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  1. Basketball Tickets, Caribbean Travel. Is Disclosure Enough For Kaine's Gifts?

    Clinton's vice presidential pick received more than $160,000 in gifts while governor of Virginia. He disclosed it all, as required by state law, but it could be a problem in this year of populists.
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  2. Rod Blagojevich Gets No Break In Sentence

    Blagojevich, formerly governor of Illinois, had argued his 14-year prison term for corruption should be cut since five of the 18 counts he'd been convicted on were thrown out on appeal.
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  3. Steam Engine To Return To Cheyenne Frontier Days Train

    The engine has been out of service for the last three years while it underwent restoration at Union Pacific's steam shop in Cheyenne.
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  4. TSA Reminds Passengers: No 'Batarang' Superhero Weapons On Flights

    The TSA has repeatedly reminded air travelers to put sharp Batman and other superhero paraphernalia in checked baggage.
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  5. PHOTOS: Protesters Around The World Target Fossil Fuel Industry

    For two weeks, protesters have gathered — on kayaks, on train tracks, at mines and at refineries — to demonstrate against coal, oil and other energy sources that contribute to global warming.
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  6. U.S. Officials Confirm Death Of Senior ISIS Leader In Afghanistan And Pakistan

    The Defense Department says a U.S. drone attack has killed a man who was central to ISIS operations. A DOD spokesman says Hafiz Saeed Khan participated in attacks against U.S. and coalition forces.
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  7. Colorado Casino Revenue On Record-Setting Pace

    Revenues for the first quarter of this year are up 5 percent, compared to the same time last year.
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  8. Staying Vital As Time Marches On: Art Can Hold The Key

    At 82, 92, and 102, you might expect our three guests to be retired. Their love of their art is what keeps them going.
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  9. President Obama: The Election Will Not Be 'Rigged'

    Donald Trump, who has begun to slip in the polls, has charged that the outcome of November's election will be "rigged." President Obama blasted that as "ridiculous" in a wide-ranging news conference.
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  10. Series Of Deadly Bombings Hit Tourism-Heavy Areas In Thailand

    Explosions struck at least five resort areas in Thailand, killing at least four people and injuring dozens. The country's military junta relies on revenues from the vital tourism industry.
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