Political Theater, Crazy-Glued GOP Seats And More Congressional Reaction

January 21, 2015

President Obama mentioned Congress 13 times in Tuesday’s State of the Union address. He called on Congress to pass a law to ensure women are paid the same as men, to raise the minimum wage, to support the president’s plan to make community college free, to help students with loans reduce their payments … you get the idea.

Delivering the GOP response to the address, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst didn’t directly dismiss or even address the president’s specific calls on Congress. But she did talk of reforming Congress, changing the direction in Washington and promised, “You’ll see a lot of serious work in this new Congress.”

So what did the rest of her colleagues in the House and Senate think of all the president’s proposals? Republican Speaker John Boehner called it all “political theater,” and Democratic Rep. Steve Israel tweeted, “Who crazy-glued the GOP’s seats?”

Here are some popular tweets from the night:

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