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  1. A Fraying Promise: Exploring Race And Inequality In Havana

    One of the revolution's core promises was an egalitarian society. But as Cuba opens up, one of the unintended consequences may be more inequality.
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  2. A Strong Voice From The Ebola Front: Lorenzo Dorr

    Drugs are in short supply. So is protective gear. Muddy roads may be impassable. But community health worker Lorenzo Dorr continues his efforts to keep Ebola in check in remote parts of Liberia.
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  3. How Denver's Mayor Got to the U.S.

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  4. Large Crowd Attends Funeral Of Wisconsin Man Shot By Police

    Tony Robinson, 19, was killed March 6 by an officer. Police say he was shot after a confrontation in which he allegedly assaulted the officer. Protesters say the death is more evidence of racial bias.
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  5. Why Convention Sites Don't Make Very Good Swing State Strategy

    The idea that convention cities are decided with an eye toward winning the host city's state is popular to the point of being irresistible. But it doesn't fare well against the facts.
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  6. Head Of UN Climate Change Panel Resigns Amid Harassment Allegations

    Rajendra K. Pachauri's departure from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a big embarrassment for the group, which won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with former Vice President Al Gore.
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  7. Texas Police Were Warned About Gunmen At Muhammad Cartoon Event — And They Weren't

    The FBI sent a bulletin that key people never saw, and police say they were already guarding the event as they'd have done if they had seen it.
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  8. Maine Bill Aims To Make Abuse-Deterrent Painkillers More Affordable

    Expensive versions of prescription opioids that are tougher to cut, crush and inject are less likely to be abused, legislators hope. But some doctors call the bill well-meant, but ill-advised.
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  9. EU Proposes A Plan To Address The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

    The European Union presented a proposal to the UN Monday morning, hoping to activate a plan for handling the flood of migrants from the Middle East and Africa to Europe.
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  10. Is Harvard Showing Bias Against Asian-Americans?

    A coalition of more than 60 organizations says the university has adopted higher expectations for Asian applicants in order to limit enrollment of this minority group.
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