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  1. Mike Pence Releases His Tax Returns; Donald Trump Still Won't

    Ten years of tax filings reveal the relatively modest income of a public servant. Pence's spokesman says Donald Trump will release his returns after "a routine audit."
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  2. Crime In The Fields: How Monsanto And Scofflaw Farmers Hurt Soybeans In Arkansas

    A new type of genetically engineered crop is tempting farmers to use a weedkiller illegally. The illicit chemical use has damaged nearby crops and provoked conflict among neighbors.
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  3. Supreme Court Leaves Ohio Voting Restrictions In Place

    The court's refusal to intervene leaves intact a reduction of early voting days that was enacted by Ohio's Republican-controlled Legislature. Ohio Democrats had wanted the "Golden Week" restored.
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  4. NCAA Pulls 7 Championship Events From North Carolina, Citing Transgender Law

    The events moving out of state include games from the 2017 men's basketball tournament — the organization's premier event. State Republicans called the decision "so absurd it's almost comical."
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  5. 20 Years Later, The Question Lingers: What If Yitzhak Rabin Had Lived?

    Rabin was killed by a Jewish extremist on Nov. 4, 1995. NPR's Robert Siegel asks how Israeli-Palestinian conflict might have played out differently if he had survived.
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  6. Police union demands Denver's top cop resign after vandals hit memorial

    Officers were ordered not to directly confront protesters who poured red paint on the memorial to fallen officers.
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  7. Aurora VA Hospital 70 Percent Done, But No Completion Date Yet

    VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson also said the project is also now on track financially.
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  8. 'The Gefilte Manifesto:' A Loved, And Loathed, Jewish Staple Gets Updated

    Gefilte fish was a staple of old world Jewish cuisine. But many Americans can barely look at the stuff. Now two chefs in Brooklyn want to reboot gefilte fish and other classic Jewish foods.
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  9. What's Beneath The Denver Museum Of Nature & Science? A Million Dead Animals

    The collection of dead critters helps researchers understand the coming changes to Rocky Mountain ecosystems.
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  10. Russia Begins Airstrikes In Syria After Assad's Request

    The U.S. military says a Russian official informed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad about the missions; Syria says it invited Russia's air force to help fight terrorism.
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