July, 2018

Member Screening: Mayan Theater on July 3, 2018 at 7:30 PM

Dame Vivienne Westwood—punk rock’s Grande Dame, agent provocateur, doyenne of British fashion, eco-activist—is one of the most influential cultural originators in recent history. For over 40 years she has shocked, delighted and transfixed the world with her daring and whimsical clothing. This intimate and inspiring portrait takes us beyond the famous label to the remarkable woman herself, and the rebellious history she reconciles with hard-fought success. A daughter of Britain’s working class, Westwood ditched her life as a married schoolteacher to open a series of boutiques with Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, effectively defining the punk look and making London the epicenter of the movement. She left punk (and McLaren) to pursue new influences, spawning an eponymous fashion empire. Westwood is revealed as a shrewd and grounded presence in a notoriously superficial industry, as well as an outspoken activist for environmental and political causes. From her headline-making runway shows to her provocative persona, this punk-turned-dame stays true to principle, yet still surprises.

Running time: 80m

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