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  1. Some thoughtful words — and many unanswered questions — after Chapel Hill

    Here are some of the many powerful essays we've come across in the aftermath of this tragedy.
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  2. McDonald's CEO Promises 'Modern, Progressive Burger Company'

    "The reality is, our recent performance has been poor," McDonald's President and CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a video released Monday.
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  3. U.N. Appeals To Syria's Warring Groups To Spare Ancient City Of Palmyra

    The city is on UNESCO's World Heritage list and has been badly affected by the four-year civil war. The latest threat to Palmyra is posed by fighting between government troops and ISIS.
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  4. Are you sick, and sick of hearing 'Everything happens for a reason'?

    Afraid of saying the wrong thing to someone with a serious illness? Now there are "empathy cards" that make fun of those well-meaning but tasteless remarks.
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  5. ‘A Voice for the Silenced’ and the Terezin composers lost to the Holocaust

    ​Each night at 6 p.m. this week, CPR Classical airs a five-part look at the composers persecuted by the Nazis. Seventy years after World War II ended, their music still resonates.
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  6. Another Powerful Earthquake Strikes Nepal

    The region was already devastated by a magnitude-7.8 temblor on April 25 that killed more than 8,000 people. The new quake destroyed buildings and triggered landslides.
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  7. One Chart That Explains A Big Issue Behind Baltimore Protests

    A Harvard economist and colleagues looked at data for millions of families. They found that kids living in Baltimore City went on to make less money than their peers in adulthood.
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  8. Meet The Tea Party's New Favorite Candidate

    Tea Party Republicans are trying to make a comeback and have found one candidate to get behind for the Senate in 2016 — Florida's Ron DeSantis, a former JAG Corps lawyer and Yale baseball captain.
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  9. Screening Rates Stalled For Common Cancers

    Many Americans aren't getting recommended screening tests for colorectal, breast and cervical cancer. Despite a public health push, there has been a lack of progress in reaching screening goals.
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  10. From cartoon chubster to handsome hipster: McDonald's revamps hamburglar

    Gone is the short, goofy burger thief of the 1970s and '80s. In his place, the chain has created a hunky masked man in skinny jeans and a fedora. An improvement?
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