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Deer Trail RodeoHart Van Denburg
Deer Trail Rodeo (Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)

Anonymous (165)
Monica Abarca
Eric Abecassis and Gaelle Abecassis
Enid Ablowitz and Mark Ablowitz
Rich and Peri Abrahams
Nancy Jane Acosa
Lattina Adams
Mona Ahmed and Chris Hughes
Benjamin Alderfer
Sadrian Alderson and David Alderson
Lisa Alexander and Bruce Alexander
Shawn Alfrey and Erich Bethke
Susan Allen
Elizabeth Amaral
Michele Ames and Jon Pagnozzi
Carol Anderson and David Anderson
Catherine and Truman Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
Ruth Aponte-Willihnganz
Marcelle Arak
In memory of Devon Arnold, by his parents Beth and Tom Arnold
Georgia Arribau
Edward Ashwood and Candice Johnson
Jacqueline and Benjamin Atchie
Deborah Avant and Timothy Herbst
Rita Axford and Gary Grunwald
Dr. Joyce Aycock and Dr. Robert Doebele
Kathleen Baird and Dale Trone
Jim Ball and Maureen Geoghan
James Balog and Suzanne Balog
Jeremy Bargen and Adele Blackler
Jill and Adam Barkin
Scott Barnes and Susan Barnes
Holly Baroway and Erik Cederlund
Cris Barr and Rich Barr
Tom and Diane Barrett
Michelle Barron
Cheryl Barton
Barbara Baumann and Fred Baumann
Judith Bea and Jonah Bea-Taylor
Ronald Beane
Dan Becker and Jill Becker
David and Cynthia* Becker
Irene and George Becker
George Belsey
Christel Bemelmans and Timothy Kram
Barbara Benedict
Samantha Bennett and Maurice Bennett
Seth Bent
The Benziger Family
Elaine Berman
Carol Bernard and Paul Walker
Mary Bernard
Jerome Berryman
Kris Berton and David Berton
Jessica Bertram and Jeremy Ehret
Christina Bickley and Patrick Bickley
Leigh A. Bingham
Zachary Bishop and Christina Alderfer
Kendra Black
Joe Blake
Michael Blaskowski and Katie Joe McDonough
Dennis Blum and Lynn Blum
Kathy Bollhoefer
Beatriz Bonnet and Michael O’Connor
Kelly Bookman
Carolyn and Joe Borus
Justin and Tobey Borus
Tom and Ginny Boschen
Scott Boughton
Shelley Bridge and Dennis Brachfeld
Michelle Bradbury
Melissa Bragg
Juliann Brant
Chuck and Robbie Breaux
Rutt and Annie Bridges
Tupper Briggs
Carol Brooks
Michael Browning and Frances Hartogh
Bill Bruschke
Colleen Bryan
Peter Bryant
Jill Bucher and Jamie Krapohl
Scott Buckley
Nicole Buckner
David and Elizabeth Budd
Susan Bullwinkle
Kari Burman and William Burman
Tom Burns
Anne Busha and George Busha
Linda Buss and Peter Buss
Andrew Busse and Ashley Busse
Jim and Sharon Butler
Eileen Byrne
Althea Callaway
Nancy Calomiris
Laura Campbell
Linda Campbell
Charles Cannon
Tricia Canonico and Scott Canonico
Dr. Steve and Linda Cantrill
Patty Caraway and Joy Caraway
Hilary H. Carlson
Jay and Nancy Carlson
Brian and Adriana Carpenter
Cynthia Carpenter and Daniel Carpenter
Jodi Carrillo
Diane Carter and John Elmblad
Kristen Carter and Charles Carter
Jennifer Caskey
Anthony Catalano
Steven Cearley and Martha Cearley
Mary Anne Chalaby
Mark Chase and Ellen Balaguer
Sam Cheris
Dan and Dona Chilcoat
Sarah Chilton
Janet and John Chrisbens
David Christerson and Karen Newman
James Chrystal and Jennifer Chrystal
Helena Chum
Craig Ciarlelli
Aaron Ciuffo
Charles Clack and Antoinette Tadolini
