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  1. Big Data Predicts Centuries Of Harm If Climate Warming Goes Unchecked

    It took about 30 teams of scientists worldwide, using supercomputers to churn through mountains of data, to see patterns aligning of what will happen decades and centuries from now.
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  2. Democrats Try To End Drought In The South With Louisiana Governor Win

    The bitter, nasty contest seems like a rare pick-up opportunity for Democrats. But concerns over national security and whether to allow Syrian refugees into the state could impact the race.
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  3. A Day After His Death, Frei Otto Awarded Pritzker Architecture Prize

    The prize's jury, in its citation, said the German architect had developed "a most sensitive architecture that has influenced countless others throughout the world." Otto died Monday. He was 89.
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  4. Watch: Cantus Sings Haunting Music By Ysaye Barnwell

    Hear the vocal ensemble perform "Tango With God," recorded in the CPR Performance Studio.
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  5. A 12-Year-Old Girl Shows Us What It's Really Like To Face TB

    After you hear her story, you'll never think the same way about the disease. That's the goal of Visual Epidemiology, which makes videos about individual battles instead of the big picture.
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  6. This Isn't The First Time Americans Have Shown Fear Of Refugees

    In 1939, a Gallup poll found 61 percent of Americans opposed a plan for taking in 10,000 refugee children, most of them German Jews.
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  7. White House Appeals Immigration Case To Supreme Court

    The president's executive actions on immigration — announced one year ago — have been caught up in a legal battle for months. Now the administration is taking the fight to the high court.
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  8. Father Dies While Hiking With Teen Son Near Aspen

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  9. Obama On Climate Change: 'I Actually Think We're Going To Solve This Thing'

    In a press conference in Paris, Obama said that climate change is probably the hardest kind of problem for politicians to solve, yet despite the hurdles, he's optimistic.
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  10. No Charges Against Aurora Police Officer Who Shot Armed Man

    Investigators say the man who was armed survived, and he had refused to put down his weapon.
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