Sponsoring and underwriting is one of the best ways for your organization to support Colorado Public Radio. Your plan can range from an underwriting schedule that spans all segments of the day to an exclusive sponsorship opportunity.

Create a positive environment for your message and be heard on either CPR's in-depth news network, 24-hour classical music network, OpenAir or a combination. Reach targeted audiences in Metro Denver, Pueblo, the Roaring Fork Valley, the Vail Valley, and the Western Slope, or take advantage of our statewide coverage.

Special Sponsorship/Underwriting Opportunities

There are many ways to enhance your community image using Colorado Public Radio. Choose from packages that provide exclusive recognition such as Colorado Corporate Partners, or support your favorite charity via Spirit of Sharing.  Show your support of efforts to reduce on-air fundraising through a Business Challenge, or sponsor select programming.  

Colorado Corporate Partners

Colorado Corporate Partners is a program designed to showcase Colorado companies as good corporate citizens making a difference in our state. It allows organizations to promote their cause, create a connection with the community and support the mission of Colorado Public Radio. By becoming a corporate partner, you will receive the following benefits:

  • :15 Second Underwriting Messages  
  • :30 Second On-air Acknowledgements 
  • Positioning atop the Sponsor/Underwriting Listings Page featuring logo and link, audio promotional message and photo
  • Web Listing featuring Phone Number and Link to Website
  • Performance & Event Sponsorships 
  • Invitations to CPR Events

Spirit of Sharing

Spirit of Sharing is a program for businesses to support their non-profit organization of choice by investing in an underwriting schedule on Colorado Public Radio. These underwriting messages recognize the business, their support of the charity, and the charity's mission.

Companies who contribute to Spirit of Sharing achieve several results:

  1. Raise awareness for the non-profit of their choice.
  2. Direct CPR listeners to their favorite non-profit website.
  3. Enhance their own position by demonstrating their community support.
  4. Contribute underwriting support to CPR, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Website Sponsorship

Reach Colorado's most influential audience on Colorado Public Radio's website, www.cpr.org.  Over 200,000 visits to the website occur each month.  Visitors view more than three pages during an average visit, resulting in over 751,000 page views each month. 

Make an impression with this most important audience by featuring your organization in a banner advertisement.  Only one banner ad is featured on the top right of every page.  This is prime positioning for your organization to make an impression with the website viewer.

Special Event Sponsoring

Special event sponsorships will be made available on an event-by-event basis.

Business Challenges

The power of your sponsorship message, in association with the content-rich environment of public radio, keeps working when you join the many clients who continue to underwrite during pledge drives.

During pledge drives, businesses sponsor "Challenge Periods" where listeners are encouraged to call in their pledges to secure matching funds. Business challenges are among the most efficient ways to increase membership response - more pledge calls are received during a shorter period of on-air fundraising.

Businesses can participate in these efforts by sponsoring a business challenge:

  • Your business may determine a level of participation based on an hourly challenge during news, classical music, new music, or specialty programming.
  • Each challenge is offered on an "exclusive per shift" basis.
  • Each challenge acknowledges the business challenger as a partner with Colorado Public Radio and includes general information about that business (a minimum of 25 acknowledgements during each hour of the challenge). 

What can a business challenge do for your company?  

  • Present your business in a highly interactive and responsive environment. 
  • Increase your connection with our listeners by adding a more personal dimension to your business. 
  • Build loyalty with customers by demonstrating your commitment to the community through public broadcasting.

Get Started Now

If you have any questions about our corporate support programs or would like to sign up, please contact Underwriting online or call the Underwriting Department at 303-871-9191 or 1-800-722-4449.