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  1. Marilyn Horne: Opera's agile advocate turns 80

    The famed mezzo-soprano has battled conductors, cancer and the rapid-fire music of Rossini and always comes out on top. Today, she devotes her time to helping young singers find their voices and build careers.
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  2. Tom Coburn, GOP Budget Hawk And Obama Friend, To Leave Senate

    The Oklahoma senator, a leading conservative, will retire two years early. He's battling cancer, but says his decision is based on his family and serving them by "shifting my focus elsewhere."
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  3. Abortions Reportedly Drop To Lowest Rate Since 1970s

    A reproductive health think tank says the recent surge of state laws intended to restrict the procedure is likely not the reason. Instead, it cites the economy and long-acting contraceptives. But there's also a wild card.
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  4. Justice Dept. Seeks To Expand Clemency For Some Drug Offenders

    Deputy Attorney General James Cole asked lawyers to make their clients aware of new clemency opportunities. By commuting sentences, the Obama administration is trying to correct the different treatment given to crack-cocaine and powder-cocaine offenses.
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  5. Cantaloupe Farmers Get Probation Over Deadly Listeria Outbreak

    The 2011 outbreak killed 33 people in 28 states. The Colorado farmers were sentenced to five years probation and six months of home detention.
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  6. Marijuana-Laced Treats Leave Colorado Jonesing For Food-Safety Rules

    From sodas to truffles to butter, foods infused with THC — the chemical in marijuana that gives you a high — are already for sale in Colorado. But the federal government still considers pot illegal, so the state has to create from scratch its own system to regulate these foods.
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  7. Supreme Court To Decide If Warrant Needed To Search Cellphone

    The U.S. Supreme Court is delving into the technology-versus-privacy debate, agreeing to hear two cases that test whether police making an arrest may search cellphones without a warrant. A decision is expected this year.
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  8. Special Coverage: CPR's countdown to the Super Bowl

    From superfan dedication to recipe suggestions, musical smack-talk and hometown pride, Colorado Public Radio has the Super Bowl coverage you won't find anywhere else.
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  9. Federal grant creates hundreds of jobs to help Colorado rebuild after flood

    A newly-announced grant by the U.S. Dept. of Labor will provide more than 200 temporary jobs in Colorado, putting people to work repairing flood damage.
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  10. Post-9/11 Panel Criticizes NSA Phone Data Collection

    An independent panel created after the 9/11 attacks says bulk collection of billions of American phone records violates the letter and the spirit of the law.
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