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  1. Pope Francis Arrives In West Bank Town Of Bethlehem

    The pontiff showed symbolic approval for Palestinian hopes for an independent state as he arrived in Bethlehem by helicopter.
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  2. Nigerian Woman Spots Her Daughter In Boko Haram Video

    The video released by extremist group Boko Haram Monday shows more than 100 abducted girls; a mother saw her daughter in it. Officials say they are open to negotiate.
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  3. Colorado’s schools, parents and students want fewer, shorter tests

    New research shows most school districts prefer “interim” tests that give teachers immediate feedback over standardized tests.
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  4. 'Fed Up' Portrays Obese Kids As Victims In A Sugar-Coated World

    A new documentary argues that the food industry and government policies have pushed too much sugar on children and caused the childhood obesity epidemic. But the industry says society is to blame.
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  5. Meet The High School Student Who Beat A State Lawmaker

    A week before graduating from high school, 17-year-old Saira Blair won the GOP primary in a conservative West Virginia district. Even the incumbent she defeated concedes she outworked him.
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  6. Tech Week: Baby Photos Online, Facebook V. Shazam, Ebay's Fail

    Also in the week's tech headlines, cops are wearing video cameras in New Orleans, a new GIF-making camera is available on Kickstarter and IBM's in trouble.
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  7. Urban Greengrocers Are Back, To Serve Big-Spending Locavores

    Small independent grocery stores are a growing trend in urban areas. They are like the shops where gran and gramps used to buy their produce, but they have been updated for the modern foodie.
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  8. Alito Halts Missouri Execution; Supreme Court To Look At Case

    Justice Samuel Alito granted a stay of Russell Bucklew's execution Tuesday night. The inmate has a rare medical condition that his attorneys say makes it likely that a lethal injection could go wrong.
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  9. Nigerian Church Spreads African-Style Zeal Across North America

    White missionaries used to travel to Africa to save souls. Today, the trend is reversed, as evangelists from the global south target Americans and Europeans they say are ripe for Christian renewal.
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  10. Big Bang's Ripples: Two Scientists Recall Their Big Discovery

    Fifty years ago today, two astronomers in New Jersey accidentally discovered the Big Bang's afterglow. The roaring space static their hilltop antenna detected came from the birth of the universe.
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