Sheila Cleworth
Jill Cochran
Adam and Mindy Cohen
Margaret and Tom Colbert
Betty Cole
Anne Collins
John and JoAnn Congdon
Ann and Jac Connelly
Guy and Helen Connolly
Jerry Conover and Jacquelyn Wonder
The Conway Bennett Family
Elizabeth Cookson and Carolyn Keene
Michael Cooper and Yvonne Cooper
Peter Cooper and Patricia Cooper
Rebecca Cordes
Sue Coughlin and Dino Ianni
Joyce and Frederick Coville
Kathi and Steve Cramer
Jeff Cramer
Edward Cronin
John Cuddington
Tim Cullen
Barry and Gay Curtiss-Lusher
Kevin Dale and Lana Dale
Arrelaine Dameron
Cynthia Daniels
John Daschbach
Barbara de Jong
Diane Dean and Mary Ellen Lawrence
Brandy Deffenbacher and David Deffenbacher
Kate Denning
Charlotte Depew
Alan Dewey and Linda Dewey
Susan Diaz
Bob and Julie Diehl
Larry Dilts and Renee Dilts
Shawn Dombowsky and Karen Dombowsky
Jennifer Donaldson and Chad Reid
Ms. Angela Donnelly
Mary Donovan and Herbert Donovan
Kathleen Doyle and Kevin Brown
Monique Drake and James Drake
Lotte Lieb Dula
Kay Dunton and Thomas Dunton
Aaron Durbin
Steven Durnil
James Dykes and DeAnn Dykes
Molly Eaton
Pam Eaton and Ted Zukoski
Fred Ecks
Mark Eddy
Janet Eden-Harris and Paul Harris
Mrs. Margaret Eickhoff
Kenneth and Jacalyn Eis
Drs. Ellen and Anthony Elias
Mary Elliman
Barbara Ellman
Sally Else
Rex Engelking
Erika Enger and Scott Enger
Kenneth Epstein
Lesley Ernst
Mark Esposito and Cary Kinross-Wright
Carrie Etherton and John Etherton
Greg Eurich and Katy Miller
Fran Evans
Peter T. Ewell and Jennifer E. Mauldin
Mary Lou Faddick
Nanette Fahrenbruch
Teri Fall and Christopher Fall
Pamela Faris
Karen Farver
Richard and Deborah Felder
Nancy Felker and Donald Heppermann
Zachary Ferraro
Jill Ferris
Amy Fesmire
Brian Field
Bruce Fierst
Jeanine Figur
Fritz and Lynn Fischer
Steve Fisher and Luci Berte
Bryan Fleming and Mike Orr
Garrett Floyd
Susan Flynn and Tim Flynn
Tiffany Fodor and John Fodor
Cheryl Ford
Rick Foster and Julie Waggener
Kaye Lynn Fote and Charles Fote
Dr. Terry L. and Pam Fouts
Thomas Fox
Joyce Frakes
Martha Fralick
Susan and John France
Drs. Michael and Molly Frank
John Fraser and Sandy Fraser
Nancy Freed and Curt Freed
Freeman Family Foundation
Lorie Freeman and Bob Severson
James Freudenburg
David and Debra Freyer
Bernie Friedberg
David Frieder and Rondi Frieder
Gary and Jan Friedland
Derek Friedman
Faith Friot
Sandra Fritz
Karen Fukutaki
Rachel Gaffney and Andy Anderson
Robert Gair and Helen Gair
Diane Gallagher and John Gallagher
Alice and Steven Gansfield
Rick and Margaret Garbe
Eileen Gardner and Kerry Gardner
Aaron Garnett
Dave and Carrie Gartland
Janna Gelderman-Moffett and Mark Moffett
Jenny and Greg Baldwin Charitable Fund
Jody Georgeson
Bob Giannoni and Donna Luallin
Paula Gibson and Scott Steinke
Joseph Gifford and Mary Gifford
Laura Gillim-Ross and Stephen Ross
Elisabeth and Peter Glass
William and Helen Gleason
Cathy Gledhill
Dr. Michael Glode and Dr. Mimi Glode
Barbara Goldblatt
Sandy and Marty Goldhaber
Evelyn Golosow and Nikolas Golosow
Vidan Gonthier
Brittany Gonzalez-Kick and Jennifer Gonzalez-Kick
Karyll Gonzalez
Veronica Goodrich
Mona Goodwin
Amy Gordon
Brooke Gordon and Tom Gordon
