Colorado Children’s Chorale: Karate Kangeiko Zoomeez


Saturday, January 23
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Event Description

“Join two-time USA Karate Senior Team pool member and Chorale alumna, Akemi Tsutsui-Kunitake ’08, for a beginner’s class in karate, specifically designed to bring in good energy for the new year. We encourage you to put on active wear and clear a space in your home to be able to follow along with Akemi’s instruction. The lesson will be one hour.

After this all-ages class, Akemi will stick around to answer questions about being top-ranked in her martial art!

If you enjoy the lesson, you can find more instruction at Colorado Budokan – the studio where Akemi teaches!

This event is free to attend. We hope it gives you needed distraction and relief. However, any donations given during the event will benefit the Colorado Children’s Chorale as we persist through the COVID-19 pandemic.”