3 Dead, 7 Injured In Shooting At Louisiana Movie Theater

July 24, 2015

Emergency personnel in Lafayette, La., say a gunman opened fire in a movie theater during a Thursday night screening of Trainwreck, and that the gunman and two other person were killed, and seven were injured. At least three people remain in critical condition.

The shooter was a white male in his 50s who was armed with a handgun, police chief Jim Craft said during a press conference late Thursday. At a later press conference, law enforcement officials said the gunman was attending the movie alone.

Eileen Fleming of member station WWNO reports that city officials say the shooter killed himself.

“One women tells a local newspaper that an older white man in the movie audience stood up about 20 minutes into the showing and started firing. She initially though it was firecrackers. She reports he said nothing as he began shooting.”

Officials described a chaotic scene at the theater, which had about 100 patrons inside at the time of the shooting.

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