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  1. Gifts of Stock and Securities

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  4. Legacy Circle

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  5. Finance & Audit Committee Charter

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  6. A Month After Turkey's Failed Coup, Taking Stock Of A Sweeping Purge

    Since a failed coup attempt just over a month ago, Turkey's government has launched a sweeping purge that has impacted tens of thousands over a wide cross section of Turkish society.
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  7. 50 Years After Texas College Shooting, 'Campus-Carry' Becomes Law

    Memorials to the 14 killed and 31 wounded by clocktower shooter Charles Whitman on Aug. 1, 1966, coincided with the legalization of concealed-carry handguns on Texas state universities.
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  8. Collector's Crossroads: Private Press

    "Private press" records -- independently financed and usually limited to a few hundred copies -- are some of the most sought after by collectors.
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  9. Curfew Lifted In Charlotte After Several Days Of Peaceful Protests

    After two nights of violent unrest, a midnight curfew was imposed on Thursday night. As protests became peaceful, though, it was not always enforced, and authorities lifted it on Sunday.
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  10. The Ghost Of Joseph Buck w/ The Longest Day of the Year, Matt Rouch, The Noise Upstairs

    • Thursday, October 6, 2016 9:00pm
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