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  1. Possible Flooding And Blizzards In North Texas After Weekend Tornadoes

    Oklahoma's panhandle could also see blizzard conditions Monday, and winter storms are expected from Texas through the Midwest and Great Lakes.
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  2. Discounts And Fear Drive Near-Record Black Friday Gun Sales

    For some retailers, the AR-15 assault rifle was one of the biggest sellers the day after Thanksgiving.
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  3. Stand To Work If You Like, But Don't Brag About The Benefits

    Standing desks have been touted as the answer for health problems caused by sitting all day. But the evidence that the high desks improve health — or that they are even used much — is weak.
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  4. How The Obama Presidency Has — Or Hasn't — Shaped Latino Identity: You Weighed In

    Our most recent #NPRObamaEffect chat explored how — or whether — the Obama years have shaped how Latino communities and people across the country think about identity today.
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  5. A Friendly Cafe Owner In Michigan... Or A Militant From Turkey

    Ibrahim Parlak has been a widely liked cafe owner in a Michigan resort town since the 1990s. But the U.S. government wants to deport him to his native Turkey, which says he was a militant.
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  6. Ryan: Americans 'Shouldn't Accept Ugliness' In Politics 'As The Norm'

    "Personalities come and go. But principles? Principles endure," House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday, in a not-so-subtle jab at Donald Trump.
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  7. Medical Bills Still Take A Big Toll, Even With Insurance

    The Affordable Care Act has increased access to doctors and helped reduce medical costs. But poll data show 26 percent of U.S. families are still struggling to pay their health care bills.
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  8. New Vatican Rules Will Put More Spreadsheets Into The Saint-Making Process

    Canonization is pricey: One journalist estimates half a million dollars is spent per candidate. Until now, it was spent with little oversight or documentation. Pope Francis is pushing to change that.
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  9. CEO Andrew Grove, Who Led Intel To Silicon Chip Dominance, Has Died

    The company says its influential longtime CEO has died at age 79 after a storied life that led him from Hungary to the United States — and to the roster of Silicon Valley legends.
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  10. Birth Control At The Supreme Court: Does Free Coverage Violate Religious Freedom?

    Religious schools and other non-profits like the Littler Sisters of the Poor say the government's workaround for birth control still imposes a burden on their freedom.
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