Leadership Partners

Air Force AcademyHart Van Denburg
Air Force Academy (Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)

Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation
The Ned and Nathalie Fund

Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation

Gates Family Foundation

Anonymous (3)
Marilyn L. Brown
Bernie and Mary Beth Buescher
Libby Kirkpatrick*
Sturm Family Foundation

Anonymous (6)
Max and Elaine Appel
Colorado Media Project
Bob and Georgi Contiguglia
Tom and Ginny Fowler
Rhondda and Peter Grant
Debbie Lane and Steve Szabo
Chester and Brooks Luby
Lisa Negri
Paul Bechtner Foundation
The Lloyd J. King and
Eleanor R. King Foundation

Greg Ellenoff and Celina Aisner
The Paula and William Bernstein Family Foundation
Bonfils Stanton Foundation

Anonymous (18)
Aaron Rashti Family Foundation
Allen Adinoff MD and Mary Klinnert PhD
Candy Allen and Bob Woodward
Argosy Foundation
Carol and John Balkcom
Barton Family Foundation
Benedict Family Foundation
Virginia Berkeley and Tom Dietvorst
Michelene and Tab Berkey
Ellen Blum
Brett Family Foundation
Christie Cadwell Family Foundation
Bruce and Martha Clinton and
The Clinton Family Fund
Robert Connelly
The Danny Cramer Foundation
Alisa DeMartino
Driscoll Foundation
Sandy Elliott
Gooding Family Foundation
Green Fund
Lorraine Higbie, in loving memory of Harlie Higbie, Jr.
Ruth and George Hopfenbeck
Living Closer Foundation
Pat McClearn
McGrath Family Foundation
Trygve and Vicki Myhren
Jenks Necker Charitable Fund
Michael Page and Trish Murray
Jeff Baldwin and Debra Perry
Carolyn and Dean Salter
Annalee and Wagner Schorr
Mary Kay Sharp
Susan Stark
Drs. Morris H. and Ellen P. Susman
Buzz and George Ann Victor
Janet Burda and Bob Zupkus

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