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  1. Trade Opponents Leak Documents They Say Show Corporate Influence

    Environmentalists opposed to a US-EU trade deal say documents they leaked prove corporations have too much say. But EU officials say that's "flatly wrong."
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  2. Should Pediatricians Ask Parents If They're Poor?

    It may seem like nobody's business, but there's abundant evidence that living in a home with poverty can harm children's health. And there are proven ways that doctors can help with that.
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  3. Marines Investigating Possible Mistaken Identity In Iwo Jima Flag-Raising Photo

    Analysis by amateur historians has called into question the identity of some of the men depicted in the iconic World War II image and statue. Now the Marine Corps is taking another look.
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  4. Lightshows, Fire, Nudity, Glitter, Wolves: Welcome To Eurovision 2016

    The Grand Finals of Europe's famous annual song competition are Saturday at 3 p.m. ET, and will be broadcast in the U.S. for the first time on Logo and
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  5. 4 Things To Know About Hillary Clinton's Approach To Foreign Policy

    As secretary of state under President Obama, Hillary Clinton has a long foreign policy record. She is hawkish compared to other Democrats, but also knows the political price of military intervention.
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  6. Professional 'Guinea Pigs' Can Make A Living Testing Drugs

    One man died and five others were injured in a clinical trial in France this year. Trials like those depend on healthy people willing to take experimental medications in return for cash.
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  7. In A Major Speech, Kim Jong Un Trumpets 'Great Success' With Nukes

    At North Korea's first Workers' Party Congress in 36 years, Kim declares "unprecedented results" in recent nuclear and missile tests. He's shown greater willingness to speak publicly than his father.
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  8. Anti-Fracking Group Floats Ballot Measures

    Voters could see at least one anti-fracking ballot measure next year.
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  9. After Tarantino snags $5M in state incentives, what's left for other filmmakers?

    State incentives pledged for ‘Hateful Eight’ film shoot near Telluride will not eat up entire fund, Colorado's film commissioner says.
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  10. New York Aims To Become The Next State To Toss The Tampon Tax

    If 2015 was the year of the period, 2016 may be the year when women have to pay less for sanitary supplies, or even get them for free. Some state, local and federal legislators are pushing for change.
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