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  1. Oh, Snap! NASA Promises Best Photo Yet Of Faraway Pluto

    A spacecraft on its way to Pluto has just woken up from hibernation. By next month, scientists expect to have the first good pictures of the dwarf planet. All the others have been, well, crummy.
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  2. Federal lands employees across the West harassed, shot at, on the job

    High Country News compiled records of rangers being harassed and assaulted, and found some suspects despise the federal government.
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  3. U.S. Tech Firms See Green As They Set Up Shop In Low-Tax Ireland

    Google, Apple and other industry leaders have global headquarters in Ireland. But the U.S. Congress and others aren't happy, and the Irish are reconsidering some of these business-friendly tax laws.
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  4. How Much Is That MRI, Really? Massachusetts Shines A Light

    A state law now requires insurers to reveal prices of their medical tests, and the variation is amazing, bargain hunters say. An MRI of the back is $614 at one place; $1,800 at another.
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  5. Syrian Rebels Cede Stronghold After Over A Year Under Siege

    Syrian rebels have surrendered Homs, the city known as the birthplace of the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad. It marks the end of a long siege and a huge blow to the rebels.
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  6. Colorado teen struggles to navigate her black and white identities

    April Edwards says her parents didn't talk about race at home. Now she's taking it on at home and at school.
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  7. Egyptian Court Overturns Mubarak's Murder Conviction

    It is not clear if the former strongman, who was ousted after massive anti-government protests in 2011, will walk free as he is also serving a separate 3-year sentence.
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  8. Documentary puts jazz trumpeter Clark Terry in Denver film fest spotlight

    “Keep On Keepin’ On,” edited by Denver's Davis Coombe, explores the special bond between a trumpeter in his 90s and a young, blind pianist.
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  9. Lights Back On In Bangladesh After Nationwide Blackout

    The failure of a link that supplies electricity from neighboring India is suspected to have caused the massive outage on Saturday.
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  10. RIYL: Modest Mouse

    If you're a Modest Mouse fan, here are a few other artists you might like.
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