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  1. Despite failed projections, more Coloradans now signing up for Obamacare

    Although enrollment totals are still far below initial projections, but there's been a significant uptick in sign-ups.
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  2. To Changing Landscape, Add Private Health Care Exchanges

    While our attention has been focused on Obamacare, there are rumblings of a major shift in the way companies offer private health insurance to workers. It involves what are called "private health care exchanges." These are similar to — but completely separate from — the public exchanges you've heard so much about.
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  3. In Alabama, Big Business Beats The Tea Party In A GOP House Race

    The battle between the business and Tea Party wings of the Republican Party for Alabama's 1st Congressional District was won by Bradley Byrne, the choice of Chamber of Commerce types. Byrne defeated Dean Young in the primary election in the reliably Republican district.
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  4. Restoring The Mausoleum That Helped Inspire The Taj Mahal

    An imposing 16th century stone tomb for the Mogul emperor Humayun has been restored after six years of work. The mausoleum, which had fallen into disrepair, became India's most ambitious heritage conservation project.
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  5. Project XPat: Turkey Ball In Djibouti

    Celebrating Thanksgiving American-style in the Horn of Africa.
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  6. On Thanksgiving, Everybody Needs A Friend — And That Means Everybody

    Today's a day to share, so that's why I want to share this moment: Two girls are on a city street, trying to figure out who's going to be friends with the nastiest person they can think of. Not an easy problem, but they solve it. Gorgeously.
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  7. Do You Know Thee Enemy?, Slim Cessna's Auto Club

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  8. Comedy Picks: Doug Benson, Kayvan Khalatbari, secret shows at Comedy Works and more

    Looking for laughs in and around Denver during the holiday season? Comedy writer Josiah Hesse offers five recommendations.
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  9. Travelers Rent Their Cars Out At Airports, In A New Business Model

    At a few U.S. airports, travelers have a new option besides paying for long-term parking or finding a ride. A service named FlightCar allows them to leave their car in the company's lot — and rent it out while they're away.
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  10. Notes on Handel's Messiah

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