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  1. Scientists Discover A New Form Of Ice — It's Square

    Researchers were surprised by what they found when they sandwiched a drop of water between two layers of an unusual two-dimensional material called graphene.
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  2. How Many Crimes Do Your Police 'Clear'? Now You Can Find Out

    Police say a crime is "cleared" when they make an arrest or identify a suspect. Clearance rates vary widely by city, but you can use our tool to look up how the police are faring where you live.
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  3. Wilson Sporting Goods Acquires Louisville Slugger Brand

    The $70 million dollar deal will join the makers of Major League Baseball's official bat with the company that produces MLB's official glove.
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  4. Staff At Britain's Windsor Castle May Strike Over Low Wages

    It's the first time Queen Elizabeth is facing a possible strike by employees of the royal family. At issue is whether employees should be expected to do extra work for no additional pay.
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  5. Church of Scientology calls new HBO documentary 'bigoted'

    The filmmaker says Going Clear, harshly critical of the Church of Scientology, is about the dangers of "blind faith." The church has hit back with an aggressive public relations effort of its own.
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  6. May 6- 12

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  7. An Unexpected Wilderness Cam At Britain's 10 Downing Street

    A fox slinked past the door of the famous London residence on Monday. A cat and a dog also appeared. Photographers captured the scene as they awaited the prime minister's news conference.
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  8. Oops: World Leaders' Personal Data Mistakenly Released

    An Australian immigration official accidentally exposed passport details, dates of birth and other personal information for 31 world leaders during last year's the G-20 summit in Brisbane.
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  9. A Toilet No More: NBA Team Changes Arena Plan After Jokes Swirl In

    The Golden State Warriors have revised their new arena's design, after critics said that from overhead, at least, the building looked just like a toilet with the seat and lid down.
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  10. Justice Department Won't Charge IRS' Lois Lerner With Criminal Contempt

    At issue is whether the former IRS official waived her Fifth Amendment rights when she made an opening statement proclaiming her innocence over the agency's targeting of conservative groups.
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