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  1. Missy Franklin, Rick Reilly and Phil Liggett top a year of sports interviews

    As the year winds down, Colorado Matters looks back at some of its favorite conversations in 2014 with athletes and other sports figures.
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  2. 'Googly-Eyed' Stubby Squid Captures Internet's Attention

    Researchers from the Nautilus exploration vessel came upon the bright purple creature with giant eyes. It may look like a cartoon character, but it's real. It's also pretty tough, a researcher says.
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  3. On Appeal, U.S. Women Will Rerun Their 4x100m Relay Race

    Allyson Felix and her teammates on the U.S. women's 400-meter relay team get a second shot to make the final, after successfully arguing that other runners made them drop the baton.
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  4. Ten Seasons of Buntport Theater Company

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  5. Looking Up: Amusement Parks On Track For A Record-Breaking Year

    Some 260 million people spend about $10 billion annually at regional theme parks, and attendance is soaring. To attract more thrill-seekers, the parks have been adding bigger, faster rides.
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  6. Robot-Like Machines Helped People With Spinal Injuries Regain Function

    Eight people with serious spinal injuries who practiced hours of interaction with wearable machines for months regained lost feeling and some ability to move.
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  7. Debate Continues Over U.N. Role In Bringing Cholera To Haiti

    The U.N. appears to be on the verge of admitting it played a role in introducing cholera to Haiti in 2010. But critics are still waiting for the agency to take full responsibility.
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  8. House Republicans Revive 'Good Samaritan' Bill After Gold King Mine Spill

    The measure is intended to encourage cleanups by limiting the liability of groups that try to help.
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  9. Counterterrorism Chief Sees Gains On The Battlefield, Stubborn Threats At Home

    Nick Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, says progress against the Islamic State may be slow to affect the terror attacks plaguing the West.
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  10. Romance Round The World: From Meet Markets To Covert 911 Calls

    U.S. dating customs can be a bit unusual. (Swipe right ...) Let's see how people look for potential partners in other corners of the world.
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