2 People Die In Shooting On UCLA Campus

June 1, 2016

In a case that’s currently being investigated as a possible murder-suicide, two bodies were found in a small office in an engineering building on the UCLA campus Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

A gun was recovered at the scene, says LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, who also said at a news conference, “There is evidence that there could be a suicide note.”

Those details emerged hours after police swarmed the UCLA campus in response to reports of an active shooter. The campus was placed on lockdown for several hours after the shooting was reported around 10 a.m. local time.

In an interview with local news NBC4 TV, Beck said that both the gun and a note had been found close to the bodies. His agency says that both of the shooting victims were male.

Beck added that there had been reports of at least three shots fired — but that after the danger was deemed to have passed, police were in the process of turning the campus back over to UCLA’s students.

“They’re in their finals; this is a very stressful time for them,” Beck said.

Earlier today, the LAPD refused to say whether the shooting victims were students, staff or visitors to the university.

At an earlier news conference, LAPD Capt. Andy Neiman said the shooting had been reported around 10 a.m. local time.

“There’s not been any reports of any bombs or devices,” Newman said in response to a question about other possible threats.

Both UCLA’s newsroom and its student newspaper reported that the campus was on lockdown as police investigated a reported shooting in the area of two adjacent buildings: Engineering IV and Boelter Hall. After that news emerged, the LAPD said that an “active shooter” was in Engineering IV.

“Police confirming two shooting victims at UCLA,” the school’s newsroom tweeted as the situation evolved Wednesday.

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