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  1. Afghanistan: A Tragic Return To A War With No End

    The most critical question in Afghanistan today is whether the Afghan military can keep the country safe from the Taliban. An NPR team went looking for the answer, and two of the group were killed.
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  2. From 'Brexit' To Trump, Nationalist Movements Gain Momentum Around World

    There are deep parallels between Donald Trump's presidential campaign, the "Brexit" movement and nationalist parties across Europe.
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  3. Philadelphia-Area Transit Agency Pulls One-Third Of Railroad Cars From Service

    The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority discovered a structural problem in 120 cars — the newest rail cars in its fleet. Commuters started feeling the impact on Tuesday.
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  4. Brexit Makes Investors Nervous, But U.K. Recession Isn't Certain

    Last week's Brexit vote sent financial markets tumbling. It also raised questions about the future of the U.K. economy. Analysts now expect slower growth but not an immediate tumble into recession.
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  5. Ars Nova Singers

    • Sorry, this event has ended.
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  6. FBI Recommends No Charges For Hillary Clinton In Email Server Case

    FBI Director James Comey said the agency did not find clear evidence that Clinton intended to violate the law, but that she and her staff were "extremely careless" in handling sensitive information.
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  7. Officer Who Drove Van In Freddie Gray Case Found Not Guilty Of Murder

    A Baltimore court has acquitted Officer Caesar Goodson of second-degree murder in a case related to the death of Freddie Gray. Goodson drove the van that transported Gray.
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  8. PARCC Testing Starting Soon For Colorado Students

    It’s estimated the typical Denver student will spend between six and seven hours being tested this year.
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  9. A Colorado Medal Of Honor Winner, Churches Welcome Soldiers Home, A Denver Writer's Korean War Tale, Idaho Springs Statue

    A former Fort Carson soldier who tackled a suicide bomber in Afghanistan says he doesn’t deserve his Medal of Honor because he just did what any soldier would. A military chaplain offers advice for ministering to veterans and their families. Then, Denver author Adam Makos tells the story of a Korean War plane crash that brought military men of different races together. And, a sculpture in Idaho Springs depicts an adventurer who never lived.
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  10. President Obama To Speak At Air Force Academy Commencement

    "We couldn't be more excited about it," said academy spokesman John Van Winkle.
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