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  1. For Abused Native American Women, New Law Provides A 'Ray Of Hope'

    Starting Thursday, three American Indian tribes can prosecute non-Indians for some domestic violence crimes. The change stems from a provision included in the Violence Against Women Act.
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  2. Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk For All Women Everywhere

    Evidence has long suggested that exercise may help prevent breast cancer. After looking at cancer risk in 4 million women, French researchers concluded any type of exercise is beneficial.
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  3. What A Rush! California Couple Finds Gold Coins Worth $10M

    It's thought to be the richest cache of coins ever discovered in the U.S. Minted in the 1800s, they were stuffed into eight cans and buried on a Sierra Nevada ridge.
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  4. Kantorei names Joel Rinsema of Phoenix Chorale its new artistic director

    The Denver choral group's new leader helped the Phoenix Chorale secure a record deal and win Grammy awards.
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  5. Holder Speaks Out On Snowden, Drone Policy, Softening Sentences

    In an interview, Eric Holder says he's open to talking with Edward Snowden about terms of surrender. And the attorney general is unhappy with the vote to block a nominee to a top Justice Dept. post.
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  6. 100,000 Coloradans have signed up for private health insurance

    The number is less than initial goals anticipated, but still good compared with other states in general.
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  7. Fed Reduces Bond Purchases By Additional $10 Billion

    Citing progress in the labor markets, the Federal Reserve said it would continue winding down its economic stimulus program. But Fed Chair Janet Yellen said the U.S. economy still faces headwinds.
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  8. Sales Of Existing Homes Hit 7-Year High In 2013

    There's more evidence that the housing sector has come out of its deep slump. The day's other key economic indicator: The number of people who applied for unemployment insurance barely changed last week. The pace remained near where it was before the economy slipped into its 2007-2009 recession.
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  9. Beer As A Post-Workout Recovery Drink? Not As Crazy As It Sounds

    A company claims to have created a "fit beer" that can help replenish the body after a workout. We turned to science to see if beer and exercise can really go hand-in-hand. The answer? Yes – and no.
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  10. Colorado's prisons chief wants to limit solitary confinement

    New Department of Corrections head Rick Raemisch vows to continue efforts to reform the prison system initiated by the late Tom Clements.
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