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  1. TRANSCRIPT: Michelle Obama's Speech On Donald Trump's Alleged Treatment Of Women

    Michelle Obama spoke today at a Hillary Clinton event in New Hampshire and addressed Donald Trump's comments on women, saying 'it has shaken me to my core."
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  2. 2 Colorado Natives Named To US Olympic Women's Soccer Team

    Mallory Pugh, of Highlands Ranch, and Lindsey Horan, of Golden, were named to the roster Tuesday.
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  3. A Nation Engaged: Is This Still A Land Of Economic Opportunity?

    NPR's series, A Nation Engaged, takes a deeper look at economic opportunity in 21st century America. Is the middle class still shrinking, and what can political leaders do to help?
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  4. Feeling Burned by Media, Trump Turns Up Heat

    In the past 24 hours, news accounts of unwanted physical contact between Donald Trump and several women have been published.
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  5. Divided Supreme Court Hears 'Screaming Racial Bias' Juror Case

    The case tests the constitutionality of rules that bar courts from examining evidence of racial bias in jury deliberations.
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  6. CDC Issues Travel Warning After Explosion Of Dangerous Zika Virus

    U.S. health officials have warned pregnant women against traveling to Latin American and Caribbean countries with outbreaks of the tropical illness which may be causing microcephaly in newborns.
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  7. WATCH: Fan In Toronto Throws Beer Can At Orioles Outfielder

    The Orioles were playing the Blue Jays in Toronto when Hyun Soo Kim was nearly hit by a can chucked from the stands. Baltimore lost the wild card game, too; Toronto advances in the series.
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  8. WikiLeaks Releases Alleged Clinton Wall Street Speeches In Batch Of Campaign Emails

    A new release from WikiLeaks claims to show excerpts from Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches. Despite their private nature, her words to Wall Street don't differ much from her public stances.
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  9. What Could Parrots Do For A Downtown Alley In Colorado Springs?

    Sean O’Meallie’s “Poly Poly” sculpture represents an artistic community that wants to build its cultural profile.
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  10. Ghana Wants To Remove Statue Of Gandhi Over Racism Controversy

    Professors campaigned to have the statue at the University of Ghana removed over Mohandas Gandhi's "racist identity." Now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it wants to move it — for its protection.
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