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  1. After A Massive Evacuation, Greek City Defuses A World War II Bomb

    The unexploded bomb, which had been buried for decades, was discovered near a gas station in Thessaloniki. Officials took no chances, evacuating more than 70,000 people before removing it.
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  2. In Nashville, Spelling Frederick Douglass' Name Correctly Ends An 80-Year Mystery

    Nashville ends decades old Frederick Douglass mystery.
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  3. A Year After The Gold King Spill, US Still Grapples With Abandoned Mines

    One government report estimates 33,000 hard rock abandoned mines are causing environmental problems across the West.
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  4. Wells Fargo CEO To Forfeit Tens Of Millions In Stock Awards Amid Scandal

    Wells Fargo says John Stumpf and the former retail-banking head will forfeit stock awards worth about $60 million combined, after employees opened unauthorized customer accounts to meet company goals.
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  5. For Years, I've Been A Correspondent In China. This Month, I Became A Viral Star

    A video of NPR Beijing correspondent Anthony Kuhn asking a question about a policy to expand the Beijing region got millions of views on Weibo, China's answer to Twitter. Here's why.
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  6. 99-year-old Army Veteran Receives Bronze Star and Purple Heart

    Private First Class Buford Johnson of Lakewood, who fought and was injured during World War II, just got some long overdue medals.
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  7. 5 Insights Into Judge Neil Gorsuch After 2nd Day Of Confirmation Hearings

    Everything from originalism to mutton-busting was fodder as the Supreme Court nominee took questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.
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  8. Author Paula Reed Hester

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  9. Flaural Returns To CPR's OpenAir After A Successful Year

    When Flaural visited our studio in 2015, the Denver psych-rock band had just formed a few months beforehand and played only one show. But the band members had established specific goals: release some EPs, go on tour and play some festival dates. Flaural has since accomplished each of those goals and established themselves in the Denver music scene. The band members returned to CPR's OpenAir to play some new music and speak with Jeremy Petersen about staying busy during their first full year as a band, their recent recording sessions in California and their ambitions for the new year.
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  10. After Short-Lived Tenure, Uber President Quits Amid Company Turmoil

    Jeff Jones cited conflicting leadership approaches upon leaving the company after just six months. Uber's CEO had recruited the marketing expert to bolster the ride-hailing giant's reputation.
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