Bachelor's degree in psychology, University of Louisiana at Monroe (formerly Northeast Louisiana University); Master's degree in communication, University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Professional Background:
Dixon got his start in college radio in 1988 at KLPI, where he filled numerous positions such as on-air host, music director, engineering director and training director. He worked briefly in commercial radio (KPCH) from 1988-1991 as an on-air host, but found commercial radio unsatisfying. In 1991, he began his public radio career at KEDM, where he mainly performed on-air hosting duties, but also acted as the music director and internet technologist.

In 2006, Dixon came to CPR to manage the technical operations center (TOC) and was later promoted to Linux systems engineer, then director of new media and technology, and finally vice president of new media and technology. During all of this, Dixon has acquired skills in various IT technologies and earned RHCE, LPIC-2, and MCSE certifications.

In his own words ...

Why I got into radio:
I was mainly interested in the music side of radio. In my career, I've hosted radio shows covering all of my music interests, including new age, space, ambient, classical, classic rock, indy rock, grunge and heavy metal. Once I began my career in public radio, I became interested in news and information programming, as well as the technical back-end of radio operations.

How and why I came to CPR:
When I first moved to the Denver area in 2002, I looked for employment opportunities at CPR, but there were none at that time. With $3,000 in my pocket and no job, I had to find something, so I worked IT at a small company for a few years. In 2005, I was ready to look again and I found the CPR job listing for a TOC manager. The rest, as they say, is history.