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  1. Governor Signals He May Back Down On Clean Power Plan

    Gov. John Hickenlooper is looking for ways to defuse a Republican effort to strip funding from the state agency developing the plan.
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  2. More Low-Income Kids Now Have Health Coverage

    The expansion of Medicaid and continued enrollment in the Children's Health Insurance Program have boosted the proportion of eligible kids with health coverage to 91 percent, a study finds.
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  3. In Greeley, Students Can't Wear Manning's 18 Jersey To School

    The rule was put in place a year before the quarterback joined the team because of its association with a local gang.
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  4. You Can Have Our Millions — But First You Must Pass Our Test

    The U.S. aid group MCC just suspended a $463 million "compact" with Tanzania because of concerns about unfair elections on its semi-autonomous island, Zanzibar.
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  5. Petraeus sentenced to 2 years' probation, fine for sharing classified info

    Under the terms of a plea deal, the former CIA director will avoid jail time. Petraeus, 62, admits having retained notebooks full of classified information and showing them to his biographer.
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  6. California Governor Makes Some Water Restrictions Permanent

    Amid a persistent drought, Gov. Jerry Brown is permanently banning wasteful water practices like hosing pavement. His executive order does allow some districts to loosen water restrictions, though.
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  7. Colorado House OKs $27B Budget, Sends Bill To Senate

    Republicans have long-argued the state’s spending priorities are out of whack, and only five members supported the package.
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  8. 'Ghost Protest' In Seoul Uses Holograms, Not People

    The protest, organized by Amnesty International, featured virtual demonstrators. But concerns about freedom of speech and assembly in South Korea are real.
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  9. Search Continues For EgyptAir Flight That Went Missing Over Mediterranean Sea

    EgyptAir says there were 66 people aboard Flight MS 804 when it disappeared from radar in the early hours of the morning. There are conflicting reports about the discovery of debris from the plane.
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  10. A 66,000 Pound Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Is Parading Through The Streets Of LA

    ET-94, which is as tall as a 15-story building, is on a 16-mile trek through Los Angeles on its way to the California Science Center. It's set to be displayed with the space shuttle Endeavor.
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