Joel Gordon and Ellen Gordon
Robert Gore and Marge Bornstein
Ed and Dianne Green
Katey Greene and John Greene
Estella Greenfield
Brad and Rachel Greenwald
Ryan Gregory
Erin and David Grisanti
William Griswold and Jean Griswold
Ann Groshek and Michael Groshek
David Gross and Kremena Gross
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Gross
Joe and Cindy Grubenhoff
Juan Gutierrez
Romana Haas and Robert Haas
Ira Haber
Michael Hacskaylo
Hal and Beverly Haddon
Caroline Hagadorn
Lynne Hagan
Carl and Mary Hagen
Pamela Haglund and Norman Haglund
The Hall Family
Simon Hambidge and Elizabeth Bayliss
Shirley Hamilton and Brooks Clouser
Linda and Charles Hamlin
Keith* and Becky Hammond
Austin Hamre and Lee Hamre
Bill Hander and Gina Hander
Deanna Hanna
Macayla Hansen
Martha Hansen and Charles Hansen
Moya Hansen
Robert and Catherine Harada
Terry Hardie
Jeff Harding
John Harmon and Cynthia Harmon
David Harris and Jacquelyn Miller
Kurt and Mary Haserodt
Valerie Hastings
Patricia Hatfield
Linn Havelick
Russel Hawkins and Deborah Hawkins
John Hedderich
Nancy and Bruce Henson
Lynn Herlinger
Dick Hess
Andrew Hey
Mary Hill and J. Dugan Smith
Edward Hilquist
Dr. Sue Ellen Hirschfeld
Vincent Ho and Shelley Miyamoto
Linda and Marley Hodgson
Lisa Hogan
Katherine Holden
Jon and Tina Holdman
John Holena
Elizabeth Holman
Janet and Richard Holman
Barb Holme and Dick Holme
James Holmes and Joe Ellen Carter
Penny Hopkins
Garry and Carol Horle
David Horst and Karen Horst
Vincent Hostak and Clare Pramuk
Holly Hoting
Gray and Patricia Houlton
Marilyn Howard
Kaye Howe
James Hrusovsky and Shannon Buckvold
Douglas Hsiao and Mary Park
Rebecca Hudson
Scott and Ria Hudson
Patti and Greg Hueni
Sarah Hug
Lee Ann Huntington and Dr. Neil Toribara
Bridget Hurley
Kathryn and Michael Huwaldt
Sheila Hyatt and Robert Hyatt
Shelley Hyde
John and Margaret Iwanicki
Stacy and David Jackson
Dan Jacobs and Mary Ellen Caiati
Carl Jacobson and Danni Langdon
Johannes Jansen
Charles Jellings
Laura and John Jepsen
Flora Jewell-Stern
Jeremy Johannesen and Alicia Johannesen
Bryce Johnson
James T. and Allison M. Johnson
Lloyd Johnson and Barbara Johnson
Mike Johnson and Carol Friesen
Anita Johnston
Ann Jones
Doug Jones
Judy Joseph
Lenka Juchelkova
Joel Judd
LaDonna and Jay Jurgensen
Robert Jurkiewicz and Rachel Jurkiewicz
Kristine Kadash
Beverly Kahn and Ronald Schmiermund
Diane Kane and Andrew Kane
Jennifer Kane
David Kaneshiro
Steve Katz and Mary Sue Katz
Jon Kaufman and Milissa Hicks
Cletus and Regina Keating
Phil and Linda Keenan
Vida Keene and Jeffrey Keene
Carol and Tony Keig
Mary Kelley
Michael Kelley and Jenny Kelley
Leslie Kelly
Joe Kelso
Howard Kenison and Debbie Heidish
Amy Kennedy and Steve Miller
Thomas Kerr and Jody Kerr
Sam and Lana Kevan
Diana W. Kinsey
Tessa and Steven Kirchner
Dick Kirk
Doug and Cynthia Kittelsen
Rita Klees
Albert Klinger and Joan Klinger
William Klobetanz
Ann Klostermann and Michael Murphy
Katherine Klutznick
Amie Knox and Jim Kelley
Gabrielle Knox and John Edmiston
Elizabeth Kovacs
Tom and Annette Kowal Family
Scott E. D. Kreider
Mike and Andreya Krieves
Drs. Richard and Mary Krugman
