The Colorado Symphony

(Photo: Courtesy Colorado Symphony)

Colorado Symphony Association (CSA) musicians may drop their longtime union: Players filed a petition last week requesting a vote to decide if the American Federation of Musicians will continue to handle contract negotiations on their behalf.

Slipped Disc notes that the CSA's players are not the first to consider leaving the American Federation of Musicians recently. According to a Symphony statement shared with CPR News, some of the discord stems from earlier claims:

"On May 1 the Colorado Symphony Association (CSA) musicians filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requesting an election to determine whether to continue being represented by the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), an international union, and its local affiliate, the Denver Musicians Association.

On May 5 the AFM requested that the election be postponed until the NLRB adjudicates the AFM's pending unfair labor practice claims against the CSA, as well as the CSA’s counter claims. The CSA does not object to the postponement of the election. It is anticipated that the NLRB will reach a decision this summer."