Colorado Deacon Jerry Kotas is traveling to D.C. to assist Pope Francis for the Sept. 23 Papal Mass.

(Courtesy of Cater Communications)

When Pope Francis comes to Washington D.C., Colorado Deacon Jerry Kotas will be there to help celebrate mass. 

Kotas says that he hopes to bring back messages from the pontiff, and also share his own knowledge about Colorado's leadership on environmental issues. 

"People here in Denver, the Front Range and the state of Colorado are embracing the message that Pope Francis brings and are really trying to live out the lifestyle he calls us to," Kotas said. 

And as a former environmental scientist with over 30 years of experience, he appreciates the that message.

"These issues -- climate, sustainability, caring for our poor and most vulnerable who are impacted by these issues -- is a moral issue, not just a scientific issue," he said. 

This will be Pope Francis' first trip to the United States. He has four masses scheduled that may draw as many as 2 million people. Kotas will help celebrate the Sept. 23 Papal Mass.