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  1. A Booming Economy Doesn't Save Children From Malnutrition

    It seems to make sense that economic growth automatically leads to better nutrition for children, and better health. But an analysis of 36 countries finds that's not true.
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  2. Egyptian Court Sentences More Than 500 Morsi Supporters To Die

    The court found 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters guilty of killing one police officer in a riot last year. It is being described as the country's largest-ever mass sentencing.
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  3. A Tragic Disappearance (Mostly) Solved In 'Savage Harvest'

    In a new book, journalist Carl Hoffman lays out the case that when Michael Rockefeller disappeared on an art-collecting trip to New Guinea in 1961, he was likely killed by the local Asmat people.
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  4. Digging For Gold: Study Says Your Race Determines Your Earwax Scent

    Volatile organic compounds in your earwax may hold important information about your body and your environment.
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  5. Divided Senate To Vote On Extending Unemployment Benefits

    Democrats are seeking to revive the measure, which expired last month, to cover 1.3 million Americans who have been out of work for the long term.
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  6. What Are The Rules For Changing A Country's Borders?

    Drawing borders feels like an anachronism that was the domain of 19th-century diplomats, but Crimea shows that national boundaries still aren't considered fixed in many parts of the world.
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  7. Arizona's Rep. Pastor, A Democrat, Won't Seek Re-Election

    He's held his seat in the House of Representatives since 1991. But today Rep. Ed Pastor, 70, said it was time for him "to seek out a new endeavor."
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  8. Supply of Denver homes tight as sellers sit on fence

    This year is shaping up to be another seller’s market, but many homeowners are hesitant to put their homes on the market.
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  9. 'I'm A Great Admirer,' Obama Tells Pope Francis

    The president and the pope met for the first time Thursday at the Vatican. While the two men share views on some issues, the church has some problems with the president's health care program.
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  10. Tuberculosis Roars Back With A Deadly Edge

    PBS's Frontline travels to the epicenter of a rising epidemic: drug-resistant tuberculosis that's costly and tough to treat. Join us for a live Twitter chat tonight during the film's premiere.
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