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  1. Writing Data Onto Single Atoms, Scientists Store The Longest Text Yet

    With atomic memory technology, little patterns of atoms can be arranged to represent English characters, fitting the content of more than a billion books onto the surface of a stamp.
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  2. Your Thoughts: What Does It Mean To Be A 'Feminist' In Your Country?

    How do the belief systems, cultural traditions and ideas shape your view of how a woman should exercise her rights? Tell us with the hashtag #FeminismInMyCountry.
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  3. Meet The First Woman Ever To Lead The Denver Post

    As long time Denverite and journalist Lee Ann Colacioppo steps into a new editorial role, she faces a shrinking newsroom and a struggling industry.
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  4. Salvage Supperclub: A High-End Dinner In A Dumpster To Fight Food Waste

    The ingredients — think wilted basil, bruised plums, garbanzo bean water — sound less than appetizing. Whipped together, they're a tasty meal that show how home cooks can use often-tossed foods.
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  5. WATCH: Marilyn Mosby: 'The System Is In Need Of Reform'

    The Baltimore state's attorney has dropped all remaining charges related to the death of Freddie Gray, but she says she stands by the legitimacy of the criminal charges.
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  6. Colorado's Republican Challengers For Senate Run Into Messy Nominating Process

    Four U.S. senate candidates tried to petition their way onto the ballot this spring, resulting in court fights and, in one case, allegations of fraud.
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  7. Andy Murray Wins His Second Wimbledon Title

    Murray was the favorite going into the match, and beat Canadian Milos Raonic handily: 6-4 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (7-2).
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  8. Denver Signals Approval For Limits On City's Marijuana Industry

    The City Council on Monday gave initial approval to an ordinance that caps the number of grows and stores.
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  9. Taking The Battle Against Lyme Disease Ticks To The Backyard

    Scientists have tested all sorts of strategies to keep Lyme disease ticks from biting us. One is to make it less likely you'll cross paths with the critters in your yard. Sawdust mulch, anyone?
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  10. 'I Am Proud To Be Gay,' Tech Investor Peter Thiel Tells GOP Convention

    Peter Thiel is an openly gay libertarian billionaire financier, co-founder of PayPal and early Facebook investor. "Fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline," he says.
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