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  1. Obama Taxes Show Big Drop In Income, Charitable Giving

    The Obamas reported an adjusted gross income of $481,098, a 21 percent drop from the $608,611 they reported in 2012.
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  2. Google Maps Displays Crimean Border Differently In Russia, U.S.

    In Russia, Google Maps now shows the Crimean Peninsula as part of Russian territory. The service shows a different image on browsers in the U.S.
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  3. Another Tragedy For A City All Too Familiar With Extreme Gun Violence

    In Killeen, Texas, another mass shooting had some asking, "Again?" The flags flew at half staff as the community began to pick up the pieces.
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  4. Pass The Chipotle-Marrow Matzo Balls, It's Mexican Passover

    When tequila meets Manischewitz in the same glass, Passover will never be the same. At Rosa Mexicano restaurants, the Passover menu is inspired by the cuisine of Mexico's nearly 40,000 Jews.
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  5. Optimism, But No Breakthrough In Search For Malaysian Jet

    Even as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was saying he's "very confident" that pings from the plane's black boxes have been detected, the man leading the search effort was urging caution.
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  6. For 'Lent Madness,' Reverend Pits Saints Against Each Other

    Rev. Tim Schenck created the March Madness-type bracket in the true spirit of the season. People learn about, then vote for their favorite saints to advance to the Golden Halo.
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  7. Molotov Cocktails And Razor Wire: Inside An Occupied Building In Ukraine

    Pro-Russian protesters in the eastern city of Donetsk seized a government building in the middle of town on Sunday. NPR's Ari Shapiro went inside the building and reports on what it was like.
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  8. Interview: Hi-Dive owner Matty Clark

    This weekend (Nov. 15-17), the Hi-Dive, one of Denver’s most vital live music venues, will host its “One and Ten Year Anniversary”. We spoke with owner Matty Clark about the history of the venue and some of his all-time favorite Hi-Dive moments.
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  9. Colorado gun laws have their day in federal court

    Groups are challenging the constitutionality of universal background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines.
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  10. How 2013 Became The Greatest Year In Gay Rights History

    George Takei introduced the viral video by saying it showed a "what the flock moment."
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