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  1. There’s A New Met Opera Music Director-- And Colorado Audiences Know Him

    A maestro gets set to lead two of the world's biggest music institutions.
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  2. Google Goes All-In On Hardware With 'Pixel' Phone, Home Assistant, VR Headset

    The tech giant has been outmaneuvered in consumer products, namely by Amazon's Echo and Apple's iPhone. Google is now betting on its artificial intelligence progress to stage a comeback.
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  3. This Scientist Is Trying To Unravel What Sugar Does To The Brain

    Molecular biologist Monica Dus is studying fruit flies to understand how a high sugar diet affects the brain and leads to overeating and obesity. And she just won a big grant to dig deeper.
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  4. Texas Pulls Out Of Federal Refugee Resettlement Program

    Gov. Greg Abbott's announcement means that aid agencies will have to deal directly with the federal government. State services and benefits for refugees in Texas are expected to end in January.
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  5. A Harrowing, Mountain-Scaling Commute For Chinese Schoolkids

    To get to school, the children must trek as many as four hours up and down a 2,600-ft. mountainside, relying on rickety ladders. Their families see their education as a way out of poverty.
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  6. Remembering CPR Classical's Mark Sheldon, 10 Years Later

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  7. Bees Added To U.S. Endangered Species List For 1st Time

    Seven species of the yellow-faced bee, which is the only bee native to Hawaii, have been designated as endangered. They're known for their yellow-to-white facial markings.
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  8. A Revolution That Didn't Happen: Personal Rapid Transit

    In 1975, the Personal Rapid Transit in Morgantown, W. Va., was expected to usher in a new age of public transit nationally. It didn't. Still, the aging system is getting a $100-million upgrade.
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  9. Colorado Springs Dismisses Panhandling Charges After ACLU Action

    The ACLU found that city police were citing people who only held up signs asking for money.
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  10. 11 From Fort Carson Airlifted Off Longs Peak

    The group was on Kiener’s Route on the 14,259-foot mountain as part of a climbing training program.
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