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  1. Thaddeus Murphy indicted in Colorado Springs blast case

    Federal investigators say they are still investigating the motive behind the explosion, which occurred near the office of the NAACP.
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  2. Video: 'Unacceptable Risk' links climate change, wildfire fighting risks

    The short film features those who fought the Hayman, Fourmile Canyon, Black Forest and other Colorado fires of recent years.
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  3. Travyon Martin's mother to speak at CSU

    Sybrina Fulton will talk about violence toward children, the need to build safer communities, civil rights and empowering the nation's youth.
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  4. Loveland takes proactive approach to preventing ash borers

    The city plans to remove 50 to 100 of its trees this year in an attempt to reduce the potential spread of a destructive beetle.
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  5. CU-Boulder graduate Kate Brown becomes Oregon's governor

    Brown graduated in 1981 and is the first openly bisexual governor in the United States.
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  6. Denver water use hits 40 year low

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  7. Ex-DEA heads back marijuana lawsuit against Colorado

    In 2013, eight of the former DEA leaders wanted the federal government to stop recreational marijuana laws before they were implemented.
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  8. Voter ID bills scheduled for committee hearings

    When we interviewed the new Secretary of State, Wayne Williams, earlier this year, he said this type of voter ID law was part of his agenda.
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  9. As Greeks And Germans Negotiate Debt, Reparations Issues Resurface

    Greece says Germany owes it billions of dollars for its World War II occupation by the Nazis. The German government says it has already paid, but some Germans feel more should be done.
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  10. Colorado oil drillers to cut back operations amid falling prices

    Oil prices have dropped by half since this summer -- and in response, drillers are slashing budgets for the coming year.
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