Turn The Page With Colorado Matters: The History Of White People


Tuesday, September 22
5:00 PM – 6:45 PM


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Colorado Matters wants you to read with us. Join us for Turn The Page with Colorado Matters on September 22nd, at 5:30PM.

Our next selection comes as Coloradans reckon with racial justice. “The History of White People” by historian Nell Irvin Painter was recommended to us early on in the protests against police brutality. Painter is professor emerita at Princeton University, where she also led the Program in African-American Studies. We invite you to read the book and then join us for a live Q&A with the author.

Telling perhaps the most important forgotten story in American history, eminent historian Nell Irvin Painter guides us through more than two thousand years of Western civilization, illuminating not only the invention of race but also the frequent praise of “whiteness” for economic, scientific, and political ends. A story filled with towering historical figures, The History of White People closes a huge gap in literature that has long focused on the non-white and forcefully reminds us that the concept of “race” is an all-too-human invention whose meaning, importance, and reality have changed as it has been driven by a long and rich history of events.

Historian Nell Irvin Painter will join Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner and a special co-host, historian Adrian E. Miller, for a live-streamed Q&A September 22 at 5:30 PM, taking your questions live on Shindig, an events platform.

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