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  1. Study: Invasive Insect Fight Costs $2 Billion A Year

    Colorado would benefit from tougher strategies aimed at preventing the spread of forests pests like the emerald ash borer, a new study says.
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  2. Zero-tolerance School Discipline Criticized

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  3. Executive Order Or Memorandum? Let's Call The Whole Thing An 'Action'

    President Trump has signed more than a dozen directives during his first week in office. Some of these actions are "orders" and others are "memorandums." What's the difference?
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  4. The Stock Market Is On An Epic Upswing. Here's Why It Probably Hasn't Benefited You

    The Dow Jones industrial average passed another milestone today. Here's a little explainer as to why stocks have done so well in recent years — and why it doesn't affect the wallets of most Americans.
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  5. 'It's A Big One': Iowa Pipeline Leaks Nearly 140,000 Gallons Of Diesel

    The leak from an underground pipeline in north-central Iowa was first discovered in a field on Wednesday morning. Crews for the company, Magellan Midstream Partners, are working to clean it up.
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  6. Colorado Economy Picks Up In Fall, But Storm Clouds Loom

    A rise in consumer spending and business investment led to the state’s strongest growth in years.
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  7. Populist Leader Aims 'To Change Political Situation' In Germany — And Europe

    Frauke Petry's Alternative for Germany party enjoys the most support of any nationalist faction in that country since World War II. Its counterparts in Europe are also seeing surges in support.
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  8. Fed Up With The Smell, Neighbors Want The Weld County Biogas Project Shut Down

    Weld County Commissioners will wade through potential violations that were submitted by neighbors during a Dec. 19 meeting.
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  9. Trump Speaks With Putin In Busy Day Of Calls With Foreign Leaders

    The talk with the Russian president is just one of five that Trump has scheduled Saturday. By the end of the day, Trump will have also spoken with leaders from Japan, Germany, France and Australia.
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  10. Report: Colorado's Blacks Are Arrested At Disproportionately High Rates

    Blacks make up just 4.2 percent of the state’s population, but account for 12.4 percent of all arrests and summons made in 2015.
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