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  1. UK Government Is Selling Its Share Of Eurostar

    The move is part of an effort by the British government to sell off national assets to raise $20 billion by the year 2020.
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  2. Mass-Market Stocks In Handcrafted Goods: Etsy Preps To Go Public

    The e-commerce site, which focuses on quirky, handmade goods, has filed for an IPO. The paperwork reveals a plan to focus more on manufacturing and marketing — but not much suggestion of big profits.
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  3. With session one-third over, Colorado lawmakers struggle to find consensus

    One-third the way into the legislative session and lawmakers are mired in a few pitched battles.
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  4. The Fascinating Story Of New Orleans' Two Lost Chinatowns

    Let's rewind the clock 150 years to the end of the Civil War, when Southern planters had to find new laborers.
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  5. One Man's Race To Outrun Alzheimer's

    Cape Cod journalist Greg O'Brien has always found solace in running, and a diagnosis of Alzheimer's hasn't stopped him. But making it work — for himself and his family — isn't always easy.
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  6. Kerry To Resume Talks Over Iran's Nuclear Program

    Today's meeting in Switzerland comes a week after 47 Senate Republicans signed an open letter to Iran suggesting any deal reached would lapse the day President Obama leaves office.
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  7. I'm Mike Huckabee, And I Approve This... Infomercial?

    How does the former governor square hawking a diabetes supplement program with a potentially serious run for the White House?
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  8. Vaccination Gaps Helped Fuel Disneyland Measles Spread

    The quick rise of measles infections in the wake of cases reported among Disneyland visitors underscores how even a small dip in vaccination rates can allow the virus to spread.
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  9. Boris Nemtsov: 'He Directed His Words Against Putin Himself'

    Russian journalist Yevgenia Albats, who followed Boris Nemtsov's career for 27 years, says he was one of the few Russian political figures willing to directly criticize President Vladimir Putin.
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  10. Fraternity's Defense Lawyer Not Ruling Out Suing OU

    Stephen Jones, famous for defending Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh, argues for due process. He says "every student deserves a second chance."
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