Kerry Fined $50 For Not Shoveling Sidewalk Outside Boston Home

January 30, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry was in Saudi Arabia this week with President Obama meeting that country’s new king. So, when the massive snowstorm hit the Northeast this week, the sidewalk outside his Boston home wasn’t cleared. The city, as The Boston Globe puts it, took notice.

Kerry was fined $50 on Thursday for failing to clear the sidewalk outside the Beacon Hill mansion.

The newspaper adds: “Kerry, who was en route to Boston after an overseas trip, was not in town when a massive blizzard struck New England, nor was he here for the messy cleanup at his Louisburg Square property.”

Kerry’s spokesman Glen Johnson said the secretary would pay the fine. “Diplomats — they’re just like us,” he told the newspaper.

The snow outside Kerry’s home was cleared Thursday morning, Johnson said.

Boston has aggressively targeted those people, departments and agencies that didn’t clear snow from their properties. Also fined, according to The Globe, were the Boston Public Library, several Boston public schools and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

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