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  1. Trump On Rally Violence: 'Don't Accept Responsibility,' Might Pay Legal Bills

    On Meet the Press, presidential front-runner Donald Trump said he may pay the legal bills of a supporter who punched a protester in the face. He also said he "doesn't condone violence."
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  2. Rams, Air Force In College Bowl Games Tuesday

    Air Force faces California at the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth and Colorado State faces Nevada at the Arizona Bowl in Tucson.
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  3. Report: Homelessness Citations Cost Colorado Cities Millions Of Dollars

    Laws that criminalize activities associated with being homeless are not the right approach to dealing with the issue, the report says.
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  4. Lawmaker: Steer Taxpayer Refunds Into All-Day Kindergarten

    "Do we value kids being in full-day kindergarten or do we value $15 checks going to people," state Sen. Andy Kerr said.
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  5. Paris Attacks Suspect Salah Abdeslam Is Captured During Raid In Brussels

    Abdeslam had evaded capture for more than four months after the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people on Nov. 13.
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  6. Georgia's Giant Clay Pots Hold An 8,000-Year-Old Secret To Great Wine

    Making ancient Georgian wine is pretty uncomplicated: Toss grapes into a huge, egg-shaped pot, bury it, walk away. What comes out is an orange wine with a deep tannin flavor prized around the world.
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  7. On The State Dinner Guest List, A 'Letter Writer' Ignites Imaginations

    On one of the world's most exclusive guest lists, between a senator and the Treasury secretary, there she was: Ms. Twila Legare, letter writer. What did she write? To whom did she write it?
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  8. And Then There Were 4: Second Eaglet Emerges On D.C. Eagle Cam

    "Mr. President" and "The First Lady," a pair of mated bald eagles in the National Arboretum, are officially raising two eaglets: their second egg hatched overnight.
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  9. An Upside To Climate Change? Better French Wine

    Global warming has made conditions historically associated with great wines more frequent in Bordeaux and Burgundy, a study finds. But things look less bright for California vineyards.
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  10. Captured Paris Terror Suspect Abdeslam Facing Charges, Fighting Extradition

    Salah Abdeslam, who had evaded capture for more than four months, has been charged with participating in a terrorist murder. His lawyer says he is refusing to be extradited back to France.
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