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  1. At Least 300 Migrants Feared Dead Off Italian Coast

    The refugees and migrants had tried to cross the frigid Mediterranean in open vessels without food and water. The estimate comes from the U.N. refugee agency, which spoke to survivors.
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  2. It's Been A Hard 12-Step Road For Zanzibar's Heroin Addicts

    An island off the coast of Tanzania has one of the world's highest addiction rates. But the majority of its people, who are Muslims, are uneasy with the 12-step recovery program's Christian concepts.
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  3. Colombian Rebels Invite Miss Universe To Join Peace Talks

    Paulina Vega, 22, said in interviews that she wanted to help end her country's 50-year civil war. So, FARC asked her to attend talks in Havana.
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  4. Bangladesh Ferry Accident Kills Dozens

    The vessel, carrying more than 100 passengers, capsized after being hit by a cargo ship about 25 miles northwest of the capital Dhaka.
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  5. CSU's new head football coach Mike Bobo gets $1.35 million salary

    Bobo was previously University of Georgia's football offensive coordinator.
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  6. In LA, Missing Kindergarten Is A Big Deal

    Research shows that missing school in the crucial early days of school leads to problems later on. In Los Angeles, educators are working to raise kindergarten attendance.
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  7. A Detroit Opera Celebrates Frida Kahlo's Life And Cooking

    The Michigan Opera Theater is mounting a production in March of Frida. The city's Mexican restaurants are getting involved by honoring the Mexican artist's recipes and cooking with special menus.
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  8. Iran Nuclear Talks Report Progress, While Critics Ratchet Up The Rhetoric

    U.S. and Iranian delegates are trying to settle on the framework for an accord on the future of Iran's nuclear program. Not everyone is impressed with this nuclear diplomacy.
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  9. Valentine's Day Has Another Side: Fighting For Freedoms For Women

    The V-Day Movement aims to fight unfair laws that abuse and discriminate against women. In Malta, for example, a man can abduct a woman and get away with it if he marries her.
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  10. Pre-K Pays Off By Lowering Special Ed Placements

    A study, which tracked students enrolled in preschool and Smart Start programs in North Carolina, showed that the programs reduced the likelihood of the students' ending up in special education later.
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