Photo: Election Road Trip I-76 5 Julesburg Drag Strip Matt Brasby

Matt Brasby of Fort Morgan, a construction worker, gives a wave as he prepares to drive his souped-up pickup truck over to the starting lanes at the Julesburg Drag Strip on Sunday, July 29, 2018. Sitting beside the Municipal Airport, the strip bills itself as the oldest continuously run drag racing course in the country, and draws competitors from all over the Great Plains and beyond. He gives President Trump a “passing grade” but adds, “I wish they’d take his Twitter account away from him.”

One of the biggest issues in Fort Morgan, he says, is the lack of affordable housing. His family owns 15 rentals, and when someone moves out they get 20 applicants without even advertising because the market is so tight.

His biggest concern as the election approaches?  “The divide between the two parties. It seems like they're drifting further apart and getting more polarized and fighting for the sake of fighting. There's a lot of things they agree on, you know, and I think it may have started in a prior election cycle but I’d sure like to see them get a little closer, to work a little bit on what they agree on and quit this heavy handed fighting business.”

Brasby says he usually votes Republican “on the big stuff. I do believe that party trumps person, at least on the national, or Colorado scale. Maybe not the local side. The big thing for me the last election had to do with the Supreme Court nominations coming out.