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  1. The Florida Church Whose Worshipers Are All Tourists

    The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe has no permanent members, but it's hosting tens of thousands of worshipers today –- it's across the street from Walt Disney World.
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  2. Battle of the bands, Latin style

    Musical ensembles compete for coveted spots in this year’s Colorado State Fair Fiesta Day in Pueblo.
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  3. Ukraine: Deadly Gunfight Rattles Easter Truce

    The shootout took place at a checkpoint near Slovyansk in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian militants have held a government building since last week.
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  4. Fighting Bugs With Bugs: Hatching A Solution For Troubled Trees

    The Asian citrus psyllid is a tiny bug that spreads a devastating tree disease. Pesticides can't always control it, so California farmers have turned to a different solution: another bug.
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  5. Shooting Near UC Santa Barbara Leaves 7 Dead

    Several others were wounded in what authorities are now calling a mass shooting near a UC Santa Barbara student community.
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  6. Past And Future Collide In Silicon Valley Congressional Race

    California Rep. Mike Honda and challenger Ro Khanna largely agree on the big issues. Style is where the two Democrats differ.
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  7. Shelly Sterling Says She'll 'Absolutely' Fight To Keep Her Half Of Clippers

    Sterling tells ABC News that she wonders if the NBA would force out a male owner out of league over what a wife might have said. She adds that she intends to divorce Donald Sterling.
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  8. Six Words: 'You've Got To Be Taught' Intolerance

    A huge hit upon its release, the 1949 musical South Pacific still resonates with contributors to The Race Card Project — particularly a song about how prejudice is learned, not innate.
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  9. Keith Crisco, Congressional Opponent Of Clay Aiken, Dies

    Crisco, a textile executive and former state official, died in an accident at home less than a week after apparently losing a close North Carolina primary race against the former American Idol singer.
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  10. Pope To Travel To Holy Land With Rabbi And Muslim Leader

    Pope Francis will head to the Middle East this week to preach peace and has asked two friends from Argentina to accompany him, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Islamic studies professor Omar Abboud.
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