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  1. The Secret's Out: Obama Acknowledges Existence Of Area 51

    Conspiracy theorists have been obsessed with the secret Nevada military base for decades, claming that the U.S. government is holding aliens and crashed UFOs there.
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  2. Divided U.S. Supreme Court Leaves Texas Abortion Law In Effect

    Planned Parenthood and other opponents of the law had won an initial victory that was overturned days later by a U.S. Court of Appeals. Tuesday, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to allow Texas to keep enforcing the law during an ongoing court battle.
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  3. Breaking Up With Is Hard To Do

    Lara Imler was one of the first people in Alaska to sign up for health insurance on Turns out, the website miscalculated her subsidy. She wants to start over and get a new plan. But a stubborn software kink is standing in her way.
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  4. When Most U.S. Forces Leave Afghanistan, Contractors May Stay

    Should the Afghan government sign a security agreement, the U.S. plans to keep as many as 9,000 American troops in Afghanistan even after the U.S. and NATO's combat mission officially ends late in 2014. But the remaining U.S. troops will almost certainly be outnumbered by civilian contractors.
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  5. Week at a Glance: December 16-23

    Music from choral group Cante Deo, pianist David Korevaar, composer Richard Toensing and the Colorado Children's Chorale.
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  6. New York's Insurance Exchange Readies For Holiday Rush

    As a Dec. 23 enrollment deadline for health insurance that starts Jan. 1 looms, New York state is staffing up its call center and smoothing out the rough spots on its application to meet growing demand. As time runs down, the state is trying to fix technical and design issues that came up when the site debuted in October.
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  7. Despite Western Efforts, Afghan Opium Crop Hits Record High

    The U.N.'s 2013 Afghanistan Opium Survey also said production in 2013 rose 49 percent over 2012 levels. The increased production comes as international troops prepare to withdraw from the country in 2014.
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  8. Will Obamacare Play Big In 2014? Keep An Eye On N.H. Senate Race

    Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a popular Democrat, former governor and strong proponent of the Affordable Care Act, is taking some heat back home for the problems with She faces re-election next year, but a formidable Republican opponent has yet to emerge.
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  9. Yes, but Is It art? What an artist is obliged to share with her viewers

    How does an artist decide when to take a risk that might betray a viewer’s trust? CPR's arts editor hosts a discussion with artist Nikki Pike and curator Carmen Winant.
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  10. Anti-Government Demonstrations Rock Thai Capital

    Protesters, who occupied parts of the finance and foreign ministries in Bangkok, want Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign. They accuse her of being a puppet for her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister who was ousted in a military coup in 2006.
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