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  1. Abortion In India Is Legal Yet Women Are Still Dying

    A poor woman in India has many bad choices when it comes to abortion: a do-it-yourself home treatment, an unqualified midwife, a quack medicine man. Seteng Horo was fortunate to find a safer option.
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  2. Supreme Court Will Consider Abercrombie's Religious Discrimination Case

    At issue is whether the retailer discriminated against a Muslim woman over a headscarf. The government says yes; the retailer says the woman didn't tell them she wore the hijab for religious reasons.
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  3. Paper Bird announces departure of Esme Patterson, welcomes new member

    Patterson will leave group following performance on Friday, Sept. 26.
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  4. American Cameraman, Working For NBC News, Tests Positive For Ebola

    The network said the man, who was working in Liberia, is being flown back to the United States for treatment. The freelance cameraman came down with symptoms on Wednesday.
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  5. Colorado projects $233M surplus in state budget

    Rising tax revenues are helping the state budget, according to new figures.
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  6. Conductor Christopher Hogwood dead at 73

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  7. New website provides real-time info on water quality at Colo. oil, gas sites

    Colorado State University is now offering real-time updates on groundwater quality for oil and natural gas sites in the Denver-Julesburg Basin.
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  8. Al-Qaida Reasserts Itself With Khorasan Group

    Some critics say the al-Qaida unit known as the Khorasan Group was bluffed up as an excuse for U.S. airstrikes in Syria. Intelligence officials and analysts say the group exists and is dangerous.
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  9. Rwanda Honors Dead, Celebrates Progress, 20 Years After Genocide

    The 100 days of brutality that began in Rwanda in April 1994 left 800,000 dead, and is the fastest genocide in history.
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  10. Giants Send Pirates Packing In Elimination Playoff Game

    The San Francisco Giants decisively beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 8-0 in the National League wild-card game Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. The Giants will take on the Washington Nationals on Friday.
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