Suzanne Kaller, 64, gave up her lucrative job in the financial industry to become a librarian. She works at the main branch of the Denver Public Library. 

(Courtesy of Suzanne Kaller)

According to a recent study, Americans are working well past the traditional retirement age -- sometimes into their 80s and 90s. Research by the American Institute for Economic Research also found that most people who changed jobs after 45 were successful and happier.  

Colorado Matters reached out -- through our Public Insight Network -- to some older Coloradans who had made a major career switch later in life. We found Suzanne Kaller, 64, of Denver who gave up her lucrative job in the financial industry to become a librarian. We also found Rick Levinson, 68, used to be a criminal attorney, but is now a ski instructor at A-Basin in the winter months. Both spoke with show host Ryan Warner.