Photo: Election Road Trip I-76 33 Greeley Weld County Fair Pastor Shorty Hauffman

Pastor Shorty Hauffman, of Kersey, at the Weld County Fair after Cowboy Church services on Sunday, July 29, 2018, in Greeley. “I’ve seen a little bit of a spiritual awakening in Kersey,” he says of Kersey. “Our little church (Kersey Cowboy Church, which he helped found in 1999) is growing. There’s two churches in Kersey and both of them are growing.”

“I see some really good things being done to turn our country back to being a faith-based country. Not near enough. But that’s what occurs to me. We’re seeing people openly talking about Christ. We’re seeing people talking about God. The shield against that is kinda coming down,” he said.

The pastor’s congressman is Republican Ken Buck, “and he’s solid. He believes in this country. I’m a limited government man and he very much believes in limited government. I’ve always said, if you want to mess it up, let the government do it.”

The state’s doing well, Hauffman said. “We do well for a lot of good reasons. I’m not sure it matters who’s in office. As long as they don’t try and rock the boat. Gov. Hickenlooper’s not tried to rock the boat a lot. And because of that we’ve done well. We’re a very wealthy state. We’ve got a lot going for us.”

When it comes to President Trump, “I don’t agree with everything he does. I don’t think I’ve agreed with every president ever. But a lot of the things, I think he’s done really well with.”