Top Stories: U.S. Diplomats Seek Syrian Pressure; EgyptAir Data Recorder Found

June 17, 2016

Good morning, here are our early stories:

— Both Flight Recorders From EgyptAir Crash Now Recovered, Officials Say.

— Dozens Of U.S. Diplomats Call For Military Pressure On Syria’s Assad Regime.

— U.S. Economic Recovery Looks Good Compared With Sluggish Europe, Asia.

And here are more early headlines:

Dangerous Heat To Settle On U.S. Southwest. (USA Today)

Southern California Fire Surges, Forcing Evacuations. (Los Angeles Times)

Violent Food Protests Expand In Venezuela. (Independent)

Nicaragua Expels 3 U.S. Diplomats. (AFP)

Boston Lighthouse Is Nation’s Oldest, At 300 Years. (Boston Globe)

To Escape Wolf, Woman Walks Toward Bear. (CBC)

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