Kids’ Art Show Takes Over Two Billboards In Times Square

June 18, 2015

For the next few days, two large billboards in New York’s Times Square are being given over to art created by the city’s public school students. The project highlights students’ work that’s part of a new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Art is my favorite subject. It lets me see new things,” artist and fifth-grader Sharon Yang told a crowd Wednesday, according to member station WNYC.

Through the weekend, art by Yang and 22 other students will rotate on an hourly basis. WNYC intern Isaak Liptzin has more photos at the station’s site.

The Times Square show comes after the start of an exhibit of 88 works of students’ art hosted by the Met, titled P.S. Art 2015.

You can see a slideshow of their art at the museum’s website – along with comments from both the students and their teachers.

A sample:

“I like to make art because sometimes I give the artwork to my family, and they put it up in our home. I did a lot of hard work on this painting, and my arm got very tired while I was making it.” — Lilybeth Jimenez, age 6.

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