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  1. High Prices For Orphan Drugs Strain Families And Insurers

    Three decades ago, Congress set up a system to encourage drug companies to develop treatments for rare diseases. The law has worked, but at a high cost.
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  2. Sotheby's Contends Painting That Sold For $842,500 Is A Fake

    In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, the auction house argued that a painting titled St. Jerome was actually created in the 20th century, and not by the 16th century Italian artist known as Parmigianino.
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  3. Anti-Trump Voices Grow Louder In Scotland After Development Rift

    Donald Trump promised to bring thousands of jobs and tourism to Aberdeen. A decade later, he has angered the neighbors of his luxury golf course. "He promises the earth, delivers nothing," says one.
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  4. Satirist Takes Berlin Holocaust Memorial Selfie-Takers To Task

    A Berlin-based Israeli satirist tweaks selfies taken at the memorial to elicit discomfort — and reflection. The memorial, he says, is "not just another backdrop for goofy selfies."
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  5. After A Tragedy, Laura Gibson Finds Kindness And Honesty On 'Empire Builder'

    The singer-songwriter's latest follows a devastating accident.
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  6. Obama Wraps Up 2015 With Year-End News Conference

    The president took questions Friday afternoon. Afterward, he'll travel to San Bernardino, Calif., to visit families of victims of this month's terrorist attack, before heading off for vacation.
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  7. 5 Questions About The Law And Trump's Immigration Order

    The order on immigration has sparked a number of legal challenges, but the issues involved are far from settled.
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  8. Justice Dept. Investigating Commerce City PD Misconduct

    The suburban Denver department requested the study in July, saying incidents involving several officers have eroded public trust.
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  9. How Denver-Area Arts Groups Split Millions From Cultural Tax District

    Here’s the most recent breakdown of which Denver metro organizations received public funding from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.
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  10. Trump Will Be Sworn In With Same Bible As Lincoln And Obama

    The Lincoln Bible was purchased for the 1861 inauguration by Supreme Court Clerk William Thomas Carroll.
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