Top Stories: Sanctions Follow Crimea Vote; SEALs Board Hijacked Tanker

March 17, 2014

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Sanctions Imposed As Crimea Asks To Join Russia

Last Words From Cockpit May Be Clue To Jet’s Disappearance

Book News: Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Travel Journals Will Be Published

The day’s other news includes:

— “U.S. Navy SEALs board tanker hijacked in Libya.” (Reuters)

— “Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair agrees to plea deal in sexual assault case.” (The Washington Post)

— “Snow, Some Ice Linger into St. Patrick’s Day” as storm hits mid-Atlantic. (The Weather Channel)

— At murder trial, testimony that Oscar Pistorius “knew rules” about gun use. (BBC News)

— “Guinness pulls out of NY’s St. Patrick’s parade over ban on gays.” (Reuters)

Related: Boston and New York City mayors also boycott parades. (MSNBC)

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