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  1. Measles Is A Killer: It Took 100,000 Lives Worldwide Last Year

    The uproar over the U.S. outbreak glosses over a bigger problem: Measles takes a tragic toll in poor countries. But a vaccine can effectively stop this deadly — and highly contagious — disease.
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  2. Five Years After 'Citizens United,' SuperPACs Continue To Grow

    Just in time for the 5th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and his allies have created a pre-presidential campaign organization that would've been impossible before Citizens United. A new political committee will pay for Bush's pre-announcement politicking and he can help a new superPAC raise unlimited money to promote him and his issues.
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  3. Loveland Friends of Chamber Music

    • Sunday, February 8, 2015 3:00pm to 5:00pm
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  4. Sacred Classics: 10 great recordings featured over the past year

    Standout discs by Seraphic Fire, John Eliot Gardiner, Robert Kyr and more.
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  5. 5 Years After Haiti's Earthquake, Where Did The $13.5 Billion Go?

    Governments and nonprofits have insisted on keeping control of their projects in Haiti. So projects have cost several times more than they should. And Haiti is a long way from "building back better."
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  6. Back From The Dead: A Cat Returns Home 5 Days After His Burial

    Bart returned home with a broken jaw, open wounds on his face and a ruptured eye. He is being treated by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and will return to his owner after he has recovered.
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  7. Number Of Exonerations Last Year Reached New High, Report Finds

    The National Registry of Exonerations says 125 people were exonerated in 2014 after being falsely convicted of crimes. The number surpasses the previous record of 91 set in 2013.
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  8. Arvada teen sentenced to 4 years in prison for ISIS terror plot

    US District Court Judge Raymond Moore appeared unconvinced by Shannon Conley’s disavowal of jihad.
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  9. Denver's 40-year-old Japanese Kohaku singing competition survives by innovating

    Denver's annual Kohaku Uta Gassen contest pits two teams of men and women vocalists against each other. But these days, there's more to the event than a sing-off.
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  10. A Year After Typhoon Haiyan, The Philippines Braces For Another Big Hit

    Typhoon Hagupit is expected to hit just north of where last year's devastating storm made landfall. It is forecast to cut a path toward the capital, Manila.
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