Top Stories: U.S. Flies Bombers Over South Korea; Senate On Zika Funding

September 13, 2016

Good morning, here are our early stories:

— U.S. Flies Bombers Over South Korea In Show Of Force To North Korea.

— Senate To Vote To Give More Funds Toward Flint’s Drinking Water Crisis.

— Bubble Wrap Pops Mistaken For Gunfire; 3 Pa. Schools Locked Down.

And here are more early headlines:

Clinton To Release More Medical Records Soon. (Washington Post)

Syrian Truce Monitors Say No Civilian Deaths In First Few Hours. (BBC)

Trial Opens Today For 7 Accused Oregon Refuge Occupiers. (Oregonian)

Obama Meets Congressional Leaders On Legislative Priorities. (NBC)

California To Offer Overtime Pay To Agricultural Workers. (Los Angeles Times)

Ex-Brazilian House Speaker Is Forced From Office. (BBC)

Pa. Train Foils Runners’ Goal To Qualify For Boston Marathon. (LeHigh Valley Live)

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