Made in India, "Prospector" -- an inflatable sculpture by artist Chad Person -- will land in Denver for a pop-up exhibition curated by Black Cube.

(Courtesy Black Cube)

Colorado's 19th-century gold rush brought many prospectors who hoped to strike it rich. The Colorado Capitol's gold dome seems to have done the same.

A giant, blue miner has arrived in Denver, and later today he will wield his pickaxe in a parking lot just east of the Capitol. "Prospector" is an inflatable sculpture by artist Chad Person.

The piece stands 40 feet tall and is a nod to two of Denver's iconic public sculptures, the blue bear and the blue mustang.

It will remain up until early November as part of a pop-up art exhibition put on by Denver organization Black Cube.

“It’s a monument speaking to our relationships to economies, prospecting and the new frontier of digital commerce,” curator Cortney Lane Stell told CPR in September.