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  1. A Year After Typhoon Haiyan, The Philippines Braces For Another Big Hit

    Typhoon Hagupit is expected to hit just north of where last year's devastating storm made landfall. It is forecast to cut a path toward the capital, Manila.
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  2. Rosetta spacecraft arrives at comet after 10-year chase

    In November, Rosetta will release a lander about the size of a small refrigerator that will attempt to secure itself to the comet's surface using harpoons.
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  3. Residents return, rebuild a year after floods swamped Jamestown

    Some feared the small mountain town wouldn't survive the devastating flooding that washed through town in September 2013.
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  4. Bear adjusting to freedom after years as ice cream shop draw

    The female bear is among more than 300 animals at the sanctuary, including 33 lions recently removed from circuses in Peru and Columbia.
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  5. Christmas Carol Countdown: After the Voting Ends

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  6. A year later, Colorado works to prove it’s not the 'wild, pot-smoking West'

    Millions of dollars have poured in as tourists from around the world have come to get high in Denver.
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  7. Purple Heart ceremony planned 10 years after dog digs up medal

    A Purple Heart ceremony will be held Sunday at grave of recipient, Richmond Litman, after a dog discovered the medal a decade ago.
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  8. Two years after accident, paralympian finds aim on her sitski

    Most world-class athletes train for years in their sports but Beth Requist of Grand Lake didn’t know much about her chosen events until just a few years ago.
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  9. Flood recovery will continue for years to come

    Six months after historic flooding hit much of the Front Range, many residents are still out of their homes.
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  10. After 50 Years, Cuba Says Its Baseball Players Can Go Abroad

    The baseball season is just getting started in Cuba, the first since Communist authorities lifted a half-century-old ban on players' signing professional contracts in other countries. But fans are confident top players will come back home eventually — and that the island has enough talent to go around.
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