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  1. 13 Spliffy Jobs In The Marijuana Industry

    With various forms of pot legalization sweeping the country, the weed buzzness is booming.
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  2. If Polar Bears Can Eat A Ton Of Fat And Be Healthy, Why Can't We?

    Baby polar bears slurp milk that's 27 percent fat, and adults dine on seal blubber. Scientists think bears' adaptation to a high-fat diet might lead to better ways to treat human obesity.
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  3. China, Vietnam Spar Over Oil Rig In South China Sea

    Hanoi says two of its vessels were rammed by Chinese ships deploying an oil rig in disputed waters. It comes as the Philippines has seized Chinese fisherman for alleged poaching of sea turtles.
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  4. Four men with ties to Colorado marijuana accused of laundering

    Prosecutors say the men wired money from Colombia to finance marijuana cultivation and distribution and tried to conceal the source of more than $400,000 that they planned to use to buy a Denver grow facility.
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  5. Former U.S. General In Africa: 'I Think We Can' Help Find Nigerian Girls

    Carter Ham's former command will be part of the U.S. effort to hunt for schoolgirls who were kidnapped three weeks ago by an Islamist extremist group in Nigeria.
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  6. Books With Gay Themes Put S.C. Colleges' Funding At Risk

    Students in South Carolina state colleges are rallying against what they see as a conservative attack on academic freedom.
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  7. For Moms In Congress, Votes Mix With Diapers And School Pickup

    There are just nine women who have given birth while serving in Congress. In some ways, they're like all working moms who can't find enough time in the day. But there are also significant differences.
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  8. RIYL: Kurt Vile

    Kurt Vile: a man so beloved by his hometown of Philadelphia that their mayor named August 28 "Kurt Vile Day." If you're a fan, here are a few other artists you will enjoy.
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  9. Why A Proper Lady Found Herself Behind Bars

    As racial tensions were rising in 1964, Mary Peabody, the mother of the Massachusetts governor, went to St. Augustine, Fla., to protest segregation.
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  10. If You Want Flextime But Are Afraid To Ask, Consider Moving

    In Vermont and San Francisco, the right of employees to ask for flexible work schedules is now enshrined in law. That doesn't mean, however, that employers are compelled to grant them.
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