Argentine Prosecutor Was ‘Without A Doubt’ Murdered, Says Family

March 6, 2015

An Argentine prosecutor who died under mysterious circumstances was “without a doubt” murdered, his family says.

Sandra Arroyo Salgado, Alberto Nisman’s ex wife, said the family had ordered an independent forensic investigation into his death that revealed a “scientifically verifiable truth.”

“Violent death only has three hypothesis: accident, suicide and homicide,” Arroyo Salgado, who is a judge, said, according to The Buenos Aires Herald. “The report we present today bluntly dismisses the first two hypothesis, that is, suicide and accident. We can only conclude that Nisman was, without a doubt, a murderer victim.”

Nisman’s death, if you remember, has thrown the country into crisis. The prosecutor was investigating the possibility that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner played a role in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center.

Nisman was found dead just a day before he was going to brief Congress about the case.

An initial autopsy had determined he committed suicide, but questions were soon raised and Kirchner herself raised further questions when she dissolved the country’s intelligence agency, saying they “needed [Nisman] dead.”

The BBC reports that Viviana Fein, who is leading the government investigation into the case, said she would consider the report.

But, she added, “Up until now … there has been nothing which allows me to say categorically whether this was a suicide or homicide. Nothing.”

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Ms. Arroyo Salgado had retained some of Argentina’s top crime scene investigators to conduct a parallel investigation to the official government probe. She said her team had reviewed evidence, including photos and videos of the crime scene. She called Mr. Nisman’s death an ‘assassination of unknown proportions’ and urged the government to redouble efforts to find the culprits.”

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