Photo: Election Road Trip Highway 40 35 | Sand Wash Wild Horse Management Area 1

Sisters Cindy Wright and Aletha Dove lead the Wild Horse Warriors at Sand Wash Wild Horse Management Area. In the photo above, they drive across the HMA in Aletha's SUV. This is a remote, parched, barren slab of landscape between Maybell and Dinosaur National Monument, where the horse count is about twice as large as the Bureau of Land Management says the land can support. The sisters have different political leanings but as they bounce along dirt roads, spotting horses and calling them by name, checking on water tanks for the horses that they manage along with other volunteers, they talk about how they work together towards a solution for the horses, even as they argue about the situation that put these horses in peril in the first place. Among the things they do agree on: The need for people to work together at the local level to sort out problems and find solutions — and not just for the horses in Sand Wash Basin.