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  1. Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall In S.C.; 'Serious Inland Flooding' Reported

    Rain accumulations of 8 to 12 inches are possible from northeast South Carolina into northeast North Carolina and southeast Virginia, the National Hurricane Center says.
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  2. Underground Music Showcase Again Expands 2016 Lineup

    Colfax Speed Queen, Anthony Ruptak, Kitty Crimes, Eldren and more added to Denver event.
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  3. At 23, Hong Kong Lawmaker Promises Feisty Protests Aimed At China

    Nathan Law is the youngest elected official ever in Hong Kong. He plans more protests against China and he says he's willing to go to prison for his beliefs.
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  4. Longtime Classical Host Charley Samson is Retiring. Help Us Celebrate His Career

    He's been a unique, witty voice in Colorado for nearly half a century. What's your favorite memory of the veteran announcer?
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  5. Learning To Swim As A Grown Up After Cultural Stigma And Fear Weighed Him Down

    Learning to swim as a child can be hard — but it's even harder as an adult. Guardian U.S. writer-at-large Dave Schilling tells NPR's Rachel Martin that he is only now, at age 31, getting into a pool.
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  6. France Holds Memorial Service 2 Weeks After Attacks

    The names of each of the 130 victims killed on Nov. 13 were read aloud. President Francois Hollande said France would continue to defend the values for which they died.
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  7. Watch: VP Candidate Tim Kaine Delivers Full Speech In Spanish

    Democrat Tim Kaine became the first candidate on a major-party White House ticket to deliver a speech in Spanish. He spoke at a church in Miami Sunday.
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  8. What If 'Gilmore Girls' Had A Female Genital Mutilation Subplot?

    A new study tests an intriguing strategy. Can a melodramatic movie change minds about a dangerous but longstanding ritual?
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  9. Essential Classics Weekend: Labor Day 2016

    Hear hours of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and many other great composers during our Essential Classics Weekend.
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  10. NPR Poll: Are Parents Overrating The Quality Of Child Care?

    Almost all parents rate their child care as very good or excellent, according to a new NPR poll. But researchers say that's off base, and that just 10 percent of child care is high quality.
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