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  1. Study: Sanders' Proposals Would Add $18 Trillion To Debt Over 10 Years

    His single-payer health care plan would cost an estimated $32 trillion, according to the Tax Policy Center. And it's not balanced out enough by tax increases.
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  2. Three Ways To Protect Seniors Against Financial Abuse

    Detective Traci Cravitz of the Boulder Police Department's financial crime unit talks about the monetary exploitation of Colorado's elders.
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  3. Flint Mayor: 'Everybody Played A Role In This Disaster'

    As a federal state of emergency ends for Flint, Mich., Mayor Karen Weaver says residents don't trust that government officials have fully addressed the lead contamination of their water.
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  4. Brazil's Senate Votes To Hold Impeachment Trial For Dilma Rousseff

    Rousseff, who was formally suspended as president in May, will now face a trial in the Senate over alleged fiscal mismanagement. She has repeatedly denied the accusations.
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  5. San Luis Valley HS Students Get Access To Grants For Adams State

    The college’s dual enrollment arrangements with high schools give students a head start on earning the college credits they need for a degree.
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  6. Colorado 3rd Highest In US for Student Suspensions

    That rate here is a little more than 7,000 students per 100,000. Only the District of Columbia and Rhode Island have higher rates.
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  7. If South Africa Lifts The Ban On Trading Rhino Horns, Will Rhinos Benefit?

    South Africa may lift a ban on the domestic trade of rhino horn. Rhino farmers say the moratorium hasn't stopped poaching, while critics say ending the ban amounts to an OK of illegal smuggling.
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  8. As Wildfires Burn Across The West, A Look Back At A Deadly Day For Firefighters

    The Phoenix bureau chief for The New York Times writes about the 19 hotshot firefighters killed in June 2013 fire at Yarnell Hill in Arizona.
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  9. We've Tallied The Votes! And The Winner Of The 2015 Carol Countdown Is...

    There's a new No. 1 in this year's holiday poll.
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  10. How Worm Warriors Are Beating An Unbeatable Worm

    Health experts used to say elimination of river blindness, caused by worms, was impossible. Now they've set a target date: 2025. Why the turn in this worm war?
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