Elaine Krupnick and Jon Krupnick
Frank and Monty Kugeler
Nina Kuhl and Mark Kuhl
David and Pam Kurth
Katharine C. Kurtz
Joseph Lacz
Bob and Susie Ladenburger
Teresa Lalley
John Lake and Harold Winters
Margot Langstaff
Ted and Carol Larremore
Lynda Larson
Jason Latham and Sheryl Latham
Lorin Lear and John Graham
Kay Ledyard
Tonya Lee
Elizabeth Legg and John White
Larry Lepthien
Donald Leslie
Jane Lewenthal and Tomo Tsukayama
Michael Lichter and Catherine Bowe
Herrick Lidstone and Mary Lynne Lidstone
Meghan Liel and Andy Jost
John Lindemann
Rachel Lindstrom
Beth Link
Betty Lipstreu
Ellina Liptsen
Lloyd David and Carlye Cannon Wattis Foundation
Charles and Gretchen Lobitz
Jack and Nancy Lockwood
Michele Lodin and Robert Lodin
Monica Lohmar and Jeff Frick
Marty Longway and Bob Longway
Randy and Cindy Looper
Judith Lopez
Katherine Lunsford
Gary Lutz and Margaret Johnson
Susan Lutz
Jean MacFerran
Roddy Macinnes and Andrea Wallace
Fran MacKenzie
Tom and Trang MacKenzie
Pamela, Craig, James, Ann and Vianney Mackey
Gayle Madden and Hugo Madden
Wendy Madigosky and Craig Sirkin
Julie Mahoney
James and Mary Kay Mallon
Karen Maloney and Shawn Maloney
Kim and Nancy Malville
Heather Mann
Belinda Manuel
John Markley and Rebecca Markley
James Martin and Deborah Hayes
Dr. Jasmine Martin
Nancy Martin and Susan Dukes
T. Martin and Janet Martin
Jeanie and Randal Martines
Kathy Martinez
Grace Marx and Obadiah Reid
David Mathes and Amanda Mathes
Bill and Joy Mathews
Andy Mathis
Glen Mattioli and Pamela Jansma
Saranne Maxwell
Jeff and Judie May
Carly Mayer
Valerie McBeth and Kevin Allen
Brian McCallin
Robert McClure
Jerrald McCollum
Jane McConnell and T.J. Heyman
Jay and Carolyn McCormick
Jim and Carole McCotter
Ann McCullough
T. McCullough
Anne McGihon
Denny McGihon
Stuart McGregor
McIntyre Family Fund
Jean McIntyre and Milton McIntyre
Linda McKinney
Donald McLane and Lydia McLane
Lynda McNeive and Lynn Hornbrook
Barbara A. Medina
Ken and Maria Mendelsberg
Thomas Merrick and Jean Merrick
Joannah Merriman
Laura Michaels
Ellen Miller-Brown and Carl Kraus
Carolyn and Fred Miller
Steve and Gayle Miller
John Miller
Lisa Farber Miller
Scott and Pamela Miller
Stephen Miller and Pamela Miller
William Miller
Melanie Mills
Gene Milstein and Dee Milstein
The Mistler Family Foundation
Myra H. Monfort and Dr. William Runyan
Joe Montesano and Christine Montesano
Wynn and Millie Montgomery
Michael Moore and Stephanie Moore
Suzanna Moore and Andrew Holbrook
Rebecca Moraja and William Moraja
Frank and Pat Moritz
Barbara Morris and Phil Zeitler
John Morrison and Margaret Morrison
Patrice Morrow
Bob Mosher
Alice Mulligan and James Mulligan
Tobin Munsat and Mei Lai
Norman Mueller and Christine Murphy
Caitlin Murray and Dan Murray
Bob Musgraves and Joan Prusse
William Myer and Beth Myer
Robert Nagel and Jane Nagel
Jane Nash
Erin Neil
Drs. Sarah and Harold Nelson
Nancy Nelson and Jim Krasno
Nelson Family Foundation
Sean and Melissa Nethery
Yvonne Ng and Brian Rieck
Lauren Nichols and Ian Nichols
George Nimmo
Henry Norton and Cheryl Norton
Constance Nutt and Frank Fitch
The O’Brien Family
Darcy and Daniel O’Connor
