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  1. California Faith Groups Divided Over Right-To-Die Bill

    Many Christian denominations officially oppose legislation that would legalize medically assisted suicide. But some individual churches, pastors and congregants are lending support to the cause.
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  2. How Advances In Battlefield Medicine Can Save Civilians' Lives

    In Iraq and Afghanistan, Army medics got really good at treating wounded troops. Scientists want to adapt these new technologies and tricks to help injured people in poor countries.
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  3. Republican Thorn Ted Cruz Announces Run For President

    With a midnight tweet, Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to announce he is running for president. But Cruz faces an uphill climb against better-funded and better-known candidates.
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  4. You Think Your City Is Full Of Trash? Ha!

    Welcome to Kathmandu — or as some call it, Trashmandu. Even in the best of times, rubbish piles up everywhere. Now things have gotten worse.
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  5. Retrofit: Leaves

    Turn over a new leaf this week on Retrofit, 5 p.m. Saturday and noon Sunday!
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  6. READ: Commutation Letter President Obama Sent To Inmate

    Obama commuted 22 sentences for federal prisoners serving time for drug-related crimes. Obama said that under current laws, those inmates would have already been released.
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  7. Another Former Champion Abandons Tour De France After Crash

    Alberto Contador apparently hit something in the road, sending him into a crash so violent that it tore his shoe apart.
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  8. When Life Overwhelms, This Group Lends A Healthy Hand

    Health care should go beyond a doctor's office, the creators of this program say. Students work as health advocates, helping patients find affordable housing, fresh food and social services as needed.
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  9. Snubs And Successes: 6 Lessons Learned From This Year's Emmy Nominations

    HBO's Game of Thrones emerged as the most-nominated series with 19 nods for the Primetime Emmy Awards, but new series such as FX's Fargo and HBO's True Detective scored, too.
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  10. 'Super-Termite' Could Be Even More Destructive Than Parent Species

    In South Florida, the world's two most destructive termite species could be mating because of climate change. Researchers say if the hybrids colonize, they could pose an even greater economic threat.
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