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  1. April 27- May 3, 2015

    CPR's OpenAir · Blog Post
  2. #NPRreads: 3 Stories To Ponder This Weekend

    Read about the mental health of Black Lives Matter activists, what happens when authorities shoot a hospital patient and racial insensitivity in the workplace.
    CPR News · NPR Story
  3. Interior Secretary: Defunct Mine Spills Like Gold King Are A Nationwide Threat

    "We don’t know -- because we’ve not yet had the opportunity to inventory -- the risk that may be present," Interior Secretary Sally Jewell tells Congress.
    CPR News · Entry
  4. Why An Ebola Body Collector Will Be Watching The Oscars Tonight

    Garmai Sumo is a 29-year-old mom and health worker who collected bodies of Ebola victims during the epidemic — and the main character of an Oscar-nominated documentary.
    CPR News · NPR Story
  5. Judge Rules NYC Can Require Sodium Warnings On Restaurant Menus

    A state judge ruled Wednesday that New York City health officials can enforce a requirement for chain restaurants to inform consumers which menu items have more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium.
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  6. Dad Aches For Son Killed By Policeman 20 Years Ago

    Thirteen-year-old Nicholas Heyward Jr. was playing with a toy gun in the stairwell of the housing complex where he lived in Brooklyn when a police officer shot and killed him in 1994.
    CPR News · NPR Story
  7. A 10-Year-Old Makes A Video So We 'Don't Forget Nepal'

    Lucas Zutt has lived in Nepal since 2013. It's "where I belong," he says. He made a video so the world will have a close-up — and personal — view of the earthquake's impact.
    CPR News · NPR Story
  8. Slideshow: Children's Museum Of Denver Reopens After Expansion

    CPR News · Slideshow
  9. 4 Things That Could Further Upset Western Coal's Applecart In 2016

    Will the the bottom drop out for coal in 2016, or will the slow decline continue?
    CPR News · Story
  10. Apple, The FBI And iPhone Encryption: A Look At What's At Stake

    The Justice Department wants Apple to help investigators get around iPhone security features so that the FBI can access data belonging to one of the San Bernardino killers. Apple is firmly opposed.
    CPR News · NPR Story