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  1. Audit: State Lacks Ability To Monitor Pet Shelters, Boarders

    The Pet Animal Care Facilities Act Program also lacks the ability to enforce rules on rule-breaking facilities, the audit found.
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  2. NFL's Baltimore Ravens Cut Ray Rice After New Video Surfaces

    The video apparently shows Rice's then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, being hit in the face. The running back was initially suspended for two games; now the league has suspended Rice indefinitely.
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  3. No Shame, No Euphemism: Suicide Isn't A Natural Cause Of Death

    A doctor's mother loved medicines and their potential for miracles, but she always sought to ditch them the moment she felt better. Her mental health problems eventually overwhelmed her.
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  4. Loud & Clear: Body cameras, the death penalty and Anschutz's wind farm

    Listeners share their thoughts on recent interviews, including whether they think it's cheating to use a drone to summit a difficult peak.
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  5. The Life And Death Of The Iowa Straw Poll, A Once Important Political Event

    Republicans killed the controversial Iowa Straw Poll after major candidates passed on attending. The tradition, rife with pay-to-play allegations, may have been a victim of its own success.
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  6. Jeff Bezos Responds To 'New York Times' Report On Amazon's Workplace

    Amazon's CEO says in a memo to employees that "anyone working in a company that really is like the one described in the NYT would be crazy to stay."
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  7. Michigan Lawmaker Reportedly Concocted Fake Scandal To Cover Up A Real One

    The Detroit News says that state Rep. Todd Courser sought to spread a rumor that he is homosexual to hide his extramarital affair with a female lawmaker.
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  8. 'Is It Rolling, Bob?': Remembering Producer Bob Johnston

    Producing albums for Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and most crucially, Bob Dylan, Johnston helped give shape, heft and durability to some of the most transformative music of the past five decades.
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  9. More Colorado jobs on the way, say CU Boulder researchers

    There were more than 28,000 new business filings in the first quarter of 2015. That's expected to lead to more jobs.
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  10. Telluride plans to adopt changed panhandling law

    Mayor Stu Fraser says the council agreed to stick with four provisions not objected to by the ACLU, such as making it illegal for people soliciting donations to touch or grab someone or block their path.
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