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  1. Heavy Metals Found In Animas River After Gold King Mine Spill

    Researchers say they found patches of discolored sludge containing elevated levels of iron, copper, zinc, arsenic and lead.
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  2. Numbers Show Colorado Casinos On A Roll

    The state’s gambling industry has grown faster than at any other time in the last 15 years.
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  3. Chipotle Served With New Subpoena

    The disclosure came as Chipotle announced its fourth earnings results.
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  4. Students Rally To Save Program That Produces Primary Care Doctors

    An unusual medical education program at the University of California, Berkeley is known for producing primary care doctors, unlike other schools. But it could be axed due to budget shortfalls.
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  5. Colorado Muslims Say Their Faith Is Often Misunderstood

    We asked a panel of Muslims to talk about their faith, their challenges, and the political rancor over Muslims coming to the US.
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  6. Harvard Poll: Millennials Yearn For Bernie, But Prefer Clinton To Trump

    Poll finds just 17 percent of millennials view GOP presidential candidate Donald positively. While Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a positive net favorable rating.
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  7. Teen Moms Trust Their Gut, Even When It Puts Their Babies At Risk

    Teenage mothers said they knew about safe-sleeping practices to prevent infant deaths. But they also said they weren't going to follow those rules because they knew what was best for the baby.
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  8. Report: Colorado's 2014 Drug-Related Deaths Above US Average

    In a dozen Colorado countries, drug overdose deaths topped more than 20 per 100,000 residents.
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  9. Former RTD Manager Convicted Of Taking Bribes

    Authorities say in exchange for cash, Hardin lobbied RTD to renew Access-a-Ride contracts in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
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  10. Barring Something Unforeseen, Hillary Clinton Will Be The Democratic Nominee

    On the Democratic side, it's all but done. The former secretary of state now has 90 percent of the delegates needed to be the nominee. For the GOP, Trump is now the only one who can win a majority.
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