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  1. Are The New Credit Cards Chipping Away At Our Patience?

    Despite the switch from the magnetic stripe credit cards to chip cards last October, the new technology is still not widely adopted. Visa unveiled an upgrade to speed up checkouts but barriers remain.
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  2. N.C. Governor Signs Order That 'Clarifies' Controversial Gender Identity Bill

    North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has issued an executive order that "seeks legislation to reinstate the right to sue in state court for discrimination."
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  3. Manny Pacquiao Wins What He Calls The Final Fight Of His Career

    Paquiao defeated Timothy Bradley Jr. by unanimous decision. And the iconic boxer said that he is retiring — "as of now." "I am going to go home and think about it," he said.
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  4. Home And Garden Giant Ditches Class Of Pesticides That May Harm Bees

    Ortho is part of the Miracle-Gro family. The company says it decided to phase out neonics from its home and garden products after reviewing possible threats posed to bees and other pollinators.
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  5. Clinton And De Blasio Land 'CP Time' Joke With Unfortunate Timing

    In a skit with Hillary Clinton, the New York City mayor joked about "CP time," which is slang for "colored people time." This primary battle, it seems no lame joke goes unpunished.
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  6. Montrose County Keeps Emergency Dispatch Service

    Several agencies sued for the continuation of the service earlier this month.
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  7. Remembering David Bowie's Coolest Orchestral Moments

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  8. Under Apartheid, Trevor Noah's Mom Taught Him To Face Injustice With Humor

    The Daily Show host grew up biracial in South Africa; his mother was jailed for having a relationship with his father. But she always turned to humor before anger, Noah says — a trait he's inherited.
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  9. Mapping How Your Colorado County Ranks For Health

    The healthiest county in Colorado is Douglas County, while the least healthy is Huerfano County, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
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  10. Sheriff: Colorado Teen Threatened To Use Gun At School

    The girl was arrested Tuesday after students told administrators at Mount Garfield Middle School in Clifton about the social media posts.
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