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  1. Colo. proposal could limit high-volume medical marijuana growers

    Caregivers are people authorized by the state to grow marijuana on behalf of others, and they're not subject to state taxes or background checks.
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  2. President lauds economic progress in Denver speech

    "I'm here for every American who works their tail off," the president told his audience in Denver's Cheesman Park.
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  3. Extremists Leave A Violent Message In A Small Iraqi Town

    The Sunni town fought back when Sunni Muslim extremists from the Islamic State tried to impose their rule. The extremists leveled the town as a warning to Sunnis who won't accept their brutal rule.
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  4. OpenAir's UMS venue guide: Illegal Pete's South Broadway

    OpenAir previews select venues on South Broadway leading up to the Underground Music Showcase with photos and useful info. Next up is Illegal Pete's South Broadway.
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  5. Move Over Hong Kong: The World's Priciest Cities Are In Angola And Chad

    A new survey of the most expensive cities in the world puts Luanda and N'djamena at the top. How did these African capitals beat our perennial top dollar towns like Hong Kong and Tokyo?
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  6. Carbondale works to become a 'creative district'

    Colorado is working on growing its creative economy, and a Roaring Fork Valley community is part of the effort.
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  7. In southern Colorado, concerns grow over high utility rates

    Advocates for the poor claim Black Hills Corp. has contributed to poverty and one state legislator is trying to make sure consumer interests are better accounted for when utilities raise rates.
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  8. Common Ground Between Iraq's Rebels May Be Crumbling

    The radical Islamic State and former associates of Saddam Hussein have fought together against Iraq's government. But the fault lines between the unlikely partners are beginning to show.
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  9. Coping With A Co-Worker's Body Odor Takes Tact

    Stinking on the job is a common problem, say pros in human resources, and a reluctance to use soap and water is rarely to blame. Medical conditions, diet or cultural differences can play a role, too.
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  10. Flight MH17: Black Boxes And Bodies Handed Over; U.N. Calls For Inquiry

    In a late-night exchange, pro-Russian separatists have given what they say are Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17's data recorders to Malaysian officials in eastern Ukraine.
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