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  1. Pass The Chipotle-Marrow Matzo Balls, It's Mexican Passover

    When tequila meets Manischewitz in the same glass, Passover will never be the same. At Rosa Mexicano restaurants, the Passover menu is inspired by the cuisine of Mexico's nearly 40,000 Jews.
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  2. Recap/Photos: SnowBall Music Festival

    Read our recap and check out photos from SnowBall Music Festival, featuring Pretty Lights, Yeasayer, Warpaint, Twin Shadow, Jagwar Ma, Inner Oceans, Earl Sweatshirt, Wild Belle, Escort, and more.
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  3. Run When You're 25 For A Sharper Brain When You're 45

    Here's the latest bit of evidence that exercise keeps the brain fit. Much of the research has been in older people, but this study found that being fit in your 20s makes you sharper in middle age.
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  4. Optimism, But No Breakthrough In Search For Malaysian Jet

    Even as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was saying he's "very confident" that pings from the plane's black boxes have been detected, the man leading the search effort was urging caution.
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  5. Molotov Cocktails And Razor Wire: Inside An Occupied Building In Ukraine

    Pro-Russian protesters in the eastern city of Donetsk seized a government building in the middle of town on Sunday. NPR's Ari Shapiro went inside the building and reports on what it was like.
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  6. German Fears About U.S. Spying Could Hurt Trade Deal

    In a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, Germans overwhelmingly said they prefer EU data privacy standards to those of the U.S.
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  7. NSA Denies It Knew About Heartbleed Bug Before It Was Made Public

    Bloomberg reported that the spy agency knew about the critical Internet vulnerability for two years and used it to gather intelligence.
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  8. Take A Look At The Top Tweeted Moments Of The Year

    The nation used Twitter to mark the second inauguration of President Obama and to get information on the Boston Marathon bombing. But the year's most retweeted tweet was about the sudden death of a TV star.
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  9. One Man Becomes Another's Hands, Feet And Family

    Collin Smith was in high school when an accident left him unable to use his arms and legs. So Ernest Greene, 50 years his senior, decided to help. And when Collin went to college, Ernest went, too.
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  10. Photo: Pothole Tries To Eat Pothole Repair Truck

    Winter weather that doesn't seem to want to end has done its damage to roads across much of the nation. In Michigan, one road-repair crew saw its truck sink into one tough pothole.
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