Kevin D. O’Connor and Janet Ellen Raasch
The O’Rourke Family
Beverly Obenchain and Rock Obenchain
Lorrie Odom and John Odom
James Ogsbury and Kathleen Ogsbury
Brian and Joyce Olson
Edward and Jean Onderko
Ormsbee Family Fund
Iris Osberg and James Osberg
Hugh and Colleen Osborne
John Paige and Susan Paige
Christos Papadopoulos
Gordon and Pam Parker
Paul Passmore and Meredith Kay Passmore
Bruce Paton
Dr. Rachel K. Paull
Diane Peake
David and Doris Pearlman
Britt Pearson and Al Pearson
Jeffrey Pearson and Jessica Pearson
Gordon Pedrow
Karl Pelletier and Jennifer Rocks
Lisa Peloso and Vikas Patel
Theresa Pena and Matthew Chavkin
Steve Perry
Charles Peters
Nancy and Jeff Peterson
Marisa Peyerl and Freddie Peyerl
Richard Pflugfelder
Dr. Susan Pharo
James Phelps
John Phillips and Mary Phillips
Ruth and Peter Philpott
Nadja Pisula
Janice and Malcolm Pitts
Keith and Mimi Pockross
Dr. Robin Post and Herman Post
Judy Pottle
Susan Powers and Russ Wayman
Judith Prince
Nick and Kathy Prinster
Susan Proctor
Amy Pulver
Carol Quinn
Scott and Joellen Raderstorf
Mary Budde Ragan and David Ragan
Tom Rainbow
David Rainey
Nathan Raley
The Ralph and Charlotte Sorenson Family Foundation
Leslie C. Randolph and Dr. Brann Johnson
Drusilla Raney and Joseph Raney
Cathy Reedy
Lisa Rehak
Ellen Rehmar
Mark Reid and Kate Iverson
Kathy and Randy Reims
The Remy Family
Patricia Renner
Myra and Robert Rich
Peter and Marinka Riley
Steven and Joan Ringel
Kimberley Roberts
Jan and Dave Robertson
Andy Robinson
Liane and Tobin Rockley
Theresa Rolls and James Rolls
Olivia Romano
Genie Roosevelt
Sally and Byron Rose
Mark and Joanna Rosenblum
Micol Rothman and Salim Haji
Rachel Weston Rowell and Knox Rowell
Dwight Rudolph
Jeff Rudolph and Kathi Rudolph
Martha Rudolph and Bob Brown
The Ruhnka Family
Richard Ruller and Louann Ruller
Travis Rumsey
Edie Russell and Jim Hooton
Karlyn Russell
David Rutherford and Kelly Zander
Frank Ryan and Darrel Ryan
Valery Saminsky and Elena Saminsky
Sandy and Dot Sandhaus
Russ Sands
Steve and Jane Saul
Anne Saunders
Scott and Gretchen Saunders
Van Sauvé
Sue Sawyer and Eric Jay
Michael Scarborough
Larry Schafer and Marcia Schafer
Diana Schatz
Susan Scheeres and Daniel Scheeres
Stephanie Scheffler and Paul Scheffler
Lee Schelonka
Ivan Schlichting and Kathy Morse
Persis Schlosser and Chuck Schlosser
Katie Schmatz
Martin Schmitz
Sharon and Bill Schneider
Bonnie Schriner
Luetta Schroeder
Bruce and Lorrie Schroffel
Benjamin and Alessandra Schulein
Martina Schulte and Jay Want
Barbara Schwarz
Russell Schweickart and Joanne Keys
Paula Scirati and Jim Hermann
Glenn and Carrie Scott
K. A. Secor
Michelle Segal and Todd Saliman
Bill and Debbie Self
Joel Sema and Haley Sema
Byeongsook Seo
Tina Severance
Shamos Family Foundation
Phyllis Sharp
Marilyn Shaw
Russ Shaw
Barbara Shecter and Will Carpenter
Patty and David Shelton
Matthew Sherman and Margit Sereny
Phil Showalter and Christy Richards
Marieke Shukla and Salil Shukla
Stan Siefer
Brandon Simmons
Janice Simmons
Deborah and Wayne Simmons
Ken Simon and Judy Simon
Peter Sjoberg and Linda Sjoberg
Peter Skram
Buddy Slatkin
Judy Smeltzer
