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  1. Board Officers

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  2. Columbine Chorale

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  3. Best of 2013 Colorado VIPs: Jesse Elliott of Ark Life

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  4. After Netanyahu's Holocaust Remark, Germany Cites Its Own 'Break With Civilization'

    "This is taught in German schools for good reason, it must never be forgotten," German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman says after Israel's leader claimed a Palestinian influenced Adolf Hitler.
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  5. Boulder Approves Cultural Plan Seeking $2 Million-A-Year Budget For Arts

    The plan, four times the size of the current budget for the city's Office of Arts and Culture, aims to make the city’s cultural offerings a bigger part of everyday conversations.
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  6. Even After Hanging Up, Hands-Free Isn't Risk-Free For Distracted Drivers

    Mental distractions can persist up to 27 seconds after using hands-free technologies, a new AAA study says. But the auto industry says voice-activated systems help drivers keep their eyes on the road.
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  7. 60 Years Later, What Can Activists Learn From The Montgomery Bus Boycott?

    Decades after Rosa Parks changed history, a new generation faces the challenge of remaking the civil rights movement for the next century. What can they learn from the past to build for the future?
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  8. Community Advisory Board Members

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  9. After The Cranberries And Pie, Take Time To Talk About Death

    Advance directives don't guarantee that a person's wishes for end-of-life care will always be honored. Some states let people use physician orders that override legal requirements to perform CPR.
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  10. France Holds Memorial Service 2 Weeks After Attacks

    The names of each of the 130 victims killed on Nov. 13 were read aloud. President Francois Hollande said France would continue to defend the values for which they died.
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