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  1. Christmas At The White House, Where You'll Want To Hang That Snowflake Just Right

    Every year, hundreds of people apply for a chance to volunteer to decorate the White House for the holidays. All 70,000 ornaments and 8,000 snowflakes of it.
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  2. Cruz Deals Trump A Setback In Iowa; Clinton Narrowly Edges Out Sanders

    Ted Cruz was the big winner, and Marco Rubio lost second place to Donald Trump by just 1 percentage point. For Democrats, the margin of victory was exquisitely small, with voters' age a key factor.
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  3. Scientists Aflutter Over Gravitational Wave Rumors

    If the rumors are true, then humanity is about to learn a lot about the heaviest stuff in the universe.
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  4. Hickenlooper Discusses Proposed Budget Cuts With Lawmakers

    Hickenlooper's ideas to close the shortfall include cutting $20 million from colleges and reducing spending on state building projects.
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  5. Could Hospital ERs Provide Missing Data On Police Shootings?

    If police violence is considered a public health issue, then doctors and nurses might be able to compile basic information about shootings involving law enforcement that go unreported.
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  6. Beer And Snack Pairings: A Super Bowl Game Everyone Can Win

    Which beer goes with guacamole? How can a brew complement spicy wings? Two craft beer experts share their favorite pairings and help us take our Super Bowl snack game to the next level.
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  7. Two Grad Students Use Science To Bust The Dinner Hoax Of The Century

    In 1951, members of the scientific Explorers Club thought they had dined on prehistoric meat dug out of the Alaskan tundra. The meal became legend. Now two Yale students have unraveled the deception.
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  8. Contest: Seeking Nominations For Untold Stories In Global Health

    As a cosponsor of the contest, we're asking you to propose stories that the media has overlooked. We'll cover the winning entry in this blog.
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  9. Report: Denver Commuters Spent 49 Hours Stuck In Traffic Last Year

    Researchers at Texas A&M blame the improving economy for congestion's return to American cities.
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  10. Meet The Guy Calling Out Hollywood For How It Describes Women

    Three months ago, producer Ross Putman started tracking descriptions of female characters from scripts he read. On Tuesday, he shared them with the world on his Twitter account, "Fem Script Intros."
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