Soldiering On – A Back From Broken Live Podcast Event


Thursday, October 8
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM


Event Description

Soldiering On: A military man’s addiction and mental health recovery journey.

Join us for a live interview event for a bonus episode of the Back From Broken podcast.

The American Homefront Project is a reporting collaboration focused on military life and veterans’ issues. Public radio stations across the country are covering major policy issues at the Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs, and reporting on the family issues service members and veterans experience in their daily lives.

Partnering with our breakout podcast, Back From Broken, a show about recovery hosted by CPR News host Vic Vela, we are producing a live (virtual) event for the American Homefront Project.

Vela will host an intimate conversation about the trauma experienced in service to our country and paths to recovery. This program is developed in partnership with a physician from CU, a Peer Support Specialist from the VA and veterans sharing their own stories of treatment and recovery. This will be a virtual event. The audio will appear in a bonus episode of Back From Broken.

Register here for the event.