Photo: ELX 2018 Road Trip I70 27 | Palisade Brian Hessling Peaches

Colorado has a lot of unaffiliated voters, essentially independents who don’t formally back either party.  And it has voters who didn’t really want to talk a lot about which candidates or party they back; it seems in part to be a reflection of the contentious national political scene.  Brian Hessling helps run a family-owned peach farm in Palisade. He’s an independent who has voted for both Democrats and Republicans. He thinks a lot of people are just turned off by politics, on many levels.  “I think that the larger body politic is poison right now. And it’s divisive and it’s causing more harm than help,” Hessling said. “I think that if a voter finds issues that matter to them they should follow those threads based on what’s most important to them and not be concerned about whether the person is a Democrat or a Republican.  Because I think that stuff is done, in my opinion, to be productive, moving forward.”