WATCH: A Robot That Just Won’t Quit Even When It’s Kicked

February 10, 2015

We are fans of robots on this blog. (And we’re not just saying that because sometimes we’re afraid that they’ll get too smart for our own good.)

We’re saying it because we saw a video today that left us wowed.

Boston Dynamics, the Google-owned defense contractor that has for years made robots that act like huge, terrifying animals, released a video of its new creation, Spot.

It’s a four-legged creature that only weighs 160 pounds. Cute, huh? Well, if you’re one who buys into the whole robots-will-one-day-take-over-the-world idea, you have one more thing to fear.

Spot can be kicked by a human and stay upright. Pay close attention at the 26 second mark:

In case you missed it, here’s a gif:

Spot, by the way, is powered by electricity and hydraulically actuated.

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