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  1. Maybe It's The Suit: U.S. Speedskaters Swap Gear In Sochi

    So far, no U.S. speedskater has finished better than seventh in Sochi while wearing a new race suit. Now the American skaters will switch back to the suit they wore during a successful World Cup season.
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  2. Candy Flavors Put E-Cigarettes On Kids' Menu

    Electronic cigarettes are often billed as safe and helpful for adult smokers trying to kick their habit. But the CDC says 1 in 5 young teens who try an e-cigarette have never smoked tobacco. And between 2011 and 2012, the devices doubled in popularity among middle-school and high-school students.
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  3. Many Flights Canceled, But Fewer Fliers Stranded On Tarmac

    A fliers' revolt on Valentine's Day in 2007 led to stiff fines against airlines that kept passengers waiting for too long. The delays still happen, but new technology and better planning are making them less inconvenient.
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  4. Closure: 94-Year-Old Widow Receives Remains Of Fallen Husband

    Clara Gantt, 94, held out hope for a happy ending for six decades. On Friday, her hope faded, but she received closure, when the remains of her husband were flown back home.
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  5. Rosetta Space Probe Gets Interplanetary Wake-Up Call

    The European comet-chaser has been in hibernation for nearly three years in an effort to conserve power. It is due for an August rendezvous with 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
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  6. Winter Storm Paralyzes Roads In North Carolina, Despite Warnings

    In scenes like those in Atlanta two weeks ago, some drivers are leaving their cars in the road, creating new challenges for other drivers and work and rescue crews.
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  7. Make It A Grande: Mammoth Tusk Find Likely Seattle's Largest

    A giant tusk from a Columbian mammoth that lived 16,000 years ago appears to be the largest, most intact ever found in the region.
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  8. Denver native Katie Glassman is Colorado fiddle champ-- again

    This year’s victory is Glassman’s second victory after winning the title in 2011.
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  9. Scientists Help Western States Prepare For Drought As New Norm

    In a warming world, extreme droughts are predicted to become more common. Amid the historic drought gripping California and much of the West Coast, scientists are studying how states can manage with a lot less water in the future.
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  10. OpenAir's hosts two "super-sessions" for its first birthday

    In honor of our first birthday in October of 2012, several Colorado artists joined forces to celebrate OpenAir with two very special collaborative in-studio performances.
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