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  1. 20 Million Gallons Later, UCLA Water Main Finally Plugged

    The 93-year-old main burst earlier this week, spewing water into a parking garage on campus.
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  2. Boulder scientist talks about spacecraft's attempted comet landing

    As a spacecraft swings by distant a comet, it will attempt to send a lander to the surface.
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  3. How Cultures Move Across Continents

    Researchers have mapped the travels of 150,000 artists, politicians and religious leaders over the past 2,000 years. The videos reveal how cultural achievements ebb and flow across the U.S and Europe.
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  4. Interview: 4th Annual Denver County Fair makes global headlines

    Denver County Fair Entertainment Director & Breakfast Boss Andrew Novick spoke with Alisha Sweeney about some of this year's highlights and why the Fair is making global headlines.
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  5. Next To Silicon Valley, Nonprofits Draw Youth Of Color Into Tech

    Programs like Hack the Hood try to help young people in Oakland, Calif., find a gateway into the high-tech industry — and out of "dead-end" jobs.
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  6. Jury Awards Former Gov. Ventura Nearly $2 Million In Defamation Case

    Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura said his reputation had been damaged by an account of a fight in a book. In a split verdict, a federal jury agreed with him.
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  7. U.S.-Russia Relations: More Carrot Or More Stick?

    Lately, when Washington ratchets up the pressure on Moscow, Russia increases its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine. Some in Washington wonder if it's time to change the approach.
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  8. Why tech students might choose 'boot camp' over academia

    There's a route for students who want to forgo traditional school and get right to work.
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  9. Lost At Sea, Legos Reunite On Beaches And Facebook

    Nearly two decades ago, a massive wave struck a container ship and dumped nearly 5 million Legos pieces into the ocean. Today, they are still washing up on shores in England.
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  10. Reported oil and gas spills surge in Colo.

    State officials say it's due to more reporting, not necessarily more spills.
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