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  1. Taiwan Airliner's Black Box Shows Pilot May Have Shut Off Wrong Engine

    The pilot of TransAsia Airways Flight 235, which crashed shortly after takeoff in February, may have switched off the only operating engine moments before the accident that killed 43 people.
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  2. Nepal Ends Rescue Efforts After Deadly Avalanches In Himalayas

    Locals and international tourists are among at least 39 people known to have died in blizzards and avalanches throughout the foothills of Nepal's Himalayan mountain range last week.
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  3. Poetry In Motion: Prima Ballerina Retires After 3-Decade Career

    Wendy Whelan, 47, will give her final performance with the New York City Ballet on Saturday. NPR spent time with the dancer as she prepared for her goodbye.
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  4. NASA Flummoxed By Dwarf Planet's Bright Spots, 'Pyramid-Shaped Peak'

    The view captured by the Dawn spacecraft this month "shows even more small spots in the crater than were previously visible," NASA says.
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  5. Spike In ER, Hospital Use Short-Lived After Calif. Medicaid Expansion

    Previous research found that going on Medicaid increased a poor person's use of costly emergency room visits. Now an analysis suggests that initial spike in ER visits quickly tapers off.
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  6. Lyons rejects using park to build housing for flood victims

    Residents voted 614-498 against the measure in a special week-long election that ended Tuesday evening.
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  7. Colorado Spotlight: Performance Studio Week featuring James Galway, Natasha Paremski and more

    What's coming up for the week of June 8.
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  8. Secret Service Supervisor Put On Leave After Assault Accusation

    A senior manager is on leave from the Secret Service, after an employee he supervised reportedly told investigators that he assaulted her by making forceful and unwelcome sexual advances.
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  9. Return Of Horses A Sign Of Spring On Michigan Island

    Over the next two months, more than 300 draft and riding horses will be transported by ferry to Mackinac Island.
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  10. No Plans For Community Member On Denver Sheriff Dept. Overhaul Team

    Meantime, a group of eight staff and city officials are evaluating a 300-page independent report on the troubled department.
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