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  1. 'Invisible' Children: Raised In The U.S., Now Struggling In Mexico

    A growing number of U.S.-born children are returning to Mexico with their parents and struggling in school because they don't read or write in Spanish. Reseachers say the problem is growing.
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  2. Muslim Voters' Attitudes Have Shifted 'Dramatically' In Past 15 Years

    Dalia Mogahed, director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, gives an overview of American Muslims' political positions both historically and during this election cycle.
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  3. Chinese Construction Workers Set Off Dynamite And Uncover 'New' Dinosaur Species

    Workmen building a high school in southern China were blasting through bedrock – and when the dust settled, they found they had uncovered a well-preserved dinosaur skeleton.
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  4. In Egypt, The High Cost Of Romance Is Crippling Hopes Of Marriage

    Egypt's financial crisis has led to double-digit inflation with lasting repercussions. Rising prices make marriage unaffordable for tens of thousands of Egyptians — and not only those who are poor.
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  5. Avalanche Coach Patrick Roy Abruptly Steps Down

    The announcement comes two months before the start of the NHL regular season.
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  6. 'A Dangerous Situation' As U.S.-Russia Tensions Spill Over To Nuclear Pacts

    Longstanding nonproliferation deals between the two countries are fraying. Bickering over nuclear issues has increased markedly in recent months, with each side accusing the other of cheating.
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  7. Debate: Coloradans Will Vote On Medically Assisted Death Proposal (Transcript)

    A proposal on the upcoming ballot would allow people who are terminally ill to seek a prescription for drugs and end their own lives.
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  8. 7 Scenarios For How Election Night Might Play Out

    Hillary Clinton has the edge. She has to win just the states leaning in her direction to get enough electoral votes to be president. But Donald Trump has a path, albeit a narrow one.
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  9. At Least 500,000 Protest In Seoul Demanding Korean President's Resignation

    Pressure has been mounting for weeks on President Park Geun-hye, whose approval rating is at five percent amid a mushrooming cronyism scandal.
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  10. Who Might Be In Donald Trump's Cabinet? Plus, More About The Transition

    The election just ended and the new president doesn't even take office until Jan. 20. But the transition from 44th to 45th president is already consuming Washington.
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