magical personified vulnerable


Thursday, February 3
1:00 PM – 7:30 PM


Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery at Ent Center for the Arts, 5225 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, 80918


February 3February 24
1:00 PM7:30 PM

Event Description

A solo exhibition by Colorado-based Chinn Wang will explore themes of invisibility, erasure, identity and the immigrant experience in her mixed media artworks. The artist shares, “As an attempt to better understand my family’s history and my heritage, I am particularly interested in the visual expression of the tethered experience, in both life and death, that immigrants face as they seek to assimilate while also striving to maintain connections to their home cultures.” The exhibition title, magical personified vulnerable, borrows from scholarly writing on geomancy – the practice of close observation and divination of the natural landscape for the selection of auspicious locations for burial, focusing on sites channeling vital energy. Geomantic strategies provide poignant metaphors for the artist’s continuous discovery of her own source of vital energy, which she hopes will contribute to the perpetual formation and reformation of her malleable identity. Utilizing primarily photographic and print media, Wang seeks a non-passive viewing experience to compel a questioning of material, space, and image by highlighting the shifting balance between what is real and what is imagined. This exhibition will feature many new artworks premiering at GOCA’s Ent Center for the Arts Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery site.



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