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  1. Economists Toast 20 Years Of NAFTA; Critics Sit Out The Party

    In December 1993, President Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement into law. Presidential candidate Ross Perot predicted Americans would hear a "giant sucking sound" as Mexico vacuumed up U.S. jobs. Economists say that the worst of Perot's fears never materialized. But opponents still see downsides.
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  2. Supreme Court Stays Out Of Texas Execution Case

    Attorneys sought a stay of execution because Texas refused to reveal details about the drugs it used to execute convicted killer Tommy Lynn Sells.
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  3. Former Bank Executive: Women, Ask For A Raise!

    As leader of the women's network 85 Broads, Sallie Krawcheck lobbies for better gender equality in boardrooms. She also says women need to negotiate tougher to get there.
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  4. Essay: Five reasons to love short films

    With the annual Aspen Shortsfest happening this week, CPR film commentator Bob Denerstein says great things come in small packages.
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  5. Man, Dog Reunited 9 Days After Tornado Flattened Ill. Town

    Jacob Montgomery's apartment was destroyed last week when a tornado ripped through Washington, Ill. The Illinois Guardsman survived, but was separated from his 6-month-old pit bull named Dexter. Nine days later, something amazing happened.
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  6. Shooting At Fort Hood Leaves 4 Dead, 16 Injured

    The suspected shooter at the Texas Army post is Ivan Lopez, a Pentagon official tells NPR. Authorities say he was being evaluated for PTSD and treated for depression.
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  7. Windows XP Users, It's Time To Upgrade. Here's How.

    Microsoft support for Windows XP stops Tuesday. If you're still using the 12-year-old operating system — an estimated quarter of PC users still run XP — here are some tips to get through an upgrade.
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  8. States, Lawmakers Want Feds To Use New Math For FEMA Calculations

    As a new tornado season begins, Illinois officials say they need more help from the federal government, and Sens. Kirk and Durbin have reintroduced a bill proposing changes to the disaster formula.
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  9. An Education Reporter Puts Himself To The (Standardized) Test

    New Common Core teaching standards mean new standardized exams. NPR's Cory Turner took one himself and reports on what's changed.
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  10. Red Sox Rock The White House With Flag Jacket And Presidential Selfie

    When the team was honored by President Obama on Tuesday, colorful outfielder Jonny Gomes came decked out in a red, white and blue flag jacket. The Sox gave the commander in chief a matching jacket.
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