Photo: ELX 2018 Road Trip I70 4 | Strasburg Football Cori Tiffany

Cori Tiffany, left, mother of a player on the Strasburg High School football team, sells gear at a recent game.  She and her family recently moved from Englewood out to Strasburg, on the plains. She now commutes from there to a job in Greenwood Village.  “I just wanted out of the city, too much city,” Tiffany said. “I was done with the city. Born and raised in the city and done with it.” Her husband is a pipefitter for Xcel Energy and she opposes the oil and gas setback ballot proposal.  “I do think it would be bad on a lot of levels” if it passed, Tiffany said. “It hits a lot of different families and I don’t think a lot of people realize how many people are in that industry.”