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  1. Pilot In Deadly Taiwan Crash Hailed As A Hero

    The TransAsia Flight 235 crashed into a shallow river on Wednesday, killing at least 31 people. Taipei's mayor said the pilot had narrowly avoided buildings and likely more casualties.
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  2. Lamb Dumplings, Lentils And A Bittersweet Taste Of Home

    One of Syria's most famous restaurants is bringing the tastes of Damascus to Iraq, where hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled from war, and are hungry for a reassuring slice of home.
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  3. When pot goes from illegal to recreational, schools face a dilemma

    Since Colorado legalized marijuana use, some schools in the state are starting to change how they teach students about the drug in health class. Educators worry students are receiving mixed messages.
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  4. California's Drought Exposes Long-Hidden Detritus

    More than 67 percent of California is experiencing "extreme drought" or worse. At Southern California's Lake Perris, dry conditions have revealed tractor tires and sunken boats, unseen for decades.
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  5. Clark Terry, Acclaimed Jazz Trumpeter And Composer, Dies At 94

    The famed musician was one of the most prolific recording artists in jazz and performed with such greats as Ella Fitzgerald and Quincy Jones in a career that spanned decades.
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  6. My first record: Jessi Whitten

    In the days leading up to this year's Record Store Day on April 19, the OpenAir hosts will share the story of their first-ever record purchases, however memorable or misguided they may have been. Next up is afternoon host and music director Jessi Whitten.
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  7. Why hot chocolate might be more American than apple pie

    George Washington drank hot chocolate for breakfast, according to historians. But his version was flavored with chili powder, vanilla and allspice, and contained less sugar than the cocoa of today.
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  8. Harvard Bans Sexual Relationships Between Professors And Students

    Last year, Harvard was among dozens of schools the Department of Education said it's investigating for how they handle sexual abuse allegations.
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  9. In Hong Kong, Police Clear Final 'Occupy' Protest Site

    Following months of acts of civil disobedience to demand democratic reforms, police have rousted the final bastion of what's come to be known as the Umbrella Revolution.
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  10. Nurse Criticizes Quarantine After Negative Ebola Test, Hires Lawyer

    Kaci Hickox says she doesn't have a fever; a preliminary blood test came back negative for Ebola. She reportedly hired a civil rights attorney to work for her release Sunday.
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