Photo: Election Road Trip Highway 40 30 | Craig Glenda Bellio 2

Glenda Bellio, who has lived her whole life in northwest Colorado and works at the Trapper coal mine, with one of her prize possessions. When she looks at the governor's race this year, “It’s a tough one. You need to balance it out. The governor needs to be balanced because there are two distinct types of people within the state, and I would just like to see, no matter who gets in [the governor’s office] I want to see them take consideration of both the rural and the urban areas. Unfortunately it seems like the last several governors have very much leaned toward the urban areas."

Glenda says she supported Carly Fiorina in the Republican presidential primary in 2016, but then voted for President Trump in the general election. "I think, if you consider what our other choice was, I think he’s doing great. Would I have rather seen somebody else put in office? Yes." Trump “has definitely helped" the coal industry, she says. "I mean a lot of the stuff that was being put into activation by the previous administration definitely hurt the industry, and there was no consideration for what the industry was already doing, where they were heading.”