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  1. 'Nepali Times' Editor: After Quakes, Nepalese Surprisingly Upbeat

    Two earthquakes and numerous aftershocks have hit Nepal, killing thousands and leaving millions in need. Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times, tells NPR's Scott Simon about how people are coping.
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  2. Free Comic Book Day: A Guide To The Heroes, Musicians And Mutants

    Glen Weldon reviews the 50 comics available at participating comics shops for 2015's Free Comic Book Day, coming May 2 — what to pick up free, skip, and buy while you're in the shop.
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  3. The mysterious life of mountain bike pioneer Mike Rust captured in new film

    Mike Rust helped establish Salida as a biking capital in Colorado. Later, living alone in rural Saguache County, Rust disappeared.
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  4. Merging Global Values In A More Secular America

    When pondering whether a secular society can be moral, we must consider that there are certain values that stand above and beyond culture and faith, says commentator Marcelo Gleiser.
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  5. A Wedding And A Challenge: Lebanese Couples Fight For Civil Marriage

    No one ever said marriage was easy, but in Lebanon, it's even harder: The country has 15 sets of matrimonial laws for 18 different religions and sects. Activists want the right to civil marriages.
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  6. Where is the science behind medical marijuana? National Geographic takes a look

    Hampton Sides profiles several scientists who are taking a serious look at marijuana through advanced research.
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  7. Boulder public housing authority announces $78M in renovations

    The local public housing authority recently gained control of 279 properties from the federal government.
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  8. Pipeline Operator In Calif. Spill Reportedly Had History Of Infractions

    Plains All American Pipeline had accumulated 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006, according to a Los Angeles Times report.
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  9. Memorial Day 2015: Tune in for 'Studio Day' on OpenAir featuring exclusive performances

    This Memorial Day, we're airing highlights from our vast library of OpenAir sessions recorded in the CPR Performance Studio and this year's Denver Music Summit.
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  10. Census Reveals Universe Of Marine Microbes At Bottom Of The Food Chain

    The ocean's tiniest inhabitants — including bacteria, plankton, krill — are food for most everything that swims or floats. Now, scientists have completed a count of this vast and diverse hidden world.
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