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  1. 1st U.S. Uterus Transplant Fails Amid 'Sudden Complication'

    The 26-year-old patient is recovering, and the Cleveland Clinic says it will continue its clinical study that is meant to involve 10 women with uterine factor infertility.
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  2. This New Chrome Extension 'Rewords' Hateful Online Messages

    Aimed at preventing cyberbullying, the online tool, called Reword, flags insulting phrases and crosses them out with a red line. So far, the product is available for Google's Chrome web browser.
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  3. Obama Administration Will Not Allow Atlantic Offshore Drilling

    The reversal comes after an uproar from communities in Atlantic coast states over fishing and wildlife. Also, the Pentagon said it would conflict with Navy activity.
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  4. Two Men Charged In Connection To Tuesday's Attacks In Brussels

    A third man has been charged in connection with an alleged plot to launch a new attack in Paris. Meanwhile, a "march against fear" planned in Brussels on Sunday has been called off.
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  5. Weekend catch-up: Restarting life after prison, and more stories you may have missed

    Other stories we brought you: a lost city in Honduras, a five-year-old that had one intense visit to the dentist's office, and more.
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  6. Merrick Garland Heads To Capitol Hill For What Could Be A Futile Exercise

    Republicans remain steadfast in their refusal to consider any nominee to the Supreme Court during an election year. President Obama told NPR that argument is "puzzling."
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  7. With Cherry Blossoms In Bloom, D.C. Issues Reminder: No Drones

    For those hoping to capture an aerial shot of the famous tidal basin surrounded by an army of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, well, too bad.
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  8. Top Stories: Latest On Brussels Attacks; Presidential Contest Results

    Also: Jeb Bush will endorse Ted Cruz for President; the Supreme Court hears a challenge to the Affordable Care Act; and a Seattle man climbs a giant tree, disrupts traffic and won't come down.
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  9. Colorado Springs Increases Sales Tax To Fund Road Repairs

    Residents of Colorado Springs voted in favor of the plan in November.
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  10. Colo. Official Who Clashed With EPA Over Gold King Mine Resigns

    Mike King's resignation was announced Thursday. The executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources had led the agency since 2010.
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