Wastewater flows down a trough, right, from the site of the blowout at the Gold King mine in August 2015.

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, file)

A new law allows Colorado mining regulators to use state money to respond to emergencies at federal mines.

The measure comes after the Gold King Mine spill last August. That mine is regulated by the federal government, as are many historic shuttered mines.

State mining officials were limited in how they could help address the Gold King blowout. State Sen. Kerry Donovan, D-Vail, is a sponsor of the bill and says it allows for more flexibility.

“All of those mines we’re going to label as legacy mines can now have access to these emergency funds,” Donovan said.

The state has up to $100,000 in a fund that can now be used if there’s an event outside its jurisdiction.