Mountain climbing Eagle Cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park, August 1963.

(Photo: Courtesy National Park Service/Roger Contor)

Rocky Mountain National Park is cementing its 100th anniversary celebration with a rededication ceremony Friday. The head of the National Park Service is joining Gov. John Hickenlooper, Sen. Cory Gardner, and former Sen. Mark Udall to rededicate the park.

This 11 a.m. ceremony is the culmination of a year of events around the park’s centennial. President Woodrow Wilson established Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915, a year before the creation of the National Parks Service itself.

Although it was scaled back by the time a bill establishing the park was signed into law on Jan. 26, 1915, the park was originally conceived as a preserve that would have stretched from the Wyoming border all the way to Mt. Evans west of Denver. More than 3 million people visited the park last year. That made it the fifth most popular destination in the national parks system.