Top Stories: Ransomware Latest; North Korean Missile Test

May 15, 2017

Good morning, here are our early stories:

— WannaCry Ransomware: Microsoft Calls Out NSA For ‘Stockpiling’ Vulnerabilities.

— North Korea Celebrates Test Of New, Long-Range Missile.

— Powers Boothe, Appeared In ‘Deadwood’ And ‘Sin City’ Dies At 68.

And here are more early headlines:

Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Back In Federal Appeals Court. (ABC)

Rain Helps Firefighters Working Georgia-Florida Wildfire. (

Soldiers In Ivory Coast Continue to Mutiny Over Pay. (BBC)

Report: Militia Target Civilians In Central African Republic. (Reuters)

Philippines Lawmakers Quash Duterte Impeachment Call. (Reuters)

Cholera Spreads In Yemen’s Capital. (France24)

Miss District Of Columbia, A Chemist, Wins Miss USA. (WRC-TV)

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