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  1. How Bernie Sanders' Wall Street Tax Would Work

    His proposed "speculation tax" — a small levy on every stock, bond or derivative sold in the U.S. — would fund higher education. Estimates of how much revenue it might raise vary greatly.
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  2. Hurricane Patricia Weakens After Landfall In Mexico

    Hurricane Patricia caused less damage than expected, but Mexico is preparing for flooding after the historic storm. We'll have the latest.
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  3. Ready, Set, Watch: The Great Backyard Bird Count Starts Today

    The annual event invites bird-watchers of all levels to count the birds in their backyards, and submit the data to researchers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society.
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  4. John Scott Transcends Jokes, NHL's Resistance And Is Named MVP Of All-Star Game

    "You can't write this stuff. It's unbelievable how it happened," says the journeyman enforcer who took a break from the minor league AHL to play in the NHL's showcase game.
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  5. Denver Works To Get Latino Families To Trust The Tap Water

    Fluoride in tap water helps many Coloradans strengthen their dental health. But what happens if you don't trust what's coming out of the tap?
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  6. ABC's Bob Woodruff: The Unexpected Life

    The ABC News correspondent was almost killed in Iraq 10 years ago. His recovery and return to network journalism beat all the odds.
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  7. Facebook Announces Ban On Private Gun Sales

    The company, which has set limits on the arrangement of private gun sales since 2014, will now prohibit posts about such sales on Facebook and Instagram. Licensed dealers will not be affected.
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  8. Einstein, A Hunch And Decades Of Work: How Scientists Found Gravitational Waves

    Behind the headlines and news conferences announcing the discovery were decades of hard work, hundreds of scientists and more than a billion dollars in taxpayer funds.
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  9. Money May Not Buy You Love, But It Sure Helps

    Someone has to pay for the cocktails on the first date, dinners in that classy restaurant, the wedding by the beach — and that messy divorce. Here are some fun facts on the economics of romance.
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  10. Change At Federal Election Agency Muddles Kansas Voter Registration Laws

    The state requires its residents to prove their citizenship when registering to vote, but a federal agency fought the law in court. It now appears to have changed positions.
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