    Discussions between the protesters and the government broke down after the violence. With thousands of protesters still in the streets, some are fearing that a crackdown might be imminent.
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  5. What Drives Abortion: The Law or Income?

    About 5 million women worldwide are admitted to hospitals each year because of complications after an abortion. But the key to stopping these injuries may have nothing to with changing the law.
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  6. Recap: Riot Fest Denver 2014

    Read our recap and view our photo gallery of Riot Fest Denver 2014.
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  7. Mass Graves Found In Mexico, Near Place Where 43 Students Went Missing

    The students were last seen being forced into police vans. The mass graves gave rise to fears that the missing students may be dead.
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  8. On China's Mainland, A Less Charitable Take On Hong Kong's Protests

    The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong largely have been peaceful, but many mainland Chinese see the demonstrators as spoiled troublemakers who are asking for too much, too soon.
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  9. Dallas Health Officials Lower Ebola 'Contact Traces' To 50

    A doctor at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas says the list of "contact traces" has been narrowed and that "will be followed on a daily basis" to check for symptoms.
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  10. Japan's Mt. Ontake Is Still Erupting As Questions Emerge About Warnings

    At least 36 people are feared dead following Saturday's eruption that caught hundreds of hikers by surprise. Another plume of ash and gas has complicated rescue efforts, which again have been halted.
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