Photo: Election Road Trip I-76 3 Julesburg Cafe Owner Joe Harris | HV

Joe Harris co-owns the D&J Cafe in downtown Julesburg, with his wife, Tasha. It’s a bustling spot filled with locals, including farmers, cops and an EMT crew on the day we visited in late July. Joe worked there when he was in high school, it changed hands a few times, and then it closed down. There were no buyers or takers for a year or so. “I remember coming in here as a little kid. And so we decided to change out career paths and buy this and open it back up,” Joe said.  

He and his wife wife were living in Denver at the time, wanted to get married and have children and felt like this was best place to raise a child. Besides, “The community needed it and it’s something we both knew we could do.”

Like any small town, Julesburg is a tight-knit place where everyone seems to know everyone, and Joe and wife had a strict policy of not talking politics. “Folks here are real opinionated. That’s one of the things you love about this place. People are real honest, up front, opinionated, and they get real passionate about this little town, and preserving it and helping it grow. You want to be cautious with your politics,” Joe said.