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  1. Bear Tranquilized After Approaching Arvada-Area High School

    The bear was spotted by a citizen as it wandered toward the school, and police were called.
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  2. Former Denver School Administrator Due In Court After New Mexico Hiring Scandal

    Martinez was arrested in Denver in 2013 for felony sexual assault on a child involving two victims. But he was recently hired by Albuquerque Public Schools in June.
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  3. Colorado Springs Officer Returns To Work One Day After Acquittal

    The officer was placed on unpaid administrative leave in June after he was arrested on investigation of entering his ex-girlfriend's house without permission.
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  4. Why My Mom Didn't Say 'I Love You' For 11 Years

    When the author came out on Nigerian television, his parents were silent. But now he sees changes in their attitude — and in the anti-LGBT attitudes in his homeland as well.
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  5. Board Officers

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  6. What's Next After Denver's 10-Year Push To End Homelessness?

    The city auditor slammed Denver's Road Home recently, but the program's director, Bennie Milliner, says progress on homelessness was made.
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  7. 'Chasing Memories' In Their Refugee Camp 40 Years After Fleeing Vietnam

    Thousands of refugees escaped Vietnam after Saigon fell in 1975. Some recently returned to the site of their former refugee camp for a 40-year reunion — including the mother of NPR's Hansi Lo Wang.
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  8. Al-Jazeera Journalists Sentenced In Egypt To 3 Years In Prison

    The outcome in the closely watched trial shocked many observers. The Qatar-based network's acting secretary-general said the verdict was politically motivated and "defies logic and common sense."
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  9. Mine Spill: Navajo Will Close Irrigation Canals For A Year

    Shiprock Chapter President Duane "Chili" Yazzie says Friday's unanimous decision by more than 100 farmers was heart-wrenching.
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  10. 50 Percent Off A College Education? Not Such A Good Deal After All

    Why so many private colleges are giving out massive discounts.
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