Bruce P. Smith and Elizabeth A. Robischon
David Smith and Pamela Smith
Doug and Cindy Smith
TK Smith and Constance Holden
Linda Smoke and Scott Heath
Amy Snell-Johnson and Brendon Johnson
Ronald Solomon
Dr. Aris and Suzanne Sophocles
Bob Spangler and Lin Spangler
Richard Spies and Mary Spies
Christine Spillane
Robert E. Springer, Jr. and Lucy Bradley-Springer
Jennifer Spykerman and Darin Spykerman
Jane Staller and Josh Staller
Katty Staller and Jonah Staller
Stephen Stank
James Steed
Diane and Bill Steen
Tom and Sheryl Stefaniak
Robert Stein and Rita Gillespie-Stein
Judith Zee Steinberg
Alice Stephens
Caleb Stepan and Myken White
Dr. David Stevens
Donald Stevens and Gail Schoettler
Peter Stevenson
Jim Steverson
Ken and PAB Stiefler
Elizabeth Stolfus
Matt Stone and Pam Stone
Margaret J. Stookesberry
Strada Advertising LLC
Dr. Bill Strempel
Marcia Strickland
Paul Strickler
Chris Striebich and Tanya Argo
Erik and Laura Strom
Amanda Strouth and Alexander Strouth
John Struthers
Robert Struthers and Marlene Struthers
Michael Sturges, MD
Steven and Loraine Summer
Ginger Susman
Decker Swann
Richard and Kathy Swanson
Robert Swartwout and Jennifer Swartwout
Irene and Joe Szyliowicz
Jane Taggart
Ingrid Tague
Jennifer Tansey
Mrs. Thomas Taplin
John Tarr
William Tate and Nancy Luthy
Katherine Taylor and Norman Taylor
Lucas Teater and Elisabeth Teater
Brian Terpstra
Christine and Chris Tesmer
Barb and Mike Thomas
Paul Thomas and Pam Thomas
Jack R. and Konnie E. Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Betsy A. Thorpe
Vanessa Thorsten
Marlea Tichy
John Tierney and Sue Tierney
Martha Tierney and Jonathan Kilburn
The Tim and Mary Haddon Family Foundation
Graham Timms and Roz Buick
Tim Tompkins
Scott Toppin and Steffany Toppin
Kristen and Paul Tourangeau
Andrzej Triebling
Jennifer Tripp and Jeff Tripp
Krista Turner
Richard Turner
Eric Tussey and Patti Tussey
Jennifer Tuvell
Douglas Van Lieu
Mary Van Natta
Edward Van Wesep
Ed and Pat VanBramer
Stephanie and Stewart Vanderwilt
Catherine Vanegas and Miguel Vanegas
Joan Venable
Angie Viehman
Monika Vischer
Thomas Voll
Howard Wachtel and Clara Wachtel
Jean Waddle and Jim Waddle
Jim Walker
Tye and Corinne Walker
Anne Warhover and Cales Givens
Polly Warner and Chris Crawford
Larned A. Waterman and Paul S. Mesard
Carrie Watts and Christian Watts
Ruth Weaver
Kathleen Weber
Bret Weinstein and Emmi Adler
Kathy Wells
Marsha Wertzberger
Michael Westover
Emily Wey
The Wheatley’s Give Fund
Drs. Michael and Patrice Whistler
Lisa Whitesides and Shen Nagel
Lewis Wilks
Wes Williams
Susan Willis and Willett Willis
Leslie Y. Wilson
Varela Wilson Family
Linda Wilson and Mark Wilson
Christin Wingo
Dee and Jan Wisor
Carol Wolf
Drs. Julie Wolf and Wes Williams
Laura Wolfe
Millie Wolkowicz and George Chaitkin
Dave and Carolyn Wollard
Bud and Marie Wonsiewicz
Helen Woodard and Robert Woodard
Mitch and Eva Woolhiser
John Wright
Rachel Wright
Cody and Sarah Yancey
Karen Yablonski-Toll
Ruth Yeager
Gwen Young
Wallace Zellmer
David Zetoony and Gretchen Fair
Whitney Zimmerman and Kevin Zimmerman
Jennifer Zinn Joseph A. Zmugg

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