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  1. OpenAir Morning Show Host/Announcer/Producer ***FILLED***

    Colorado Public Radio · Employment Opportunity
  2. Bipartisan Colorado bill mixes social services, capitalism

    Investors would fund things like preschool programs or anti-recidivism efforts and then collect a profit from future savings -- if the programs work.
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  3. Music and civil unrest: A Ferguson reflection

    Jessi Whitten shares her thoughts on the role of social media and music in protests like those currently happening around the country following the events in Ferguson, Mo.
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  4. She's Got One Of The Toughest Diseases To Cure. And She's Hopeful

    Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a growing problem. It's spread through the air. It can kill you. And it's incredibly difficult to treat. But a program in Peru shows that the disease can be cured.
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  5. State Legislatures Quarrel Over Whether To Expand Medicaid

    Medicaid expansion was a big deal in a handful of state legislatures this year. Wyoming said no. Tennessee said no. But Montana said yes, and three more states are coming down to the wire.
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  6. RTD East Rail Line cars enter DIA station under their own power

    For the first time, 2 commuter rail cars, under their own electric power, entered the station at the airport. The test marks one of the final stages before the East Rail Line opens to the public in mid 2016.
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  7. Spending To Fight Wildfires At The Expense Of Preventing Them

    In Washington state, a community coalition is bringing homeowners, businesses and government together to figure out how best to use what little money there is to protect the land from destruction.
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  8. Booming cities, taxed rivers, and tumbleweeds frame Colorado's water plans

    “If the Front Range is going to continue to grow, it will only be at the expense of agriculture," said farmer Dale Mauch. "There’s just not enough water."
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  9. Grassley To Justice Department: Crack Down On Medicare Advantage Overbilling

    Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley is asking the Obama administration pointed questions about what is being done to investigate alleged fraud, waste and abuse by Medicare Advantage plans.
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  10. A Man Said To Be Ebola-Free Could Still Infect A Partner During Sex

    A new report says a woman in Liberia very likely contracted the virus after unprotected sex with a man who had survived the disease. The reason may lie in the immune response of the testicles.
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