CPR News 2015 award winners include (from left) Corey Jones, Sadie Babits, Ben Markus, Jenny Brundin and Ryan Warner.

(Photo: CPR/Michael Hughes)

So far this year, Colorado Public Radio's newsroom has received several awards for journalistic excellence, and award announcements will continue through the end of June.

The Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) is the latest to honor CPR's efforts with three regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, recognizing Megan Verlee's story about Lakeside Amusement Park, Jenny Brundin's series on race in the classroom and Ben Markus' series on economic issues in Colorado. Edward R. Murrow Awards honor outstanding achievements in electronic journalism.

CPR also received two certificates of merits from the Colorado Broadcasters Association (CBA), recognizing Ryan Warner and Elaine Grant for a piece in the "Colorado Matters at the Tattered" series and Corey Jones for a video about photography of professional dancers and homeless people.

Explore the stories recognized this year:

  1. Lakeside Amusement Park, a timeless, antique attraction - Megan Verlee, with editors Kelley Griffin and Sadie Babits - Best Use of Sound (RTDNA)
  2. Why Race Matters in Classrooms: Teaching Colorado's students of color - Jenny Brundin, with editor Sadie Babits - Continuing Coverage (RTDNA)
  3. In Grand Junction, natural gas crash still reverberates through struggling economy - Ben Markus, with editor Sadie Babits - News Series (RTDNA)
  4. Colorado Matters at the Tattered: Discovering what makes us laugh - Ryan Warner and Elaine Grant - Best News Special of Public Affairs Program (CBA)
  5. A photographer chronicles dancers and homeless people - Corey Jones - Best Use of New Media (CBA)