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  1. Accounting Giant To Pay $4 Million After Improper Lobbying

    The SEC announced Monday that auditing giant Ernst & Young will pay $4 million to settle charges a subsidiary lobbied Congress inappropriately. The firm neither admitted nor denied the charges.
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  2. Debate: Does U.S. Military Intervention In The Middle East Help Or Hurt?

    As the U.S. presses on with airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, two teams tackled the motion, "Flexing American Muscles In The Middle East Will Make Things Worse," in the latest Intelligence Squared debate.
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  3. Clinton Documents: 7 Excerpts You Should Read

    The Clinton Presidential Library finished releasing documents that had been withheld previously. They reveal nothing we didn't already know, but give insight into a tumultuous time at the White House.
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  4. Dutch Authorities Say One Malaysia Airlines Victim Was Wearing Oxygen Mask

    Authorities still don't know how the mask got there, but they said it may signal that at least that one passenger was alive long enough to put it on.
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  5. Jan Hooks, Best Known For Her Roles On SNL, Dies At Age 57

    Hooks was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 1991, playing key characters like Hillary Clinton and Sinead O'Connor.
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  6. Brews, beats highlighted during inaugural Ft. Collins 'Hip Hops' festival

    Colorado hip hop artist Qbala shares an exclusive track from her unreleased EP with CPR as “Hip Hops: A Brew Tour” gets underway in Fort Collins.
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  7. What We Know About The American Being Held By The Islamic State

    Peter Kassig was an Iraq War veteran who went to Syria to volunteer at hospitals. In a profile aired by CNN in 2012, Kassig said he's an idealist who believes in hopeless causes.
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  8. Medicare Fines Record Number Of Hospitals For Excessive Readmissions

    Fewer Medicare patients are returning to hospitals within a month of discharge. But half the hospitals in 29 states and the District of Columbia will be penalized for failing to do a better job.
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  9. Firestone Did What Governments Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks

    There's a company town in Liberia with 80,000 residents. Ebola was first detected in March. Firestone's resourceful response has kept the virus from spreading.
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  10. Oregon First Lady Sorry For 'Marriage Of Convenience' With Green Card Seeker

    In 1997, Cylvia Hayes received money to marry an Ethiopian who wanted a green card. Her fiance, Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber, is seeking a fourth term. She says he didn't know of the marriage.
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