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  1. A Scientist Deploys Light And Sound To Reveal The Brain

    Try to look inside the brain and you're not going to get very far. But photoacoustic imaging may be a solution for the shortcomings of conventional imaging. It uses lasers to make the brain sing.
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  2. Denver Pastor: Charleston Tragedy Has 'Pulled Communities Together'

    Rev. Timothy Tyler of Shorter Community A.M.E. Church says he's hopeful that some good can come from the tragedy.
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  3. Flouting The Law, Some New Yorkers Won't Register Guns

    The state passed a tough gun law in 2013, but the people "have repealed it on their own. They're just ignoring the law," says the head of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.
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  4. Tense Hours, Then Sighs Of Relief After Huge Quake Off Chile

    Early reports indicate at least six people were killed, but that a major disaster may have been avoided. The temblor did generate a tsunami, but the waves apparently did not cause extensive damage.
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  5. Scientists investigate SW Colorado for origin of methane hotspot

    The sampling is part of a larger effort to measure air pollution across oil and gas fields in the West.
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  6. Family Describes Chattanooga Shooter As Being On A Downward Spiral

    Based on conversations with the family, a representative offered a narrative of a young man struggling with mental illness and substance abuse who reached a breaking point days before the shootings.
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  7. Bong, not bomb, causes scare at Boulder bus station

    She said the foot-long plastic pipe looked suspicious because it was capped at both ends but marijuana was found inside.
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  8. Colorado health exchange considers fees in order to survive

    The cost to run Colorado’s exchange, Connect for Health, is now expected to rise sharply, to $44 million a year. That's well above earlier projections.
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  9. Making Mountains Out Of Trail Markers? Cairns Spark Debate In Southwest

    In recent years, the man-made piles of rocks have become steeped in controversy, with some declaring them symbols of unity and others saying they're "pointless reminders of human ego."
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  10. Israel Resumes Gaza Strikes After Rocket Attacks

    The resumption of violence casts doubts about the future of indirect talks in Cairo, but similar flareups in the past have not prevented the two sides from reinstating another temporary truce.
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