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  1. Eternal Vanity: 'The Art Of The Dressing Table'

    Ever since there have been puddles of water, human beings have gazed at their reflections. Our need to primp and preen, whether we live in the Bronze Age or the Space Age, is on display in a new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in New York called Vanities: The Art of the Dressing Table.
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  2. Scout Leaders Who Toppled Ancient Rock Formation Are Charged

    The men videotaped themselves as one of them pushed over a Jurassic-era sandstone pillar at Utah's Goblin Valley State Park.
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  3. The NFL: Big Business With Big Tax Breaks

    The administrative branch of the National Football League is tax-exempt, and many wealthy team owners can get generous subsidies from local governments for stadiums. Critics argue the public money could be better spent elsewhere. But can you put a price on the love of the game?
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  4. Watch musicians elevate a trip to a big-box store

    If only all trips to IKEA could be so lifted by live performances of great music, such as this joyful smidgen of Beethoven from members of the Detroit Symphony.
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  5. How one Denver teacher uses the '4 Rs' to connect with kids of color

    The method is called culturally-responsive teaching and is comprised of four elements: Building relationships, promoting resilience and making lessons rigorous and relevant.
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  6. Canada Used Airport Wi-Fi To Track Travelers, Snowden Leak Alleges

    The latest secret revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden shows how Canada's spy agency experimented with using free Wi-Fi signals to follow travelers. Officials tell CBC News that they were only collecting "metadata," not the contents of communications.
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  7. Weekend Arts Roundup: A Neal Cassady birthday bash, a classical piano prodigy and more

    CPR Arts Editor Chloe Veltman discusses some of the most-interesting cultural happenings around Colorado this weekend, Feb. 6 - 9.
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  8. MCA to host first-ever Mark Mothersbaugh retrospective

    Experimental rock band DEVO co-founder, Wes Anderson movie score composer, prolific experimental painter & illustrator to receive in-depth exhibition at Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art.
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  9. Rep. Waxman Leaves Behind A Legacy Of Health Laws

    California Rep. Henry Waxman, elected in 1974 in Watergate's aftermath, has announced his retirement. The Democrat leaves behind one of the most substantive legislative records in the House's recent history, and was instrumental in the passage of the Affordable Care Act.
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  10. Federal grant creates hundreds of jobs to help Colorado rebuild after flood

    A newly-announced grant by the U.S. Dept. of Labor will provide more than 200 temporary jobs in Colorado, putting people to work repairing flood damage.
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