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  1. New 5-Part Series Considers The 'Perfect Perversity' Of The O.J. Simpson Case

    "He was acquitted of the crime he was guilty of and convicted of a crime he's innocent of," says legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. He and director Ezra Edelman discuss O.J.: Made in America.
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  2. State House Signals Approval Of Homeless Youth Tuition Bill

    The state House Tuesday gave initial approval to a measure to help homeless youth qualify for in-state tuition.
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  3. Neither Male Nor Female: Oregon Resident Legally Recognized As Third Gender

    A judge in Oregon has allowed 52-year-old Jamie Shupe, a retired Army tank mechanic, to identify as "non-binary" instead of male or female. It's widely believed to be the first such case in the U.S.
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  4. Campaign Behind Denver-Area Cultural Tax Already Pulling In Big Money

    The effort to keep the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District in place already has more money than it did the last time it was on the ballot.
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  5. Sarah Palin's Husband Recovering After Snowmobile Crash

    Todd Palin suffered eight fractured ribs and other injuries in an accident in Alaska on Sunday night, his father said.
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  6. Court Dismisses Texas Lawsuit To Block Syrian Refugees

    The state said it was not adequately consulted by the federal government about resettlement, but the judge ruled the state has no authority over immigration decisions by the federal government.
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  7. 25 Years In Iraq, With No End In Sight

    Iraq invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990. The U.S. reversed Saddam Hussein's aggression, but it was just the start of the U.S. military role in Iraq that's spanned four presidents and a panoply of goals.
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  8. Corrections On Date And Aftermath Of Bombings In Madrid

    The bombings happened in 2004, not 2007. And the prime minister's party was defeated, not victorious, in elections held three days later.
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  9. Nonprofit Hospital Forgives Debts And Stops Suing So Many Poor Patients

    Scrutiny by Sen. Charles Grassley and an investigation by NPR and ProPublica led a Missouri hospital to give $17 million in debt relief. Will other nonprofit hospitals follow suit?
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  10. Fact Check: Donald Trump And Syrian Refugees

    President Obama wants to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. this year. Donald Trump says there is a "tremendous flow" coming into the U.S. and he wants to suspend the program.
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