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  1. Lakewood Bakery Seeks First Amendment Protections For Refusing Same-Sex Couple

    Three years ago, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, citing religious objections to same-sex marriage.
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  2. Russia Finally Launches Supplies To ISS After Earlier Failures

    The liftoff of the Soyuz Progress 60P was a relief to astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station after two previous resupply missions — one Russian and one American — failed.
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  3. Starbucks Raising Prices For Some Drinks By 5 To 20 Cents

    A small and large brewed coffee will each go up by 10 cents in most areas of the country, Starbucks says.
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  4. Tunisia Seeks Its Way On A Winding, Bumpy Path

    An attacker recently opened fire on Tunisian beach and killed 38 people. NPR's Alice Fordham, who went to cover the story, used to live in Tunisia. She reflects on how the country has changed.
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  5. Buy A Meth House Unawares And Pay The Health Consequences

    The residue from meth labs can cause health problems, but people aren't always told that the house they're buying is contaminated. An Indiana law requires disclosure but not mandatory testing.
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  6. Survey Forecasts A Banner Year For Atlantic Sea Scallops

    Federal fisheries researchers says their survey found about 10 billion scallops in waters off Delaware and southern New Jersey. They're predicting a boom for the nation's most valuable fishery.
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  7. Obama To Meet With Vietnam's Communist Party Chief Amid Concern Over China

    Hanoi and Washington hope to strengthen economic and defense ties, especially in the wake of Beijing's construction on a disputed reef in the South China Sea.
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  8. After Waterway Closure, Minneapolis Sees An End To River Shipping

    For the first time ever, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has closed part of a navigable waterway to stem the migration of an invasive species.
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  9. 'No One Should Have The Right To Prolong My Death'

    Jennifer Glass was a newlywed when she was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. "I'm doing everything I can to extend my life," she says, while advocating for a right-to-die law in California.
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  10. Simone Dinnerstein On A Trip To Cuba And Making Music Out Of Difficulty

    David Greene talks to the pianist about her recent performance at a piano festival in Cuba — and a particularly stressful time in her life.
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