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  1. One Tweet Unleashes A Torrent Of Stories Of Sexual Assault

    Donald Trump talked about grabbing women's genitals. On Twitter, tens of thousands of women have told stories from the other side of sexual assault, sharing their stories with the hashtag #NotOkay.
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  2. Rifle Under Mandatory Water Restrictions

    After pipeline breaks, police say water may not be used for any outdoor purposes until further notice.
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  3. Man Pleads Guilty To Elaborate Kidnapping Initially Deemed A Hoax By Calif. Police

    In court documents, 39-year-old Matthew Muller is identified as a former Marine who suffers from bipolar disorder. He is described as a Harvard-educated lawyer who was later disbarred.
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  4. Young Coloradans fueling drop in driving, study finds

    The Colorado Public Research Interest Group analyzed federal highway data to conclude Coloradans are driving about 11 percent per person less than a decade ago.
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  5. Kyle Craft, 'Berlin'

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  6. How Colorado Fares On 'Pay Gap' Between Child Care, Kindergarden Workers

    On average, child care workers here earn about $24,000 a year. That’s about $3,000 more than the national average.
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  7. Israel Accuses World Vision Employee Of Embezzling Millions For Hamas

    Israel said it arrested a senior World Vision staffer in Gaza and accused him of funneling funds to the Hamas militant group. The Christian charity said it has "no reason" to believe the allegations.
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  8. Killing Reindeer To Stop Anthrax Could Snuff Out A Nomadic Culture

    Zombie bacteria in defrosting reindeer carcasses brought anthrax back to Siberia. Now the government wants to slaughter 250,000 reindeer to stop the spread.
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  9. Infection Outbreak Shines Light On Water Risks At Dentists Offices

    Sometimes going to the dentist can make you sick. It's rare, but nearly two dozen children near Los Angeles have been hospitalized after developing infections traced to contaminated water.
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  10. France's Socialist President Pays Nearly $11,000 A Month For Haircuts

    French President Francois Hollande's coif hasn't really been a subject of conversation, until now. He's facing a scandal after it emerged that he pays a hairdresser nearly $11,000 every month.
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