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  1. Comcast 'embarrassed' by the service call making Internet rounds

    In case you missed it, a customer posted eight minutes of a bleak call with Comcast. His attempt to cancel his cable set a new standard for bad customer service.
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  2. Looking For Free Sperm, Women May Turn To Online Forums

    Bypassing commercial sperm banks, thousands are logging on to websites where women can connect with men at no cost. Anecdotes abound, but the scope of the unregulated activity is unclear.
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  3. Federal Judge Declares Death Penalty Unconstitutional In California

    Systemic delays create a system that is arbitrary, a federal judge in Orange County decided. Death penalty advocates, however, say delays are a bigger problem for victims' families.
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  4. Stressed Out: Americans Tell Us About Stress In Their Lives

    NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a poll in March and early April to find out how stress is affecting people in the U.S. Here's what we found.
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  5. From Coffee Futures To Bulk Buying: A Year Of Adventurous Investing

    Last year NPR's Uri Berliner took money from a savings account that was losing value to inflation and bought a range of assets that included a painting and a haul from Costco. So how'd his money do?
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  6. Obama inches into Udall's Senate race

    The president's trip to Colorado this week to raise money for Sen. Mark Udall underscores the risks for vulnerable Democrats of being linked with the increasingly unpopular president.
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  7. Florida Court Overturns State's Same-Sex-Marriage Ban

    The case applies only in Monroe County, which includes Key West, and will almost certainly be appealed. But a similar case is pending in Miami.
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  8. Astronomers backpedal on claims about the starting of all time

    Did scientists make a mistake in their recent findings about the Big Bang?
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  9. Remembering Colorado composer Richard Toensing, 1940-2014

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  10. Casino Boat Runs Aground Off Georgia Coast In Maiden Voyage

    So far, the Coast Guard has been unable to move the boat. Passengers who have been stuck for hours are now being evacuated by small boats and helicopter.
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