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  1. With Opposition Sidelined, Nicaragua's Ortega Easily Wins Third Presidential Term

    Daniel Ortega, the former Marxist revolutionary leader, took more than 70 percent of the vote. Earlier this year, the courts essentially blocked his main opponent from seeking office.
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  2. One Of Colorado's Oldest Synagogues Will Close This Weekend

    Trinidad's Temple Aaron, a "majestic" red brick building, will close Saturday after 127 years.
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  3. Bunny Chow: South Africa's Sweet-Sounding Dish Has A Not-So-Sweet Past

    The country's street-food staple is a fusion meal that has nothing to do with rabbits, and everything to do with the rise of immigrant Indian workers in the 19th century and the era of apartheid.
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  4. Ex-NSA Contractor Accused Of Taking Classified Information Is Indicted

    Harold Thomas Martin III was a NSA private contractor who prosecutors say spent decades stealing national security secrets.
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  5. Trump's Criticism Of Judges Out Of Line With Past Presidents

    Traditionally, presidents restrain from criticizing judges, and our system depends on everyone abiding by court rulings. President Trump has broken protocol by belittling judges who rule against him.
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  6. Long-Buried World War II Bomb Prompts Massive Evacuation In Greece

    To make matters worse, the unexploded bomb rests next to a gas station in Thessaloniki. Up to 72,000 people will be evacuated from the country's second-largest city on Sunday during defusal efforts.
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  7. NPR News Nuggets: Terrorizing Pig, (Sort Of) Flying Pig & Wigs

    Here's a quick roundup of some of the mini-moments you may have missed on this week's Morning Edition.
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  8. Not All Fun And Games: New Guidelines Urge Schools To Rethink Recess

    New guidelines urge schools to take recess seriously. It's not just playtime for kids and a chance for teachers to get a break.
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  9. With The Election Nearing, Political Money Flows Back To Colorado

    TV watchers should expect to hear a lot from – and about – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump between now and Election Day.
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  10. Zero-tolerance School Discipline Criticized

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