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  1. Daylight Saving Time: Set Your Clocks Ahead Tonight

    Clocks will be set ahead by one hour tonight in much of America, as 2 a.m. will become 3 a.m. Among U.S. states, only Hawaii and most of Arizona will keep their clocks set to Standard Time.
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  2. Brief Standoff Over Ukrainian Base In Crimea Ends Peacefully

    A Russian military truck reportedly smashed through the gate of the base in Sevastopol, the port city that houses Russia's Black Sea fleet.
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  3. The '60s Are Gone, But Psychedelic Research Trip Continues

    Since the 1970s, hallucinogens have been classified as Schedule I drugs, indicating they have no medical use. But researchers say there are benefits and that work must continue.
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  4. Essay: How the room affects laughter in stand-up comedy

    Comedy can inhabit any space big or small but the layout of a room can tell you what to expect before the first audience member ever steps across the threshold.
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  5. U.S. Men's Alpine Skiers Grab Bronze And Silver

    Bode Miller becomes the oldest person ever to win a medal in Alpine skiing at the Olympics, taking bronze. Underdog Andrew Weibrecht garners silver.
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  6. Help-Wanted Ad Shows Depths Of Spain's Unemployment Problem

    Having trouble wrapping your head around southern Europe's staggering unemployment problem? This week, Ikea advertised for 400 jobs in a new megastore on Spain's Mediterranean coast. It got more than 20,000 online applicants in 48 hours, before the retailer's computer servers crashed.
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  7. Jewels Lie Beneath The Violence In The Central African Republic

    A Muslim-led coup last year triggered the violence in the majority-Christian country. But there's a deeper reason: resentment over diamonds and gold, mined by Christians and traded by Muslims.
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  8. Senate Blocks Bill To Overhaul Military Sex Assault Prosecutions

    The measure would have removed the authority of senior military commanders to prosecute sexual assault cases within their ranks. The vote was 55-45 vote.
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  9. A Greek Treasure Pulled From The Sea Disappears Again In Gaza

    The Hamas government says it has an important relic: an ancient statue of the god Apollo, found by a fisherman. It hopes the bronze figure attracts foreign interest but hasn't yet shown it publicly.
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  10. Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Controversial Bill

    The legislation would have allowed business owners to refuse service to gays and others if the customers offended their religious beliefs.
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