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  1. Health Mogul Says CSU Pueblo Should Have Pot Research Center

    Dr. Malik Hasan added that his new 6.5 acre marijuana grow would provide cannabis for free and that he'll work to keep CSU Fort Collins from "stealing the idea."
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  2. What Happens After You Get That Mammogram

    What are the odds that you'll get a false positive when you get a mammogram? How likely is it that it will detect cancer? Here's one way to look at it.
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  3. To Thrive, Many Young Female Athletes Need A Lot More Food

    Doctors and parents often miss the signs of female athlete triad syndrome — low energy, low bone density and irregular menstruation in an otherwise healthy-looking girl or teen.
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  4. The 'Teflon Don' And The Haunted Hill: A Contrast Of Media Narratives

    For Trump, every instant of limelight is a chance to shine, even his apparent gaffes. But accusations against Clinton seem to attach themselves and cling to her for months — even years.
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  5. Gay Couple Wins Court Round Against Lakewood Baker

    The court rejected the baker's argument that making a wedding cake for a gay couple violated his first amendment rights.
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  6. The Latest Scramble In The Egg Industry: McDonald's Is Going Cage-Free

    McDonald's USA says that within 10 years, it will buy all of its eggs from chickens that have some freedom to roam. It's another signal that the egg industry is abandoning traditional cages.
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  7. Scientist Who Wrote Protest Song About Canada's PM Is Put On Leave

    Tony Turner wrote and sang "Harperman," leading a (barefooted) choir through lyrics that ask questions such as "Who squashes all dissent?" and "Who muzzles all the scientists?"
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  8. Built By Immigrants, U.S. Catholic Churches Bolstered By Them Once Again

    About 40 percent of U.S. Catholics are foreign-born or the children of immigrants. The change is having profound effects, from reviving dying parishes and shifting the church's geographical center.
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  9. High-Profile Russian Trials Bring International Criticism

    The conviction of a Ukrainian filmmaker is one of several cases in Russia that have drawn protests from human-rights groups and Western governments, including the U.S.
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  10. Experts Predict Low Oil Prices Through Next Year

    Following a decision by OPEC ministers not to cut production, crude prices had fallen to a four-year low before rebounding slightly.
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