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  1. Who Was Antonia Brico? The Denver Philharmonic Pays Tribute To Its Founder

    The orchestra dedicates a new stage named after the pioneering conductor who founded the group.
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  2. Turn On, Tune In, Transcribe: U.N. Develops Radio-Listening Tool

    In rural Uganda, "radio is everything," as one journalist puts it. So the U.N., hoping to hear more rural voices, used a tiny amount of data to build speech recognition software for new languages.
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  3. Raise Colorado's Minimum Wage? Here's What Workers Tell Us

    CPR has been asking what a higher minimum wage mean for the state’s residents and businesses. We heard previously from employers.
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  4. When It Comes To Spending, The ColoradoCare Fight Has Been Lopsided

    One of Colorado’s most high-profile election battles is over ColoradoCare. Amendment 69 is also one of the most expensive ballot fights.
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  5. Top Stories: Trump Transition Efforts; Future Of World Climate Accord

    Also: A small bomb went off in central Athens, with no injuries; Taiwan is set to consider same sex marriage; and the Toy Hall of Fame will induct its new members today.
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  6. Aid in Dying Measure Qualifies For Colorado Ballot

    If the measure passes, doctors would be allowed to prescribe a fatal dose of medication for a patient with a diagnosis of six months or less to live.
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  7. After The Diagnosis: How Families Experience Autism

    Raising a child with autism can test families financially and emotionally. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with parents of children with autism, and a young woman who was diagnosed later in life.
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  8. 'Your Kids Are Not An Experiment'; Surgeon General Says No Vaping For Young People

    A report from the surgeon general warns that "nicotine is addictive and harmful for youth and young adults," and notes e-cigarettes are increasingly popular among people under 25.
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  9. Congress Poised To Pass Sweeping Law Covering FDA And NIH

    The House could vote Wednesday on a vast bill that stretches nearly a thousand pages and holds changes large and small for the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.
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  10. U.S. Markets Slump After Chinese Stocks Plunge; China Suspends 'Circuit Breaker'

    With U.S. stock prices already seeing their worst three-day opening for a year since 2008, China's trading day lasted less than 30 minutes Thursday.
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