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  1. For The Children's Sake, Put Down That Smartphone

    When adults are absorbed in their mobile devices, the consequences for children are not good. Research shows kids act out more if they are competing with a mobile device for their parent's attention.
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  2. Before This Blogger Moves On, He Wants To Say Thanks

    As he prepares to take on a new role at NPR after nearly five years with The Two-Way, Mark Memmott wants to say, "See you later."
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  3. Maryland's Obamacare Stumble Fails To Sway Governor's Race

    Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown might as well be wearing Teflon. Despite overseeing the botched rollout of the state's health insurance exchange, he's still the Democratic front-runner.
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  4. Got My Goat? Vermont Farms Put Fresh Meat On Refugee Tables

    Americans don't eat much barbecued goat, but the meat is a mainstay in many African, Asian and Caribbean diets. In Vermont, farmers raise it for refugees and immigrants, and hope to mainstream it.
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  5. Is Obamacare A Success? We Might Not Know For A While

    Fans and foes want to know whether the Affordable Care Act is meeting its goals. But, for good reasons, there are no clear answers yet.
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  6. Harpist’s music helps the dying let go

    At the height of her career as a concert harpist, Carolyn Kuban left the applause behind to become a healing harpist, helping to soothe the suffering of others. The journey has taken her to the bedsides of the dying.
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  7. African Food With A Twist: Dakar Pop-Up Restaurant Raises The Bar

    Three chefs in Senegal are helping put West Africa on the culinary map. They move their monthly pop-up restaurant around Dakar, introducing diners to new takes on familiar ingredients like the peanut.
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  8. Company Hopes To Strike It Rich By Mining Pacific Seafloor

    Nautilus Minerals has signed a contract with the government of Papua New Guinea to extract cooper, gold and silver from a depth of 5,000 feet.
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  9. It Was 50 Years Ago Today: 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' Hit U.S.

    Listen to a clip. We can almost guarantee it will raise a smile. I Want To Hold Your Hand is the song that kicked off Beatlemania in the U.S.
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  10. VIDEO: San Francisco's Biggest Fire In Years

    A nine-story apartment building that was under construction went up in flames. Firefighters were able to protect nearby buildings.
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