The Plaground Ensemble String Quartet plays "Shame" (third movement) from Loretta Notareschi's "String Quartet OCD." Recorded Jan. 27, 2016, in the CPR Performance Studio.

Here's the string quartet from Denver's Playground Ensemble playing a mournful piece by a contemporary composer in the CPR Performance Studio.

The music they're playing is called "Shame." It's the third movement from "String Quartet OCD," a piece in which Denver composer Loretta Notareschi wrote about the mood disorder she endured after becoming a new mother.

Playground Ensemble focuses on music by contemporary composers, including local artists like Notareschi. The group's string quartet recently won raves from an unlikely source -- the frontman of The Violent Femmes --  for their live performance. 

Playground Ensemble also runs a unique music education program to foster young composers