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  1. Study: 2013 Front Range floods caused a thousand year's worth of erosion

    The catastrophic rains and landslides inflicted more damage on the local environment than a thousand years worth of daily weathering.
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  2. Testimony: 'Pandemonium' in Aurora theater after shooting; movie kept playing

    "There was gas in the air, tear gas, you might call it. Hit you immediately. Teared up, mucus formed, burned your face, burned your skin," Sgt. Gerald Jonsgaard said.
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  3. A Year After Deadly Ferry Disaster, S. Koreans Still Awaiting Answers

    As South Korea marks the first anniversary of the accident that killed 304 people, the root causes of the sinking are still unclear, and parents of the victims are embroiled in a political tug-of-war.
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  4. 'That Dragon, Cancer' video game helps Colorado family cope with son's death

    While the game -- due out in the fall -- is intended to honor Joel Green and to help others suffering from loss, some say it presents a virtual reality that is all too real.
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  5. Why the bond between musicians and their instruments is so powerful

    Aaron 'Loki' Johnson reflects on the joys of a musical gift, and the pangs of losing an instrument, during a CPR-supported Instrument Drive.
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  6. Could Dave Terbush of Cherry Creek Schools be next national Janitor of the Year?

    A Dakota Valley Elementary School janitor is among the top 10 finalists for Janitor of the Year.
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  7. School violence liability bill moves forward in Colorado Senate

    Backers say school districts need to be held accountable and not shielded by governmental immunity.
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  8. After Botched Executions, Supreme Court Weighs Lethal Drug Cocktail

    Manufacturers have refused to provide one of three drugs used for lethal injection, so Oklahoma switched to another drug. But critics say midazolam doesn't work well to render prisoners unconscious.
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  9. Twitter Shares Slide After Disappointing Earnings

    The social media site continued to bring in new users, but its ad revenue didn't measure up to expectations. Twitter shares were down 18 percent at the close of trading Tuesday.
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  10. Longmont company DigitalGlobe's crowdsourcing maps may aid in Nepal

    Tens of thousands of people are accessing map data, tagging collapsed buildings, blocked roads, and other problem areas.
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