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  1. Garfield County Cuts Grant For Planned Parenthood

    Garfield County commissioner Tom Jankovsky says the county's grant money shouldn't go to political organizations.
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  2. Colorado-Developed Fire Extinguishers To Go To Space Station

    The portable fire extinguishers are products of research at the Colorado School of Mines.
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  3. From Teacher Shortages To Hot Springs: Our 10 Most Read News Stories Of 2015

    Our readers also found time for stories about the treatment of parolees, racial healing at a Denver high school, the Winter Park Ski Train and more.
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  4. In Wyoming, scientists play 'mule deer rodeo' to study migration

    Scientists in Wyoming are using helicopters, gun-fired nets and slings to capture and airlift mule deer from the wilderness to testing sites.
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  5. Facing Severe Food Shortages, Venezuela Pushes Urban Gardens

    In Venezuela, bread, meat, milk and other staples are scarce these days. So Venezuela's government is urging urban slum dwellers to grow and raise their own food. But it's a challenge.
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  6. Is The BP Oil Spill Settlement Money Being Well-Spent?

    Gulf states are starting to spend the first of billions from BP's settlements and fines for the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history — but not all the money is being used for restoration.
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  7. New Hampshire Primary: Trump And Sanders Win Big; Kasich Second

    Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won convincing victories in New Hampshire. On the Republican side, the Republican establishment lane fractured further with John Kasich finishing a surprise second.
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  8. How Scientists Misread The Threat Of Zika Virus

    Zika was ignored by infectious disease scientists for years. This happens more often than you might think, especially with diseases discovered in remote regions. A researcher says we can do better.
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  9. Across The State, Wins For School District Tax Increases

    Nine out of 13 tax increase proposals across the state passed; three bond measures failed and three passed.
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  10. Did Obama Inspire A Big Debate On Identity? You Weighed In

    As President Obama wraps up his time in office, we take a moment to look around and see how his presidency has changed us and the way we see each other.
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