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  1. Lawmakers In Uruguay Vote To Legalize Pot

    The country's President Jose Mujica says the prohibition of cannabis hasn't worked. The new law would allow the growing, selling and using of the drug.
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  2. Denver urges residents to recycle more

    Department of Solid Waste continues efforts to boost 14-percent recycling rate, a figure that is three-times higher than the rate 10 years ago.
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  3. Ra Ra Riot at OpenAir

    Syracuse-based indie act Ra Ra Riot made time to stop by our CPR Performance Studio back in September.
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  4. Remembering Eydie Gorme, A Vegas Singer Without The Drama

    Eydie Gorme was most famous for being half of the husband-and-wife singing duo Steve and Eydie, with her husband of nearly 60 years, Steve Lawrence. But on her own she was known for her range, her deftness in English and Spanish and her sense of humor. She passed away in August in Las Vegas.
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  5. ANALYSIS: Why Is '60 Minutes' So Tight-Lipped In Its Benghazi Apology?

    TV's most storied newsmagazine still hasn't explained just how it made such big mistakes on a story about the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that it was later forced to retract. The reason for that might be found in a single word: Memogate.
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  6. Newtown Report Offers Few Insights Into School Shooting

    The exhaustive compilation of evidence adds details to a summary released by authorities last month showing that shooter Adam Lanza had a fascination with guns and mass shootings.
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  7. Scandal May Bring New Oversight To LA County Sheriff's Department

    The Los Angeles County supervisor wants to create an independent commission to oversee the department following charges of inmate abuse and racial profiling.
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  8. Suspect Pleads Not Guilty In Fatal Shooting Of TSA Agent In LA

    Paul Anthony Ciancia, accused of killing Gerardo Hernandez, faces a first-degree murder charge and 10 other counts related to the Nov. 1 attack at Los Angeles International Airport.
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  9. Country Singer, Bandleader Ray Price Dies At 87

    The Grammy winner and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee had dozens of hits spanning more than six decades of performing. He died of complications from pancreatic cancer.
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  10. As Congress Leaves Town, Some Jobless Benefits Set To Expire

    The House adjourned for the holidays Thursday night after passing a two-year budget agreement. But despite pressure from President Obama and congressional Democrats, it did not include an extension of the long-term unemployment benefit program that aids 1.3 million Americans.
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